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Yes that is correct. Nurse Kate Honeycutt was one of Stefano DiMeras henchmen during 1984-1985. She was mainly involved during the "Three Prisms" storyline. She tricked everyone by posing to be a friend to Marlena Evans, and then helped Stefano to kidnap her and her twins (Eric/Sami). After one of Stefano DiMeras "deaths" in 1985, she lied in court and accused a "revenge seeking Marlena" to be responsible for his death. She also used to help Stefano keeping Daphne DiMera "under control", very much in a similar way that he needed to keep Laura Horton "under control" during 1996-1997. So Nurse Honeycutt was with other words very much alike Nurse Lynn Burke. They both had pretty much the same role on DAYS but during different decades.

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