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AMC: SOD Scoops

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SOD Stuff:


Having a private eye for a stepdad bites JR in the butt this week when Tad puts together that JR was behind his own kidnapping---you know the one that allowed Zach to take possession of the entire Chandler fortune. His realization leaves JR with no choice but to come clean to Adam.

"Tad comes up to him and, as always, is the voice of reason." reports Jacob Young(JR). "Tad instills in JR that he'd better tells his father before Adam finds out from somebody else." Issuing such a confession, of course, "is the last thin JR wanted to do. He was trying to stick it to his father in a revengeful, spiteful way," the actor notes, "but he never intended for his dad to lose everything: the house, his money, his company. He was trying to get him, but wasn't trying get him in the poorhouse! JR's guilt and humility have completely taken over. He has realized that he's just a big screwup really!"

So JR bites the bullet and breaks the (really) bad news. "At first Adam doesn't want to believe it," Young continues. "He kind of shoots JR down a couple of times, so JR keeps having to drive it home. All of the joyous, happy feelings he had are just completely smashed. It didn't matter to him about losing the money as long as JR was okay---but now Adam pretty much wants to kill JR himself!"

Lucky for JR there are more pressing matters for Adam----namely, getting the family fortune back from Zach. "He realizes there's no other choice, but to team up with JR against Zach," says the actor. "Who else is going to work with him on this? He's not thrilled about it, and it's not like 'Let's set aside our differences,' it's just 'Let's get the money back.'"

The men's uneasy alliance is solidified when Zach and Kendall stop by the mansion(which Zach has agreed to let Adam rent) and unveil their outrageous redecorating plans. "It's basically and 'F' you to the Chandler's," Young chuckles. "It's like, 'The knife is in, so why not twist it?' Then JR gets told that Josh is going to be his boss, and that's the last person JR would ever want running a company or to have to answer too.

"JR has made a big mess," concludes Young. "They don't know how to get the money back and how to get out of this situation, but JR's gonna do whatever it takes."

VCR Alerts

On Monday, July 8, Adam might not be as over Krystal as he thought. How might that sit with Krystal? "They're both stubborn and they're both hurt and angry," says her portrayer Bobbie Eakes. "But Krystal definitely still has deep feelings for this man."

Josh may have the cure for what ails Greenlee on Tuesday, July 10

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I'm all for a Josh, Greenlee pairing, I'm tired of of the same old couples being thrown back and forth with each other. We need some new blood, and I think that Josh could really handle this new Greenlee. TIIC, should give them a chance to show them that they can really sizzle together!

Can you imagine Erica, she'd really have a hissy fit, she certainly isn't in love with Greenlee.

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