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PSNS Spoilers: Next few weeks


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Via Soapcentral

A devastated Simone contemplates suicide.

Spike convinces Jessica to keep her mouth shut about the Charity imposter.

Fancy insists that Sheridan is Luis's rapist.

Sheridan fakes a breakdown to get Luis's sympathy.

Theresa arrives in a dark alley and she's horrified to find Jared's lifeless body in a lake of blood.

At the wharf, a masked-person grabs Jessica.

Jared says that his attacker was a woman.

A woman in red high-heels shoots Jared.

Jessica is found at the wharf, passed out and wearing red high-heels.

Noah, Paloma and Simone find Jessica and she keeps saying something about a ''man-woman''

Sheridan wonders if a team of ''a man and a woman'' attacked Fancy.

Whitney is stunned when Chad appears to be homophobic.

Fancy is sure that Sheridan's her attacker, after seeing Sheridan with scratches in her arm.

Luis and Fancy try to leave their troubles behind.

Chris questions Sheridan about her scratches.

Jessica has a mysterious meeting at a motel.

Fancy is splashed by acid.

Chad’s lover is finally revealed! (Feb 27)

Don’t miss a bizarre twist you have to see to believe! (Feb 28)

The reason that keeps Pretty Crane away from Harmony is revealed. (Second week of March)

Luis and Sheridan share an intimate moment. (Second week of March)

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With all this talk of the Night Stalker having male and Female features...

I wonder if the reason Pretty Crane hasn't come home to Harmony is because Pretty had a sex change to become a man? Maybe she/he's so sexually confused, she is dressing like a woman and as a man and commiting these crimes?

Also the spoiler that is revealed in 3 weeks

I can see it now... Pretty sitting in front of the mirror, crying, makeup smeared, her prostetic mustache and goatee falling off, and wearing mens clothes with red high heels. I"M NOT PRETTY!!! I"M HANDSOME!!!

Oh wait, That would be a copycat storyline from "Terror Firmer"

Or maybe LaToya had a sex change and is now Vincent? :lol:

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Doing this would make me love Passions again.

AMC pissed me off with their lesbian-in-a-man's body storyline, pretending it's anything more than a gimmick and a way to avoid a female actor as a love interest for Bianca. Faux socially conscious storytelling gets on my nerves almost as much as the idea that a television show is supposed to teach me tolerance, and when you add the writers talking about how their doing groundbreaking stuff with their "daring" relationship...it's too much for me to put up with.

So for Passions to do the absolute worst representation possible with a sexually confused transvestite or transsexual murderer-rapist...it would make me happier than words can describe.

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I agree with Hogan-alot of this is disgusting.

This rapist/stalker stuff could've been so much better. Now they are going the way too outlandish route and I am losing what little intrigue and interest that I was starting to get for this story. The countless rapes and attacks of Fancy, as well as this person using some magic smoke to control Ethan, in the beginning really hurt this story in my mind and I was finally getting into it now with Rae's murder and all but reading all this makes me sick.

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