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Wrestling Discussion 2007: WWE, TNA, ECW, ROH, etc.


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WWE releases Superstars

Written: January 19, 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of the following talent. WWE wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.


Tatanka is an accomplished veteran of the squared circle. The Native American made a splash upon his entrance to the WWE in the early 90’s, remaining undefeated for over a year while participating in some of sports-entertainments biggest events. His latest run on SmackDown capped a courageous and unlikely comeback to the ring.

Sylvester Terkay

A decorated Mixed Martial Arts fighter and three-time All-American, the man-bear Sylvester Terkay is the 1993 NCAA Division I National Heavyweight Champion. While in WWE, Terkay registered several notable victories.

Christopher W. Anderson

The rugged southpaw Christopher W. Anderson found his greatest successes in the original ECW before he returned with the new breed this past summer.


An ECW original, Jazz left her mark on the WWE’s Women’s Division. A former champion, her biggest win came at WrestleMania X8, where she defeated Trish Stratus and Lita to retain her title.

Rodney Mack

Rodney Mack’s most recent tenure with WWE was spent as a mentor to the Superstars of tomorrow. A veteran of the squared circle, Mack assisted in the development of the careers of several young members of the ECW roster.

Tony Mamaluke

Extremist Tony Mamaluke earned his greatest achievements in the original ECW, capturing the ECW World Tag Team Championship. Alongside his fellow Paesan Little Guido and ECW Diva Trinity, Mamaluke competed with new breed Extremists as a member of the Full Blooded Italians.

The Bashams (Danny and Doug)

As two-time WWE Tag Team Champions, the Bashams were at one-time regular competitors in SmackDown’s Tag Team division. An appearance at WrestleMania XX, and an extensive role as part of JBL’s Cabinet remain as highlights of this veteran tag team’s career.

Al Snow

ECW Original and former WWE Hardcore Champion Al Snow – along with his unique ally, Head – became a fan favorite with his unorthodox antics in the late 1990s. Snow is also known for his training of sports-entertainment hopefuls in WWE Tough Enough. While he will no longer compete in the ring, he will continue in his duties as a trainer.

The Gymini

The powerful pairing known as Gymini debuted on SmackDown in January 2006 and earned several victories over a slew of SmackDown teams including ring veterans Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki.


David Heath, known to many as Gangrel, made his WWE debut in the mid 90’s as the vampire leader of the Brood. With blood dripping from his trademark fangs, Heath created a memorable image for WWE fans.

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Goodness, when I read this... I was disappointed. I stopped watching ECW awhile ago, it's too much like Raw and Smackdown now to me. The other shows I watch on and off, I have to say though... WWE has gotten worse to me since they eliminated their competition. Hopefully, TNA will give them something to worried about soon.

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Jay Reso aka Christian is a two time NWA champion now. TNA capitolized on what the WWE failed to utilize and he's a success. TNA is WWE rejects at play. They have a lot of self-made stars and stars that weren't stars in the WWE but are stars now.

TNA is a nice alternative to the crap we're forcefed every week by the WWE.

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As the Road to WrestleMania continues, RAW takes to the airwaves on

a special day and time.

TONIGHT Thursday Feb. 15th

8/7 CT on USA Network.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump makes

Mr. McMahon an offer he can't refuse:

A Hair Match at WrestleMania 23.

Will Mr. McMahon accept The Donald's offer?

LMAO @ The Hair Match...... :lol:

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