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GH 2003 EPISODE COUNT: 1st Half Of '03/June & May

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GENERAL HOSPITAL--Episode Breakdown for Actors/YTD & Monthly

NUMBER OF EPISODES AIRED IN 2003 (Jan.1 –June 30): 126

1. Tamara Braun (Carly Corinthos): 122 (In all but 4 eps!? I loved her as Carly, but come on!)

2. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan): 120

3. Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney Matthews): 118 (Shouldn't have been killed off :( )

4. Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos): 117 (More ammunition for Maurice/Sonny haters?) :angry:

4. Rick Hearst (Richard Lansing): 117

6. Cynthia Preston (Faith Rosco): 91 (Shouldn't have been killed off :( )

7. Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber): 90 (That high!?) :D

8. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis): 86 (I. Love. Her.) :D

9. Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin): 78

10. Robin Christopher (Skye Chandler Quartermaine): 75

11. Wally Kurth (Ned): 74 (Those were the days! :(:lol: )

11. Chad Brannon (Zander Smith): 74 (Shouldn't have been killed off :( )

13. Lane Davies (Cameron Smith): 73

14. Brittney Powell (Summer): 67... last aired 6/23/2003 (I don't remember her at all) :lol:

15. Leslie Charleson (Monica): 61 (Monica, have u ever bashed a guy's head in before?) :lol:

16. Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer): 59

17. Greg Vaughn (Lucky Spencer): 58

18. Natalia Livingston (Emily Quartermaine): 57 (She's "artfully" working my last nerves!) :angry::lol:

19. Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jax Jacks): 56

19. John Ingle (Edward L. Quartermaine): 56 (Should never have been fired!) :angry:

21. Stuart Damon (Dr. Alan Quartermaine): 53

22. Billy Warlock (A.J. Quartermaine): 48

23. Real Andrews (Det. Marcus Taggert): 45... last aired 5/8/2003 (Hunky & talented) :lol:

24. Andrea Pearson (Gia Taggert): 43 (Marissa Ramirez was the ONLY Gia) :huh:

25. Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine): 36 (The true Prince returns) :lol:

26. Coltin Scott (Nikolas Cassadine): 34 last aired 4/16/2003

26. John J. York (Mac Scorpio): 34 (A waste of his talents) :angry:

28. Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos III): 33 (Not a demon child) :angry:

29. Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett Morgan): 32... last aired 2/19/2003

30. Lindze Letherman (Georgie Jones): 26 (Those were the days when her count was this low...sigh) :lol:

31. Robyn Richards (Maxie Jones): 25 (I no longer miss her, thank u K. Storms) :lol:

32. C.J. Thomason (Lucas Jones): 22

32. Scott Clifton (Dillon Quartermaine): 22

34. Stephen Nichols (Stefan Cassadine): 21 (Must. See. Nikolas.) :(

35. Jacklyn Zeman (R.N. Bobbie Spencer): 20 (She's dead, right?) :angry:

36. Jacob Young (Lucky Spencer): 17... last aired 2/12/2003

36. Blake Gibbons (Coleman Ratcliffe): 17 (PC's gigolo: Skye, Helena, Tracy...) :lol:

38. Andrew St. John (Kyle): 16

39. Jessica Ferrarone (Lydia): 15

40. Ted King (Lorenzo Alcazar): 14 / (Luis): 6

41. Stephen T. Kay (Reginald): 12

41. Christine Carlo (Leticia): 12

43. Brad Maule (Dr. Tony Jones): 10

43. Ron Hale (Mike Corbin): 10

45. Vanita Harboiur (Dara Jensen): 8 (Where my girl's at?) :P

45. Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine): 8

47. Kristina Wagner (Felicia Cummings Scorpio): 6... last aired 2/13/2003 (Hey, Felicia: Gerogie is STEALING your air time!) :lol::angry:

47. Loren Freeman (Elton): 6 (A walking cliche) :mellow:

47. Anna Lee (Lila Quartermaine): 6 (ABCD is not responsible for her death) :(

50. Stephanie Allen (Lesley Lu Spencer): 2


1. Tamara Braun (Carly): 21 (No one should air in 100% of the eps. No one)

1. Tyler Christopher (Nikolas): 21

1. Rick Hearst (Ric): 21

1. Stephen Nichols (Stefan): 21

5. Natalia Livingston (Emily): 20

5. Steve Burton (Jason): 20

7. Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney): 19

8. Rebecca Herbst ( Elizabeth ): 18

9. Maurice Benard (Sonny): 17

9. Greg Vaughn (Lucky): 17

11. Jessica Ferrarone ( Lydia ): 15

12. Ted King (Lorenzo): 14

12. Chad Brannon (Zander): 14

14. Kin Shriner (Scott): 12

14. Dylan Cash (Michael): 12

14. Anthony Geary (Luke): 12

17. Brittney Powell (Summer): 11... last aired 6/23/2003

18. Cynthia Preston (Faith): 10

18. John J. York (Mac): 10

20. Wally Kurth (Ned): 8

20. Lane Davies (Cameron): 8

20. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis): 8

20. Robin Christopher (Skye): 8

24. Andrea Pearson (Gia): 7

24. Leslie Charleson (Monica): 7

26. Lindze Letherman (Georgie): 5

26. Stuart Damon (Alan): 5

26. Scott Clifton (Dillon): 5

29. John Ingle (Edward): 4

29. Robyn Richards (Maxie): 4

31. C.J. Thomason (Lucas): 3

31. Billy Warlock (A.J.): 3

33. Andrew St. John (Kyle): 2

34. Brad Maule (Tony): 2

34. Ron Hale (Mike): 2

36. Jane Elliot ( Tracy ): 1

36. Christine Carlo (Laticia): 1

NOT APPEARING: Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) :angry: & Ingo Rademacher (Jax)


1. Tamara Braun (Carly): 22 (No one should air in 100% of the eps. No one)

1. Maurice Benard (Sonny): 22

1. Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney): 22

4. Rick Hearst (Ric): 21

5. Rebecca Herbst ( Elizabeth ): 20

6. Steve Burton (Jason): 19

7. Cynthia Preston (Faith): 18

8. Natalia Livingston (Emily): 17

9. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis): 16

10. Chad Brannon (Zander): 15

10. Leslie Charleson (Monica): 15

12. Scott Clifton (Dillon): 13

12. Stuart Damon (Alan): 13

14. Kin Shriner (Scott): 12

14. Robin Christopher (Skye): 12

14. Tyler Christopher (Nikolas): 12

14. Greg Vaughn (Lucky): 12

14. Brittney Powell (Summer): 12


1. Some believe that Guza's original plan was to have Zander turn out to be Alexis' biological son. Is that true?

2. Did Guza hate A.J.? If so, why!?

3. I love all 5 of them, but what was with the Carly/Jason/Courtney/Sonny/Rick lust?

4. Does anyone have the 2nd halves of the 2003 yearly count & May 2003?

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I heard this rumor, but I'm more inclined to believe that it was wishful thinking on the part of some Chad bannon fans. With hindsight, it makes sense IF the plan all along (i.e.: ever since Alexis showed up in Port Charles) was for Alexis to have had a child when she was a teenager. However, I get the feeling that Sam being Alexis's child was a more recent idea, thought up be Frons perhaps, in order to tie Kelly Monaco and the character of Sam more firmly to the GH canvas.

Also, Zander's father was Cameron (played by Santa Barbara stallwart, Lane Davies). Guza was a writer on SB back in the day... I think he loved Julia (then played by NLG) and Mason (Lane Davies' character) on SB and wanted to reproduce that chemistry on GH. Zander or no Zander.

It would have made a good story, though. GH horribly ruined and wasted Chad Bannon's character.

Because when you have mobster hit men, drug dealers (you really think Sonny is just a "coffee" importer?!) and murderers as your show's Heroes, then you also need to have another character who is "worse" than they are so that everybody can say what great guys Sonny and Jason are. :lol:

Guza needed a whipping-boy and AJ was it. He hadn't counted on Billy Warlock's top-notch acting or his defense of the role. BW apparently went numerous times to TPTB, asking that they respect the more complex layers of his character but they undercut him every time. I imagine Guza didn't appreciate BW voicing his disapproval of the writing and, the same way he did when Stephen Nichols complained about the way Stefan was being treated, he wrote the character to ruination and then killed AJ off.

Well, at least one of us loves the Fab 4!

I like some of the characters you mention SEPARATELY (hate Sonny's mumbling, HATE Courtney -- sorry, I know you are a Courtney fan but I felt she came on and dominated the show to the detriment of everybody else), and pretty much DESPISE them all together.

Why Guza had such a hard-on for this group is anybody's guess. He really wuvs him some Sonny & Carly. I suspect Frons backed him on that (Frons apparently was a big fan of Jason & Courtney). And they needed Rick to be the "True" Baddie because Billy Warlock had left briefly by then.

LOL, nope, sorry.

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1996-1997 Season (Household Rating)

4th Place: General Hospital- 4.8

Record High: 30 million viewers (Nov. 16 & 17/81) :o

Record Low: 2.4 million viewers (Oct. 11/06) :o

Why can't A. Sweeney see that her colleague, B. Frons, is destroying a daytime lineup on a network she's the head of!? :angry: She should fire Frons, then replace him with someone who's passionate, driven, intelligent & committed to making ABC Daytime 10x better than it's been since Frons was appointed Destroyer Of ABC Daytime. TPTB are completely oblivious and/or indifferent to the tremendous potential that exist within all their 3 shows, especially GH.

If a new Vice President of ABC Daytime comes along, I'm sure Guza Jr. & JF Phelps will be fired from their post as HW & EP, respectively.

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