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  1. LATEST RATINGS: June 25-29, 2018

    Ratings Report for the Week June 18-22, 2018 3. GH 2,432,000 GH is up 68,000 viewers from the previous week. The rest...meh. Thanks Toups.
  2. LATEST RATINGS: June 11-15, 2018

    Is daytime approaching a dying genre? All 4 soaps are in a horrible state...unless this is the new norm--declining viewership. Even it being summer, i.e., teens out of school doesn't seem to matter.
  3. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    Y&R has been holding my attention lately, for the most part, but something isn't working. Of note, B&B is only 656,000 viewers behind Y&R. Not that B&B is any better, but it's interesting to see the gap in viewers slowly getting closer. Granted B&B's numbers are partially due to Y&R's lead-in, so I doubt it would ever take over #1. Days holding steady, moreso compared to last year. GH = mess.
  4. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Agreed about Joshua Morrow! I think I read he doesn't care about winning an Emmy, at this point, he just does his lines. But he delivered IT. I think Sharon Case has potential too, given the right material.
  5. LATEST RATINGS: May 28 - June 1, 2018

    …Almost last in all demos.
  6. LATEST RATINGS: May 28 - June 1, 2018

    Are we looking at the same ratings? B&B is up the most this week in HH / Compared to Last Year, so are demos. And if Monday counted, the numbers would be even higher.
  7. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Ooh la la…
  8. LATEST RATINGS: May 14-18, 2018

    Wow, yes, nice to see the HH numbers and demos up for all shows during this critical week of Sweeps. And no "ties low" or "new low" (besides Y&R's 3.0).
  9. https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=50236 For the week ending May 18 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (which is celebrating its 45th anniversary and 29 consecutive years as daytime’s #1 drama) delivered 4.17 million viewers, 1.2 in women 25-54 and 0.7 in women 18-49, its largest weekly numbers in those demos since the week ending April 27. THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL scored 3.40 million viewers, a 1.0 in women 25-54 and 0.6 in women 18-49, the show’s largest weekly numbers in those measures since April 20.
  10. So do you consider this a reliable source?
  11. GH: Actress Takes a leave again

    I wonder...shows don't usually recast just because an actor has the flu--or do they? I don't watch GH so not sure if she is a major story at the moment. She was anorexic for awhile it appeared, then she had acne (I think) now she has the flu?? I think KS has issues, but the show keeps her on...so I could be wrong?
  12. In Loving Memory: Joseph Campanella

    Nice tribute, thank you for posting this.
  13. My apologies for over-stepping. I have mixed feelings about this. As pointed out SH is a fantastic actress, I could see her pulling this off (not many could). But ED is in a league herself and IS the sole reason for the Kristen character. So we wait and see.
  14. Sit down. The eyeroll wasn't directed at you per say, and I didn't say it wasn't true, but your source isn't allowed here. I read the rules before I post on any board, maybe you should too.