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Days: SOW Spoilers

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Main story is about EJ/Sami - 'Deja Vu: EJ To Sami's Rescue Again!'

Sneak Peeks

Week of July 9

Nick tells Chelsea he's being blackmailed by Kate.

Anna plants a kiss on Tony.

Max discovers Jeremy's dirty secret.

Kayla wants to have another baby.

Can't Miss - Thurs July 12 - Hope and Bo are shocked by Grandpa Shawn's revelation.

Week of July 16

EJ tries to make peace with Lucas.

Sami reads a new letter from Santo to Marlena and Hope.

Stefano warns Bo that he will end the Brady/Dimera feud HIS way.


Looks like alot of vet action and could "old" Stefano be making a comeback? That Bo/Stefano spoiler hints at it IMO.

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Didn't EJ already try to do this? They are going to keep on doing. Sheffer is definitely taken a page out of Guza's book. The bad guys look good and the good guys look bad. EJ looks like the hero for wanting peace while Lucas looks like the evil one. It's pathetic writing.

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I know what you are saying because Days did that alot in May and June but, according to other spoilers, they aren't forgetting the rape. Wyman said in SOD that the rape will have to be dealt with so that tells me they aren't trying to make him look like the hero. It's just coming off that way. They have toned Lucas down alot in the past few weeks so I don't see this as a major issue anymore. Hogan is far from being like Guza IMO.

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