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  1. Ugh...horrible numbers all across, especially during Sweeps.
  2. Yuck at this news. I was never a huge Phyllis fan, with Stafford in the role. BUT finally accepted Tognoni in the role, in fact have taken baby steps toward somewhat liking the character. Now with Stafford back...Meh.
  3. https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=52111 “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL” ATTRACTS LARGEST AUDIENCE IN 11 MONTHS For the week ending Feb. 22, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL scored 3.62 million viewers, its largest audience in 11 months - since the week ending March 23, 2018. The daytime drama also hit a season high in women 25-54 rating (1.0).
  4. Agreed, it's all plot-driven...(But it brings the drama, so I'll be watching!) I am/was a Steam fan, but taking baby steps to move on.
  5. Yup. I'm guessing Reese will tell Hope her baby died, sell it to Taylor, who will give her to Steffy.
  6. I too have often noticed CM smiling in scenes that don't call for it. <runs from Soapsuds >
  7. Stupid Brad Bell, he was eye candy and I liked him as Thorne...GRRR.
  8. Ouch, I had a feeling the numbers would dip during the week mentioned due to funeral coverage. Hope to see all soaps rebound the following week, and throughout December as viewership typically picks up during the holidays.
  9. I read the whole article, so Women 25-54 is the primary demo these days, always thought it was 18-49, when did that change, or did it just become a gradual trend?
  10. Enjoying Hunter Tylo / Taylor's return, the character is over the top these days, but brings much camp to the show. And nice to finally see scenes between her and TK's Ridge. (Was a Tridge fan back in the day, so I have been waiting for scenes, and wasn't disappointed).
  11. I echo everyones' thoughts on ED/Ashley's exit--overall, well-done. BUT no scenes with Eric Braeden? I get not all the actors might not have been available to tape, but at least Ashley had a phone conversation with Neil. I believe EB is on vacation...but at least a phone call with Victor...no?!
  12. TV Watercooler spoiler for the week of Oct. 29: Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Eric find themselves in an unexpected, but a surprisingly familiar situation.
  13. That's a decent increase for Days, for an entire week dedicated to John & Marlena's wedding. Kristen...Meh--not a fan of RC's theatrical/over-the-top writing for her. B&B up in HH, and all demos versus last year...So viewers tuned in for Lope's wedding, this time, and/or for Taylor (the cake fight with Brooke had the highest day of the week).
  14. Strange Y&R and B&B are down in HH but up in demos; GH is up in HH but down in demos. And Days, well just down all across. I suspect Y&R and B&B will be up next week with the Hevon drama, and Steffy finding Liam with Hope, respectively. And yay caught up with the ratings, I barely saw the previous week...thanks Toups.
  15. He still looks good in boxer briefs...that's all I gotta say.
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