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  1. Classic episodes airing? First I'm hearing of this.
  2. Well you brought attention to it, so okay.
  3. And you as well by posting this??
  4. Oh Errol, I can assure you *I* didn't forget!
  5. So sad to here this, like many, enjoyed his various roles in daytime and primetime. ...What is Nancy Lee Grahn spewing about??
  6. I’m not surprised to see the shows gain, as people are quarantining and staying home, but somehow Y&R did not reap the benefits this week. Monday and Thursday are more accurate numbers for Y&R; Tuesday and Wednesday are not – but because they counted Y&R is down (for that matter how does 4 mins runtime count?) As others have said, with all the preemptions, the numbers may not be a true representation of viewership. Wasn’t there one week GH only had like 600,000 viewers, yet the numbers counted; then it rebounded back to “normal” the following week. Who knows about next week, another show may have more preemptions during its time slot – B&B could be last in HH?! With that said, as a viewer of both Y&R and B&B, I do find B&B more interesting right now. That changes week to week. We need to consider story, as well, and for those that watch B&B know that the previous week a villain's months of scheming was exposed in true soap fashion, during his wedding in front of all the guests, that was Friday; this weeks numbers represent the fallout (as well as a forbidden kiss caught on video that threatens 2 marriages). So I find it very plausible B&B would gain 400,000 viewers. Again, Y&R, should be up IMO, but the daily numbers are all over the place so that just didn’t happen. As well, B&B has been on Y&R’s heels for sometime now, at one point only behind 250,000 viewers last summer (granted more stabilized lately 400,000 / 500,000 viewers). So it is not out of the realm of possibility that B&B would top Y&R – just not sure this week is an accurate representation of that. Hopefully that made sense…oh love the clip of Susan Lucci!
  7. I'm surprised Eric Braeden's 40th Anniversary week didn't bring in more viewers.
  8. Right about the ratings 1 day a week LOL!
  9. What Faulkner said. The numbers are dismal all around, this time of year the shows usually pick up viewers. I don't know if it is the impeachment hearings, lack of quality writing/stories or both. Demos...all the new and low ties...my eyes hurt.
  10. I can't with this time jump. Also, tried explaining this to my mom, a faithful viewer over the decades, but has dementia now, she doesn't understand...who can blame her.
  11. Hey there no it was the week of July 29 - August 2, only 288,000 viewers separated them.
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