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DAYS: Tuesday, June 12th!

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Days of Our Lives
Tuesday, June 12th!


And for our classic clip of the day, I give you the entire first segment of the 90's primetime special, "Night Sins!" This clip also includes the fantastic custom-made opening sequence! MUST SEE!

Amazing the budget they had, eh?

Yesterday on Days:

Sami and EJ met with Stefano at the warehouse, only to be chased by an evil forklift!

Roman ruled Willow's death as an accident, getting Nick off the hook.

A stunned Chelsea found a naked Jeremy in Bo and Hope's living room!


Shawn is stunned to learn something surprising about Willow's baby.

Jeremy surprises Chelsea with a smooch!

And finally, will EJ and Sami meet their grisly fates at the hands of the evil forklift?! Find out, today on Days!

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Too much teens! And for heaven's sake...get rid of Kendoll. He gags me. DO NOT LET THIS GUY GO AROUND WITHOUT HIS CLOTHES ANYMORE!!!!!

If someone has to go around almost naked, why can't it be EJ? It's been wayyyyyyyyy too long.

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This show wasn't even put together well.

Chelsea, what's with the sudden upset over Nick and your Mom? Seriously. The fallout was already dealt with and there was NO hint that it was still a problem until they needed you to lean on Musclestud Jett. Lame.

Some interesting things with Roman today. Especially his last line to EJ. But, that aside, lame, lame, lame.

I can't even think about the show intellectually anymore. LAME!

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