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  1. The soap opera writers' discussion

    Could you please share this article with us? I love articles/interviews about writers or executive producers and this thread would be the perfect place for them.
  2. Y&R actress out

    She could always join B&B where the black actors get to play mini storylines in the summer when the other actors are on vacation. Shame on Y&R for being stupid enough to lose her. She was great, but her stories were always beneath her. I wish her the best.
  3. B&B Casting News

    The baby Maya was searching for when she first showed up? Eric's Lolita? The show's new Beverly?
  4. Y&R: June Spoilers

    Phillip II faked his death in order to live his truth in Europe. The character returns to Genoa City after all these years with a new name; Geraldine Phillips and the part is now played by Diahann Carroll. Geraldine proposes to Dina and Jack is delighted. Meanwhile Jill is on a cruise with Colin. #TheMal&TheRestless
  5. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Jack Chancellor. This is sad.
  6. Thank you for sharing! I always love reading your posts.
  7. It sounds amazing! What I do mind is that soaps feel the need to give every major female character children with multiple men.
  8. Y&R: June Spoilers

    Summer has been through too much to act like that with her mother's new boyfriend. The story would be more suited for 17 year-old Lucy Romalotti (remember her?) who comes sto stay with Granny for the summer. At least be creative while you are ruining the show Mal.
  9. Days: Actress Back

    RC must feel very miserable writing for Days. Nobody is interested in thinking outside the box, nobody wants to have some fun with the characters. The problem is that Ken Corday and Sony think that they know exactly what the audience wants. What is next? Austin and Carrie stop by for a visit. Tony/Andre is not dead. Sami briefly returns. Shawn and Kimberly briefly return. Billie shows up for a few episodes. A soap veteran is cast as a character with a name that belongs to a bad 90s Spelling soap and leaves after six months. By the time we read about it they are back.
  10. Y&R actress out

    I never bought BJ as the tycoon who is as rich as Victor. Perhaps it is the insane rewrites and not the actor. (Stephen Nichols is his dad/Debbi Morgan is his mother/Katherine is his grandmother). All of the sudden the character became something bigger and flashier and un-Y&R.
  11. Especially when all these babies end up being teenagers/young adults after a few years and everybody ends up being 110 years old and related to each other.
  12. Days: Actress Back

    Seriously? She and Chloe can't stop returning for some reason and I don't get why. There are other people who should have been brought back prior to these two. I swear, every time I open a "Days actress returns" thread, it's about them.
  13. Please share with us.
  14. Y&R actress out

    The fact that someone is paid to write stories about Jack not being John's son, JT beating up Victoria and the Newman women killing him and hiding his body, while Lily's children are the same age with her, Phyllis has been a cool girl in her early 40s for decades and Tessa is still around is enough to pay MM.
  15. Have we mentioned Maya on B&B? She came to town searching for the baby she had given to Dayzee before going to prison. After a few years she was revealed to be trans. Brad Bell should have brought that child and a trashy babymother instead of killing it off screen and making Maya the legal guardian at the time.