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  1. Mal Young wants to leave this show dead before he is fired. This is fan fiction from someone who has been watching Y&R for three days and hates it.
  2. Elsa

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    How about Rita Stapleton? Showing up in town with her son?
  3. What will she discover? Is she Jack's daughter afterall?
  4. Tessa with her amazing personality would do wonders for the talk show. She is so witty and vibrant.
  5. For the next few years the show will be searching for the new Hilary. We still haven't found the new Dru though.
  6. "Chad" was the most uninspired child of Stefano. I hate the fact that a Dimera is named Chad. He should have been aTristan, Julian or Sebastian.
  7. Do people on Days have jobs? Sarah Horton should be old enough to be Rex Brady's mother.
  8. Elsa

    B&B: Actress returns

    I thought that they were involved in a passionate triangle that lasted two or three episodes.
  9. Elsa

    B&B: Actress returns

    Ashley Jones always had horrible stories as Bridget. Falling for Ridge, the Nick Marrone years, endless triangles, Miss X the fashion designer, Dante, Mario Lopez, and ending up with Owen and having his baby.
  10. Elsa

    The Doctors

    I have to say that I am loving Althea's Gloria Swanson look.
  11. Elsa

    Uncomfortable/Awkward Soap Scenes

    ATWT: Parker and Liberty in bed.
  12. Elsa

    Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    They are the ones who are supposed to look good in underwear.
  13. Elsa

    Best Soap Opera Opening

    My choices:
  14. Elsa

    Y&R: July Spoilers

    When I was in my twenties during the late 90s, I remember some older people talking about hating the club scene and how discos are so much better. They loved going to the discos. The disco scene was dead. There were two or three horrible places in town with five people attending and that was it. I am those five people now, still believing that soaps are still alive in the form I remember them. But I am slowly giving up. I'd rather watch some of Marland's ATWT or Pose. Jack Chancellor, Jil playing Julie Williams on a cruise and everyone acting like a lunatic doesn't work for me. These spoilers are horrible and all these years of madness make it impossible for any future writer to fix this mess.