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If you'd like to post video, you must first copy the embed HTML from the video you'd like to post. From there do the following:

1) If you have "Fast Reply" you may paste the HTML, then click on "More Options." If you don't have fast reply, then you just click on "Post A Reply."

2) From there, you can type regularly if you choose to add more than just the video. When you're done, beneath the text box is an option called "Post Options." The default is set at 'HTML Off'. You will select 'HTML On - Auto Linebreak Mode."

3) Hit "Add Reply" and you're done :)

For the record, it's not certain people that can and can't. It depends on what forum you're on. HTML is not allowed in all forums. The option to post HTML will be removed in those forums where it's deemed unnecessary.

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