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  1. Wasn't Mike Horton part of the original story at first? I remember some Africa memories, or something like that. It was later dropped though. You know RC is bringing Marlena's clones back...
  2. Wasn't the show hinting that Cassie was Minx and CC's daughter at one point?
  3. Whose idea was it to take a guilty pleasure, a trashy, scandalous reality show with iconic cast members and rebrand it as a boring, depressing docu-series-wannabe,? There is a reason why NY is the least successful. It's the cast. This is the third or fourth show starring Yandy this year. Nobody cares. Nobody ever did. Mena hasn't been useful to the show since her lesbian days. The new cast members belong to Growing Up Hip Hop. I am more bored watching this than Brandi is filming her scenes.
  4. Willow gives me Canadian 80s teen soap vibes. I understand that Michael and Chase don't really need another person for their triangle, but still. I find the Jordan actress very boring. She sleepwalks through her scenes. She seems to hate acting. I see no reason for Shascha's scenes. Who is she? Who cares. These three actresses make KeMo look better. BTW Sonny's scenes are unwatchable. He is no longer needed on the show. The Port Charles citizens have move on. TPTB seem more inspired by other characters and stories. The viewers are over MB. GH is the only soap I enjoy watching on a daily basis. The last time this happened to me was with SSM and KA's Y&R and RC's early material on OLTL and GH.
  5. Ramona is RHONY. Leah and Eboni are the ones who have ruined the show for me.
  6. What a surprise. Every time I open a thread with this title it is either Chloe or Nicole.
  7. Did they change the Q living room again? The scenes with Maxie and the baby didn't seem to take place in the same room Michael was expressing his love to Willow every single day. I had never seen Michael Easton smile. Not a robot after all. He looked nice. What is the deal with Curtis's club? What is he always doing there? Serve drinks to random characters who come to see him? If all of them helped him a little bit, this place would be open for business by now.
  8. Exactly. RHOA will end up losing years of history and introduce another desperate woman with no ties. Someone who will to try to prove that hiring her was not a mistake from the very first scene... again? Last season's scene at Kenya place with Marlo, Kandi, Cynthia and Latoya fooling around was the best we have seen in ages. Not every single cast member has to be toxic. Not to mention that Cynthia is the most beautiful housewife ever.
  9. The Ginas are like the AW Ceciles in my mind. I love the actresses who took over but I prefer the original interpretation.
  10. http://thomasorourkeactor.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-guiding-light-memories.html
  11. LG was amazing as Gina. I would have never recast. Linda Gibboney and Ava Lazar were amazing in the beginning of the Brandon story. (What do we know about Robert Eden?)
  12. The thread's title made me think it would be Marlena.
  13. BH I hadn't watched this show in many years. Garcelle is the star of the show. The woman is gorgeous and smart. She was what I wanted Eboni to be, but in my eyes she plays a very uninspired and one-dimensional role. Did Doritt always sound like a drunk Swedish person with hiccups trying to speak with a british accent? Lisa Rinna and her Dudley Moore wig.. She tries to create a fascinating persona but all I see desperate, mean and starving for years. Did Erika always sound like that? So nasal? She sounds like a coked up retired stripper for some reason. Love Kathy's energy.
  14. I thought of Love & Hip Hop. A soap opera version of the reality show might be fun.
  15. Cyrus acts like Sascha's father. Is this where this is heading? The "Mike" story shows that Sonny is played out and the character is a burden for everyone around him. Carly is more interesting (and vibrant) these days. Sam didn't make me fall asleep on the floor in her scenes with Dante. I don't get the point of Michael's girlfriend. Why doesn't he get a cat or a dog?
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