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Y&R: Leanna Love makes her way back to GC

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So it's sealed with Joanna and Leanna I'm defintitely sticking with Y&R till January - for now.

Because Babs Crmapton is FANTASTIC as Leanna! She totally rocks but so far Kay Alden always wrote Leanna tales, how this gets good and not just some lam gimnick... :(

DOn't rule out Leanne digging up some dirt on Carmen Mesta - in form of Vincent Irrizary though. She's expert at ugly games. LOL!

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I've always loved Leanna Love. She was such a great character and when I was younger, I remembered the one scene when she makes a huge scene screaming "WE HATE MEN!" and gets all of the women in the restaurant to rant in a tirade with her.

She's always brought back for short shifts. This character has tons of potential. Not only is she coo coo, but she's out for revenge. She hates Victor and won't stop until his life is ruined. I love writing characters like her because there's never an end with them.

Hopefully she gets more episodes but I doubt it.

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