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ALL: Best confrontations, fights, catfights

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-Kristen and Marlena in the secret room. :lol: The way those two faught was priceless. It was years of frustration, finally unleashed. I loved the camera angles that they had, with the viewers seeing what each person is seeing as fists are thrown, lol. It was just a great catfight and a great ending when both were head to head, hair trashed, cheek to cheek, looking up at the monitor and seeing Susan in bed with John. PRICELESS!

-Nikki and Diane dining fight. Nikki and Diane are sitting at the table, sparring, and then all of a sudden, Nikki slaps Diane across the face. Diane grabs the pitcher of water and splashes Nikki in the face! The table goes flying, hair's being pulled, it was awesome!

-Jack throwing the chair out of the Jabot window. I can't remember what was the reason for this Victor/Jack fight. It was something about Victor taking over Jabot again, maybe. Either way, Jack quit after Victor made his usual triumphant speech after winning, and Jack picked up the chair and lunged it right out of the Jabot office window. Great scene!

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- Kristen and Marlena in the Secret Room, DAYS (Best Catfight EVER)

- Carrie punching Sami at her wedding to Austin, DAYS

- Sheridan and Beth's fight at the Seascape, PASSIONS

- Gwen attacking Theresa with the baseball bat, PASSIONS

- Hope confronting and later slapping Billie in the graveyard, DAYS

- Hope slapping Chelsea at Zack's funeral, DAYS

- ALL of Sheila and Lauren's brawls, Y&R/B&B

- Hope punching Billie after she raped Bo, DAYS

- Grace cursing Ivy in the hospital, causing an earthquake, PASSIONS

- Gwen stabbing Theresa with a scalpel, PASSIONS

- Gwen and Theresa's fight at the Crane compound, PASSIONS

- Kate and Vivian's catfight at the hospital, DAYS

- Gwen bashing Theresa's head in with the bedpan, PASSIONS (My favorite G/T fight!)

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All Sheila's catfights with Lauren, Maggie, Stephanie, Amber etc...

Tracy and Lauren on Y&R in 1994

All Nicole and Kate and Nicole and Sami or Sami and Kate in DAYS...

Maria and Tess in finales épisodes of Sunset Beach

John and Brady VS Roman and Policeguards on DAYS in 2001 at Maggie's restaurant...

Gina and Eden on Santa Barbara in 1986

Diane and Nikki in Jabot Rooms in 2001 on Y&R

Phyllis and Diane on Y&R

Christine and Isabella on Y&R

All Jill and Kay on Y&R

Sheila and James on B&B when James try to escape from the donjon in 1995

Kimberly and Amber on B&B

Annie and Meg on Sunset Beach in 1997 even if it was more funny than dramatic...

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Lauren and Tracy fighting in the hospital waiting room after Brad had a heart attack. Tracy trying the smother Lauren with the pillow was TOO funny.

Diane and Nikki at Gina's and in the board room.

All Jill and Kay fights, especially in the attic.

Phyllis snatching Dru's hat off after she used Damon's unfinished product and her hair came out.

Jack throwing his chair out of Jabot's window and telling Victor, "Have a seat, on me."

Anything Sheila and Lauren.

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lol, I knew you were gonna post that Kenny.

Anywho, Jessica and Natalie (back when she was interesting) had a great catfight on OLTL. I think it ended with Nat pushing Jessica over the staircase railing, just as Viki walked in....aww good stuff.

Okay, now we just need Ruggy post post Greenlee vs. Kendall in the courtroom ;)

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juniorz, that was HOT!!! Sheila is EVIL.

The "dead baby" routine was just shameless and horrible. I can't believe she did that, and I saw it with my own eyes!!

What kind of WOMAN is that vile creature?!! I love her!!

And I STILL hope "Passions" just casts this girl as Pilar's sister in the last month or so. Maybe that's the "name" coming to the show soon, since we've already seen Grace Nancier in action several times, so that's nothing new. I mean, Kimberlin is A DEAD RINGER for Eva's sister!!

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