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  1. So who can see "MarDevil" exposing Paulina's secret? I felt today's episode with Paulina confiding in Marlena is leading up to something. By the way I agree with most of the replies in here, just too many to quote
  2. Thank you @Errol for the advance weekly Daytime Broadcast Ratings. I thought B&B would go up again in total viewers with the return of Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). But the show surged the previous week with an increase of 153,000 viewers; I suppose holding on to 126,000 viewers, and losing 27,000 is nothing to cry about. And the show is still above the big week of July 5-9.
  3. GH June 2021 Discussion - Page 18 - Discuss The Soaps - Soap Opera Network Community Decided this needed its own topic...Mmmm.
  4. I was taking baby steps to get used to Chanel and Precious Way. Hmm, I wonder what happened...
  5. JMW had some good material, which earned her a Lead Actress nomination...
  6. THIS. I was about to share the link. Nice interview, yes a twin would be good...JL seems like a swell guy. Right?! Right!
  7. Thank you for sharing, hopefully you are able to rectify things...
  8. Shows seem to fare better when the whole week doesn't air except the tank in GH demos.
  9. Thank you. BTW, it's amazing what hair, make-up and wardrobe do, I wouldn't have recognized MM in this picture. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/photos/social-snaps-1698235/
  10. Right...looks like this story is a flop.
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