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Soaps In Depth turns 10

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Ten Years Of...

-subpar coverage

-overused taglines on covers and commercials like, "The(Insert Soap Name Here) Shocker That Will Change Everything!,"

-more misleading covers and stories than Digest ever could have come up with, "Vanessa Marcil news...LAS VEGAS renewed, there's a strong possibility they will recast with Rebecca Budig according to the salesman at the Gucci store on Rodeo."

-And I can't forget...the Genie Goes to Y&R Drama. Counting chicks before they hatch, eh?

To each his/her own, but SID has always been a Digest Wannabe and not to say Digest is much better.

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LOL, I guess I should be glad they didn't go with Antonio/Jessica. I would go with Max/Luna (though I don't know if they considered them as a supercouple) and Viki/Clint or Viki/Ben or even Marcie/Al; before that nonsense of a couple.

As for PC, it was all about Kevin/Lucy... I'll even say Kevin/Eve or Eve/Ian when it comes to supercouples. Any other couple didn't defind the greatness of the show (though I loved Matt/Ellen and Allison/Jamal.)

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