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  1. LATEST RATINGS: October 2-6, 2017

    I'd like to see B&B top Y&R, it's less than 700,000 viewers away. GH -- it seems viewers are over the hoopla of Steve Burton's return. DAYS -- Will being "alive" doesn't seem to be making a big impact on the ratings.
  2. LATEST RATINGS: September 4-8, 2017

    That's twice recently it seems episodes didn't count for B&B and Y&R, whereas the numbers would be higher. Good for Days' continued increases, although admittedly I haven't been a big fan of the Doppelganger storyline--it's entertaining at the least I suppose, but not must-c tv for me.
  3. Haha...Sheila to bring B&B's ratings back up...talk about timing, much needed right now.
  4. LATEST RATINGS: All Soaps Up in Total Viewers

    Yep, even without Trump pre-emptions, anymore when they go up, I expect them to go down the following week.
  5. LATEST RATINGS: All Soaps Up in Total Viewers

    Nice to see all the soaps get a bump
  6. Nice gain in total viewers for all the shows. Too bad about the demo lows for Y&R and B&B...Hopefully B&B will rebound in demos in the coming weeks with the Australia remote and it being the show's 30th anniversary--bad timing! Thanks Toups.
  7. LATEST RATINGS: All Soaps Down in Total Viewers

    Only one soap is ahead in total viewers compared to last year. All those 'ties low' in the demo categories. Overall ugh...just ugh.
  8. LATEST RATINGS: GH Up For The Week

    With the exception of GH, dismal numbers the first full week of Sweeps. B&B - not a good sign for the new Spectra generation.
  9. B&B - February 2017 Discussion

    Yup, same here!
  10. LATEST RATINGS: Y&R Up For The Week

    Figured Y&R would go up with SB/Dylan's exit story culminating, plus John McCook's appearance. B&B down but holding steady (curious to see next week with the new Spectra generation shenanigans). GH couldn't hang on to its increase from the previous week. Sigh Days... Thanks Toups!
  11. I've never heard of this site--soapcities.com, is it new?
  12. LATEST RATINGS: Good Week For GH

    It's strange to me GH stayed the same in total viewers but went up over 100,000 in 18-49 demos. RavenWhitney- good point about Sally/Y&R. B&B is still my guilty pleasure...But I hear ya Soapssuds. I worry if Days will get renewed.
  13. LATEST RATINGS: Good Week For GH

    https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=46819 B&B - 4.07 million viewers Y&R - 4.98 million viewers ...Enjoy Vegas Toups!
  14. I understand the HH numbers are wrong, what about the demos? If the demos are correct, Days moved ahead of GH in 2 of the 3 key demos. Agreed - shameful a repeat of a Y&R classic pulled in higher numbers than 2 of the current soaps!