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  1. Thomas and the Hope doll didn't start until this past week, end of Wednesday's episode. So we'll see how next week's numbers are...but I have my doubts...unless viewers tune in just to "see what it is all about". ...Right about Days?!
  2. The Hope mannequin is definitely unlike Brad Bell...We'll see if this storyline lures viewers or chases them away.
  3. https://www.viacomcbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=56122 For the week ending Friday, Oct. 9, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS reached 3.08 million viewers, while THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL attracted 2.93 million viewers – both daytime dramas’ largest audiences in over five months, since the week ending April 24. ...B&B inching closer to Y&R.
  4. I'll refrain from the tabloid title and political discussion, and just say "Ooh...Mark Valley".
  5. This cracks me up! Agree with GLATWT88 too, wasn't sure what numbers to expect for BB (but probably better than this). Adding, I've been enjoying Days' last four wedding-themed weeks, been noticing an increase each week.
  6. WOW, Days really should be pulling in viewers during this time, what with the other 3 all airing repeats...It shows the current state of the show, which isn't great. Wonder why does B&B only counts Wednesday and Friday episodes.
  7. So strange why Chandler Massey is smiling when the scene(s) don't call for it, maybe it's involuntary. Either way, he looked hot @Soapsuds
  8. Why TPTB @ B&B included the repeat episode is stupid. So, doing the math (not including the repeat) the show really averaged 3,310,750 viewers--I think.
  9. I'd have to go back and look, but I don't recall B&B "stans" bragging?...Some offered congrats, some were baffled. It's not a pissing contest....at least not for me. Congrats Y&R for reclaiming #1!
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