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  1. Victor Newman will (should?) eventually become Victor Kiriakis and someone will have to take over. Ashland will be killed off in a few months though . Probably by Nikki.
  2. Abby is the only Abbott-Newman kid whose existence has some kind of meaning. She should be driving story. I always thought that MO's Abby would be much better in a vixen role, getting involved with a married man and ruining his family. Think Kimberly Simms during the Roger/Alex drama or a new -less fragile- version of Ashley with Victor and Nikki. I couldn't stand DG as Cane, but I could see Abby in a very dramatic affair with him during his marriage to Lily. It's a pity that Y&R has no idea what to do with the Chancellor mansion. Jill should be living there. Alone.
  3. I don't understand the point of Sally on Y&R. The actress is great, but why bring someone with B&B baggage? It's not like she had some great story there.
  4. Wasn't Mandy Kemper Tonja Walker's character? (and an old YouTube channel) Were there bigger plans for her? What was the point of her scenes?
  5. Kenya is right about Porsha's "activism". I am sure she is not the only person thinking that. She is given these segments to secure her position as the show's star and that's ok. But Kenya has every right to say the obvious. Not to mention that these scenes don't belong to this show as a storyline. The new girls belong to Basketball Wives.
  6. As long as it doesn't get a CW reboot.
  7. Erica Hope's Nikki looks like another version of Trish Clayton. Interesting that DD didn't pick any Lauren scenes. Nina Arvensen. Such a beautiful lady. Am I crazy to think that Bill Bell planned to kill off Kay and have Jill arrested, but decided to give this story to a different group of characters. Same with Victor Newman's death that was given to George Rawlings?
  8. Didn't Joseph Bottoms (Kirk) replace Joel Crothers (Jack) in a story with Eden on Santa Barbara? The Sheila (?) girl on AMC wasn't more or less a Jenny recast?
  9. Y&R Tucker McCall as Victor Newman (there was some kind of EB drama during that time) Gloria replaced Jill in the Abbott stories Genie Francis felt like a "threat" to MTS as far as I am concerned Cally as nu-Dru? GH Laura Templeton?
  10. I liked Deborah Adair with everybody. I think she was his boss at the time and they seemed like an interesting idea. During the same period Jack shared some scenes with LR's Billie as well, but he was written out after a while.
  11. Matthew Ashford and Deborah Adair had some interesting scenes in the early 90s.
  12. Making this random guy Stuart and Dina's grandson was such a stupid idea. A few months after JG toyed with the idea of making Phillip Chancellor Jack's real father.
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