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  1. Front burner to forgotten

    GH's Courtney
  2. Amazing news! I wish we would get Brooks Prentiss back with them. (I am one of those crazy people who still hope that Jennifer Foster will show up one day and team up with Aunt Jill.)
  3. Classic GH Thread

    Did the show have big plans for Robert Newman's character?
  4. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    And she never hard the first spot in the opening.
  5. The Doctors

    Did you not like Douglas Marland's work? I always love reading your thoughts on the shows
  6. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Kelly Nelson's storyline should have been given to Billy Fletcher.
  7. Days Preview

    I have a feeling some actors wear their own clothes at work. Whar is Andre wearing? Since they have no money for sets, at some point they have to find a director who is very creative.
  8. I love the idea of a large soap family. It is great around holidays, for weddings, funerals etc. Plus bringing back a legacy character never hurt a show, what could be better than having from several family members to pick. The real problem begins when every Horton, Forrester or Newman has a baby with a Brady, Logan or an Abbott. After a while the stories feel claustrophobic and weird. The real problem are not large families but TPTB 's obsession with these people having multiple babies with each other and sorasing them way too soon. When they are SORASed after five or six years, they are all related to each other. And they are all almost the same age after a while. Example: Billy & Victoria's marriage and kids ruined the show's structure and the family dynamics. Same goes with Lucas and Sami. Or the Forrester mess on B&B, where Brad Bell had to make Ridge a Marrone at one point.
  9. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    This. I no longer want to watch Dina scenes because they make me sad. There was no reason to turn her into B&B's Pam Douglas either. The show feels like Y&R on drugs.
  10. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Another crazy era. All these "stars" in random roles. Βut at least it felt more like B&B back then with Stephanie and Ridge around.
  11. Y&R: Old Articles

    These 1982 episodes! Thank you so much! Now this is a soap opera. Jill's journey from the 1974 episode where she dreams about being rich and is introduced to Kay for the first time to these scenes where she is ready to marry another older rich man after the Phillip tragedy. She is not as naive anymore, she knows what she has to do. And she still believes that the answer to all her problems is finding a father figure to replace Bill Foster. Jill Foster was a fascinating character. It is so sad that she is an afterthought these days. She should be involved in the Billy stories and the Abbott drama. And the Jack-Ashley scenes. 35 years later we still have the Abbott siblings in the family living room dealing with another family crisis. This is why I love soap operas. I love JLB. Lori is fascinating, too bad that she didn't become the Newman matriarch instead of Nikki. I find the Nikki scenes the least interesting from the 1982 episodes. Kevin is also rather boring. It is nice to see Kay involved though. Patty is someone I expected to be bland and boring, but the actress was very good. Too bad that she didn't stay longer with the show. Characters like Karen, Carolyn, Robert, Claire, Angela, Cindy came and went without leaving a mark. Those crazy transitional Y&R years with all these random people. I still don't understand how the show survived this era. The Lance/Leslie/Brooks scenes were something I enjoyed a lot. They felt like a seventies romance novel and their tone was completely different than the rest of the show.
  12. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    It was horrible. For a show called Dynasty, something we have been waiting for decades. If it was presented as a new version of Titans it might be ok. No style, so substance, no drama, no emotion, no conflict, no surprise. The thing I hated most was this harmless version of Steven, which belongs to a play from the 60s. Always holding a drink, talking about Fallon's hair or helping her with it, always trying to be witty. One of the most fascinating characters in the original was Steven, a tortured soul, a sexual creature, adoring his sister, trying to prove himself to his father, trying to make it in a difficult working arena, always getting in trouble, missing his mother, being nice to Krystle, trying to hide his pain and his sensitivities. Someone I adored and someone I felt really close to me as a viewer. And we get this? Fallon did nothing for me. Basic spoiled girl from a 2007 teen series. Blake should be less horndog, more cruel businessman. His new bride Melania served no purpose. Not nice enough to root for her, not mean enough to hate her. Just a woman for the catfight scenes, someone who has never watched Dynasty might this this is enough. And then we have the boring guy from Revenge and the primetime soap twink that gets to sleep with the rich son is back for another show. I don't feel that the new PTB ever watched the original. Just read a synopsis and watched some classic clips. Then they decided to bring the show to 2017 by making the new Mrs Carrington a Latina and make Fallon's love interests black. Plus a gay stereotype from a 60s play. How modern and open-minded are we? I don't get why this show had to be called Dynasty, just because of some similiarities in the structure. It might as well have been Another World with Mac, Raquel, Iris, gay Sandy, gay Jamie, and Steven with Alice instead of Matthew and Claudia. No opening. No tribute to the original. Nothing smart. Nothing creative. Nobody said something interesting within the episode, they were walking bad soap opera cliches with even worse music background. No fun. I don't think I will watch again, unless I am bored to death and not a single person answers my calls.
  13. Almost a decade ago I followed a link to a "classic Y&R episode" and I was certain that once again I would not be allowed to watch it outside the U.S. I pressed play and expected the usual message to show up: "This video is not available in your country." And then I saw a young Jill Foster with her mother and brothers talking about the return of her father. I was ecstatic! This was my first memory of YouTube.
  14. So Brad Bell decides to replace Thomas with Thorne since the younger ladies will always be busy with Liam. How about Trevor St. John? Perhaps he wants to replace Eric with Thorne in the Quinn/Sheila stories. I was about to say that Susan Walters is rather young to play Margo (I am still dreaming of Anna Stuart playing the part) But soaps don't care about ages anymore. The days where EON's Nicole desorasing and DOOL's Mike Horton never aging felt weird seem to be over. Susan Walters could be Taylor though, since Brad loves bringing back familiar names with a new face.