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  1. I thought that WDJ's Santana was far better and a lot more interesting than GG and Margaret Michaels. The show never got Santana right after losing Ava Lazar.
  2. Jennifer Brooks was far more interesting than I expected. I loved the Brooks family scenes. It is sad that they lost Brenda Dickson. I wanted to see her Jill through the years. BTW Brenda still looks amazing today. All she needs is a make up artist, a stylist and some normal-looking brunette wigs. We will never find out what really happened there. I have my theories. The show looked amazing.
  3. The Maya storyline was Ryan-Murphy-stupid. The world's most boring trans woman marries Prince Charming. The end.
  4. Roger and Ann left for New York prior to Gwyneth and Trisha showing up. Roger was eventually killed in a car crash and a new Ann showed up. I liked the original actress much better, she was so regal. Peter Brown took over as Roger at some point. I could be wrong, but I also remember Cabot and Isabelle leaving town for a while in 1984. Clay and his family were in Europe. The original Alden/Forbes family structure always seemed weird to me.
  5. The 1981 episode was AMAZING. Didn't really care for Victor & Nikki, but Vanessa Prentiss was perfection. She was fascinating and so scary! I also loved the Barbara story. It's so sad that the show lost Lori, it is rather obvious that Y&R (and Edward Scott) were more interested in making Nikki the leading lady. Can you imagine Lori instead of Nikki as Mrs. Newman? Having an affair with Jack, hating Ashley, giving birth to Victor's children?
  6. Back then I used to watch Loving and Another World via satelite every day on RaiDue. Too bad I didn't understand a word of Italian, but I couldn't care less.
  7. When did we see Towers for the first time? Who owned it? Who was the previous owner of Ross Marler's house? Have the Spauldings stayed in the same house since their arrival to Springfield? Have the Spauldings and the Bauers been neighbors eversince?
  8. I knew they were sleeping together from the first scene I watched them. My sister knew him from Days and we said: "He is not that good of an actor. They are involved in real life."
  9. She once said that she wanted a dark-haired Reva from what I remember.
  10. I know, but it seemed weird to me that both shows did the same story. Prince Charming finds out he is adopted, falls for a sweet blonde girl sexually abused by her father.
  11. The adopted Prince Charming who falls for the incest victim story was told on LOVING and GL in 1983. I wonder whether Marland had planned the story the Jack Forbes/Lily Slater story for Phillip, had he stayed. The Donovans remind me of a Marland family. Doug was kind of a Seth Snyder type. The Bristows were all Agnes. Early Ava was more like a Nola Reardon type. She later transformed into mini-Erica. Stacey reminded me of Hilary Bauer. Who has the heart and soul / the moral compass of early Loving? Cabot and Isabelle? Not really, though Dabney reminded me of an aristocratic Alice Horton at times. Patrick and Rose were never important characters. Meryl was sleeping with a married man from day one. I loved the early years. Things got weird with the Alex/Clay mess and I never truly accepted Lisa Peluso's Ava (although I love the actress).
  12. NEW YORK: I missed my crazy NY friends! Luann is gorgeous, she has never looked better. Her entrance at the party, her chat with the new girl, her hair, her body. For some reason I have a soft spot for Ramona (who also looks amazing and whom I see as a real-life Lisa from ATWT). Sonja is always so much fun. Did Dorinda cut her hair on her own? Is that why she was so mad at her party? Once again she acts like a pig when she is drunk. Is this what Kay Chancellor acted like in the 70s? Leah seems cool and gorgeous Tins would benefit from a new stylist. She is trapped in the early 00s. A fortysomething-year-old spoiled princess can drive the other girls crazy, but she is 100 better than Bethanny who thought that she owned the show and felt the need to humiliate the other women all the time.
  13. Elsa


    Do I remember the blue set from GL? Did it also serve as the Lewis mansion?
  14. Killing Dina is such a stupid idea. The Abbotts need her and the show needs Marla Adams. JG has no idea what he is doing at this point and Anthony Morrina is not exactly helping things with his 2007 GL aesthetics.
  15. B&B hasn't been a soap opera in years. It is a cartoon show pretending to be a telenovela. It is almost an anthology series with actors playing different stories every few months. What happened last year is erased. Y&R is a show that would mention Kay and Jill fighting over Phillip all the time and that triangle would be part of storylines for decades. Brad doesn't seem to remember whom Brooke married in 2019. I don't want Y&R to become this kind of joke. It might be uninspired and lifeless right now, Brad's way is not the way to save the show. I'd rather have Ed Scott return. Along with Kay Alden.
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