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DAYS: Daily Spoilers, 1/8-1/12

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Monday, January 8

Bo and Steve confront Beverly; Victor offers Shawn and Belle a deal; Nick tells Abby that he gave Chelsea the name of her online admirer; Billie tells Kate, Sami and Lucas that she and Chelsea have been thrown out; Mimi and Bonnie bail out Connor.

Tuesday, January 9

Beverly calls the police on Steve; Kayla brings in a lawyer to help Belle and Shawn; Hope asks Kayla if she wants more kids; Nick lashes out at Chelsea and storms off; Billie tells Chelsea that they are moving into their own apartment.

Wednesday, January 10

Stephanie surprises Steve and Kayla with word that she has taken a job in Dayton; Abby guesses that Nick has slept with Billie; Billie tells Bo that she fell off the wagon; Lexie tries to identify EJ as John's shooter; Mimi stays with Max.

Thursday, January 11

Roman takes Marlena home to the penthouse; Belle cries at her father's bedside; Bonnie sneaks into the morgue with Connor's help; Shawn interrupts when Max and Mimi are about to make love.

Friday, January 12

A judge determines who will get custody of Claire; Hope comforts Marlena, who is trying to make the right decision about John's care; Mimi and Max support Shawn and Belle; Abe learns that the bones have been stolen; Bonnie and Connor hide the bones.


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