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  1. Wow...he dated Bethany Joy Lenz for awhile as well after her divorce.
  2. Actually Robert wasn't part of that storyline. It was Steven, Ethan, Craig, Derek and Cassandra. The 'boys' wanted revenge for Cassie for something or other regarding the Capwells of course. She in turn sabotaged all their efforts because she was in love with Mason. It was such a ball of confusion and nothingness.
  3. Yes it was! The Sin-Eater was my favorite sec-character after Jenny. Loved his musings on family, faith, bonds and etc. He had some great dialogue whenever he appeared. John Noble was fantastic in delivering every line. He seemed so caring and loving toward both Icky & Abbie and one time mention them being like family. What a twist that it was all a trick. Henry always insisted that no one touch him. Very curious about what would happen if someone did. I just knew someone would touch him accidently. Even in heightened situations (the carnival in "Golem" and tonight at the graveyard) where your natural impluse to help someone in need kicks in no one ever did. Nicole Beharie just seemed to glow during this finale. She is gorgeous.
  4. I'm not feeling this great love between Deacon & Rayna. Definitely unresolved feelings but nothing grand. Juliet got a little sympathy from me. I hope they develop the husband more and show Rayna at least liking him. She seems tired of marriage. I like Avery because it's so obvious where it's going with Scarlette and Gunnar. Although I hope they surprise us.
  5. "How much of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you." I loved that line too.
  6. 4 times and counting. I might even rewatch before new episode tonight. That confrontation was divine. The close-up of the various parts of Clare's face during the duet was great editing. Great idea.
  7. Yes she did. I remember reading an interview by Roscoe Born during that time and even he was highly impressed with Carrington. He stated how it was a pleasure to see her grow and become more confident in the great acting choices she was making. And although Kelly turning on Eden seemed OOC it was so organically done that I bought ever bit of it. It was not completely unbelievable to me that Kelly, after spending years in Eden's shadow, would let some jealous come to the surface. Absolutely everybody was rootable in that storyline if you ask me - that's how good the writing/characterization was. That's right --- Ethan was the 4th orphan. I love you sig banner juniorz1. Confession: I thought Marcy as Liz Colby on AMC was the most unattractive person ever. But my goodness did she turn into a swan -- absolutely beautiful as Eden.
  8. Yeah it was but that whole Cruz/Eden/Robert/Kelly quad was great writing/acting by all involved. I preferred Carrington Garland's Kelly to all the others after Robin left. Derek was part of the 4 orphan storyline which included Craig Hunt (John Callahan), Stephen Slay (John O'Hurley) and Zack (can't remember his last name but Eden's gyno and rapist *shudders*). They were out to avenge the death of Cassie (who wasn't actually dead) who they thought was killed by Mason Capwell.
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