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  1. God this Chris was so awful. I didn't realize they had New York accents in Oakdale
  2. I don't know if you can really classify that as a "quit" though since TPTB didn't renew his contract and wanted him to go recurring. Since his reason for staying with ATWT was to maintain a steady paycheck, it makes sense that he had no interest in being recurring. And it must be hard to be a soap actor, since there is a lot of repetition, and we always hate it when TPTB rewrite the past... imagine how annoying it is for THEM, since they were the ones living it, and have to act like what they knew happened didn't happen.
  3. All I can think is that if this had aired twenty years later we would've complained about how the Walsh/Snyders had "RappaDavidson'd" ATWT
  4. I really liked this Chris (Paul Korver) and then Dylan Bruce but nobody ever lasted long in the role. I didn't like Bailey Chase, Ben Jorgenson, or whats-his-face-who's-always-on-soaps-when-they-get-canceled.
  5. Now you're almost right. On a soap today she wouldn't have had an abortion.
  6. The girl who played Tory was really good IIRC. It wasn't a well written storyline but she made it work. Knowing that these are on YouTube I will check them out later; no idea if they will be good or not. I remember finding them humorous at the time but we'll see.
  7. I actually don't mind that kind of thing, kind of breaking the fourth wall but in a cute way; ATWT did the same thing with Barbara when CZP was pregnant. They had other characters comment that maybe Barbara needed to go on a diet. And then right after CZP gave birth they wrote that Barbara was pregnant with Will so CZP ended up being pregnant for like two years.
  8. Floyd Boyd was a man, Guiding Light's biggest fan And he wanted to write for the show But his script got turned down and he left with a frown 'Cause he wasn't quite ready to go. He had yet to meet Reva, his favorite soap diva But Floyd had terrible luck! When he ran on the set, with disaster he met And now in Springfield he's stuck ^ Anyone else remember this? I do only vaguely and I have no idea whether it was good or totally lame.
  9. Ugh, Christel sucks, on all levels. I always knew she was a bad actress but apparently she is a shitty person too. Pathetic.
  10. Why am I not surprised? For whatever reason Y&R hates its black cast that brought it such success in the 90s. And Davetta was 100x better than Christel will ever be. Christel is annoying and always has been. I was livid when they brought her back.
  11. God, these are actually all clunkers from what I recall. Seems to me like it went south earlier than I had remembered. I think replacing Carolyn Culliton with Jean Passanante was the jump the shark moment for Hogan's reign now that I think about it. Funny, too, because I loved Jean's first few months as solo headwriter, and her 2007 admittedly trash TV work was good to me as well.
  12. Watching some YouTube clips of early Sheffer.... it was fantastic then, and it's still fantastic now. Great writing that lets the actors shine. When do you guys think the honeymoon with Sheffer wore off? I consider him such a hack, and I have for so long, so it's weird to me that I used to consider him good and upon further review his early stuff is still good. For me, he was at his best in 2000 wrapping up Laiman's story lines and did an amazing job paying them off after they had seemingly dragged on forever. But 2001 as I recall was still good. I'm kinda fuzzy on what went on between the boathouse explosion and early 2002 spa disaster/scotland disaster/julia rapes jack disaster. I feel like somewhere in that 6 months it went downhill but I can't pinpoint it. Thoughts?
  13. This is ridiculous. The fact is, to be a mainstream Republican these days you HAVE to be intellectually inconsistent. Big government is bad unless we are making more laws about abortion or DADT, Obamacare sucks even though it's essentially identical to the Republican counterargument to Hillarycare, tax cuts are great but Obama wanting to extend pay roll tax cuts is bad, spending sprees are wrong and the Bush presidency never happened. I could go on and on. Max is making more sense than most Republicans. The fact that you seem to believe that you have to agree with the Republican mantra du jour which makes no sense when you really look at it to be an "ideologically consistent" conservative is what's really weak. You're basically asking Max to go with truthiness.
  14. Well, it's not the same thing though. MSNBC reported the OWS story. Fox created the Tea Party story.
  15. OK, so they are reporting the news, what is the problem? The situation with Fox and the Tea Party was different; they actively grew the Tea Party and MADE it a story.
  16. But is MSNBC actively organizing and promoting Occupy Wall Street rallies, like FoxNews did with Tea Party rallies? .... no. That's why MSNBC is liberal-tilted news, and FoxNews is a wing of the Republican party. If only the Democrats didn't suck so much at campaigning and playing the system
  17. When they had Sex and the City wardrobe infiltrate Guiding Light, people weren't in to it. They got so many complaints. I can still picture Marah's RIDICULOUS hat. I do think it's hilarious that if you go to Brooklyn now, you see a bunch of hipsters wearing flannel. The last time flannel was in, New York City eschewed the movement and stuck to wearing all black. Just funny to me.
  18. What about spiteful replacements? When they had Carmen Duncan fill in as Lisa it certainly seemed like it was done at LEAST in part to punish Eileen Fulton. Lisa had had little to do for years at that point and suddenly they needed her when Eileen Fulton was not available? Certainly seemed like a spiteful move.
  19. What did y'all think of James Kiberd and Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson on ATWT? James Kiberd I didn't like, he was awkward in the role. Randolph Mantooth was pretty good but way too attractive for the role.
  20. JER was the JD Salinger of soap operas. Even if he were still alive, he wouldn't have told us anything.
  21. Diana is in the first few episodes of season 6 with even worse hair than she had in season 5 before leaving. Claudia Lonow loses her "starring" credit immediately in season 6, however.
  22. who cut abby's hair in the limo? this mystery was never solved
  23. Sad thing about this show is that it has been bad now longer than it was ever good. I think it's a generational thing. Those of us who grew up with it will find the classic episodes hilarious. But it won't be passed down to the next generation; it will be like our parents trying to explain how hilarious "Caddyshack" was. I say end it btw, the show stopped being funny at least 10 years ago. Enough milking already, it's gotta end someday and it's just not relevant anymore.
  24. Lily's birthday woulda been just a couple weeks ago. Sad that I still remember that (we need a lol emoticon)
  25. Aubrey Dollar I thought was fantastic in the role. Shame she isn't a big name now, I predicted she would be. Same with Jennifer Finnigan from B&B. Two actresses I thought would be 3 years and out and then the next big thing and they weren't.
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