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  1. LATEST RATINGS: April 2-6, 2018

    I wasn't a fan at first, but admittedly it's keeping me glued...I mean what other interesting story is there on the show right now?
  2. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I read he was voted off his 2nd week. Whaaat...DD can't dance? Right?! Now that would have been some GIF!
  3. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Me too.
  4. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I was almost thinking the same, is she trying to look like Brooke for some reason. I didn't think of Darla, interesting. This. I see there are a lot of naysayers here, but I almost think Taylor's scenes are supposed to be cheesy and OTT. Actually, I have always thought HT was good at comedic. I forget the specific scenes in the past, but Taylor was being funny, and I remember thinking this is HT's calling.
  5. LATEST RATINGS: March 26-30, 2018

    Welcome back Toups. Ouch to these numbers...with the exception of Y&R--even then I expected higher numbers for the anniversary week. Days cannot afford to take such big hits.
  6. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I read HTylo had a serious injury while doing the "Queens of Soaps" show and she has been recovering for the last 18 months. Her hip was shattered. Right...where is Cheap LOL.
  7. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    We don't know if the cane is part of the storyline or real-life. Not sure about the blonde hair, but yes overall thought she looked good.
  8. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    So glad HT/Taylor is back, we'll see for how long! Yep, another well-kept secret, just like KB/Sheila...that is hard to do these days, somehow BBell is able to do it. The April discussion thread just started today...LOL.
  9. Of course...it's like a wreck, can't help but peek!
  10. LATEST RATINGS: March 19-23, 2018

    https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=49891 “THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS” CELEBRATES 45TH ANNIVERSARY AND POSTS LARGEST AUDIENCE SINCE FEBRUARY For the week ending March 30, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (which celebrated its 45th anniversary last week) delivered 4.41 million viewers, the show’s largest weekly audience since Feb. 9. The daytime series, which is also celebrating 29 straight years as daytime’s #1 drama, began its winning streak the week of Dec. 26, 1988. Source: Nielsen, Live Plus Same Day Ratings for the week ending March 30, 2018.
  11. LATEST RATINGS: March 19-23, 2018

    I just noticed...
  12. LATEST RATINGS: March 19-23, 2018

    I haven't got on board with Will and Paul yet...what is their nickname...Pill? LOL. Yes, too bad about Y&R's cliffhanger Friday getting shafted.
  13. LATEST RATINGS: March 19-23, 2018

    Soapsuds and I will be going through ratings withdrawals
  14. LATEST RATINGS: March 19-23, 2018

    Thanks for the heads-up Toups, you know we be like where are the ratings, LOL. Enjoy your vacation! As for the numbers, not much movement from the prior week... That's impressive GH is #1 in the women 18-49 demo category again. I suspect Y&R will go up for it's anniversary week. B&B seems to be holding on to viewers who have tuned in for Bill's shooting. Not sure the DID story is working for Days, although up, that was the focus toward the end of the week.