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PSNS: And Fox and Fancy's sister's name is....

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Wouldn't it be funny if she comes on looking like Days' Ghoul Girl Chloe Lane, and has become a total uggo in an act of rebellion against her family? Heh..that could be an interesting story!

She could be the black sheep, ugly duckling of the Crane family! Maybe they could bring back Reese and have them hook up! A Pretty/Reese/Jessica triangle, anyone? (Yes, Jessica still belongs with Reese)

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That is so stupid. I can take Fox because it is a nickname and Fox's full name does sound something like what high class parents like Juvy would name their kids. But as far as Fancy and her sister Pretty, there is no way that rich people like Julian and Ivy who have ties go back 500 years or so would name their daughters those names.

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    • In a way, I think Reva (and KZ) would have benefitted from Douglas Marland's writing.  She wouldn't have been as wild, but she wouldn't have dominated the show as much either. I guess I'm one of the few GL fans who enjoyed even that period of time in the show's history, lol.
    • Yes, and that's because they, along with the rest of the media, continue to operate under the belief that there is a large and mostly untapped contingent of voters in this country whose views aren't being represented in the mainstream.  They look at how FOX News and its' ilk are doing in cable and they desire a piece of that pie for themselves.  (Never mind that FOX News skews older, white and male in an industry that grows more irrelevant by the minute.) Put aside the fallacy in that assumption, however, and ask yourselves this question: does the rest of this country and this world really NEED to hear what those on the right and far-right are saying?  I'm all for allowing all voices to be heard, but not if some of those voices just want to make "others" out of everyone who isn't like them.
    • It’s worse here than yesterday. I’ve been having a headache (haven’t been outdoors but air definitely gets in my building from outside) and this might be why:

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    • Hi @Soapsuds would you be able to post the ratings for the week including September 27, 1983? Thank you! 
    • That's heartbreaking to hear. Julie had a tough life, but battled to become a national icon. She always had the utmost respect for Corrie and for its fans. I can't ever imagine Corrie without thinking of her. I hope she will be well taken care of.
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