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Logging out issue is back.


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Im getting logged out ALL the time now. After the board crashed that one time and then was fixed I had stayed logged in for more than a week and now im back to sqaure 1 again. I'm also getting the page cannot be displayed when I make a post or log in. I had enter my username twice to get logged in. Anyone else having this issue?

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Marcia, I think I've asked you this before, when you had this problem...What internet browser are you currently using?

The reason why I asked is because of the following that I noticed when I use one of the two browser's I have:

I had a difficult time staying logged in when using AOL. Sometimes it would keep me on the site, other times, it would boot me off with the error message that you received. When that happened, I went back to one of the threads that Errol created discussing the problem when using AOL; therefore, I went to using Foxfire...I haven't had a problem since switching to that browser.

It could be a browser problem...I'm not really sure; however, I am sure that others have had this happening to them and have brought it to Errol's attention. :)

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