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  1. She looks amazing. All she needs is a Jill wig and with the right makeup and clothes she could be a very welcome return on Y&R (since Jess Walton isn't interested in coming back full time).
  2. Wow, these articles are amazing! Thank you so much!
  3. I can't stand Season 2 Pray Tell either. So over the top all the time, trying to dominate every scene. He was much better as a secondary character last year. I loved Season 1, but 2 is much darker, despressing and... boring. Several Ryan Murphy things like guest stars who don't make that much sense (Frederica the cabaret mobster) and everyone turning into a cartoon of themselves start bothering me. It also feels as though TPTB are too busy "making tv history" that have forgotten writing captivating stories.
  4. I just read that Maitland Ward (Jessica Forrester, B&B) is a porn actress these days. I googled "Maitland Ward porn" and yes.. it turns out it is true.
  5. My problem with JZ's look is that she doesn't look like Nurse Bobbie. I couldn't care less about the fillers, but I find the long hair and her outfits more distracting. She looks more like a Lauren Fenmore , a Gloria Fisher or a Tina Lord. Bobbie should have shorter, brunette hair and dress more casual. Can you imagine Jessie Brewer or Leslie with Dorian Lord or Sally Spectra hair and clothes?
  6. Isn't ATWT's Claire/Michael/Lisa triangle very similar to Kay/Phillip/Jill?
  7. Thank you so much for your amazing posts. I can't get enough of them. We are very lucky that you post on this board.
  8. Mal Young wants to leave this show dead before he is fired. This is fan fiction from someone who has been watching Y&R for three days and hates it.
  9. How about Rita Stapleton? Showing up in town with her son?
  10. What will she discover? Is she Jack's daughter afterall?
  11. Tessa with her amazing personality would do wonders for the talk show. She is so witty and vibrant.
  12. For the next few years the show will be searching for the new Hilary. We still haven't found the new Dru though.
  13. "Chad" was the most uninspired child of Stefano. I hate the fact that a Dimera is named Chad. He should have been aTristan, Julian or Sebastian.
  14. Do people on Days have jobs? Sarah Horton should be old enough to be Rex Brady's mother.
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