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  1. Thank you! I had stopped uploading because there was no more room. Does anyone know if that has been resolved? Also, I will be sending out the links soon to those who had asked. I had a very long work week and haven't been 'online' since Sunday.
  2. Hi everyone. Episodes 3439-3451 have been uploaded to December 2000. I had uploaded a few more, but I deleted them because we were out of space unfortunately. I remember there were some requests for specific years so PM me, and I'll share the link to the folder on my drive until we figure out a solution.
  3. There is a guy on youtube that is trying to sell the episodes from videoland. I was going through some old posts and he has been in this forum before. I hope he is not getting the episodes from here.
  4. Hello everyone. Is there a specific way we should name the files when we upload? I started the first way I saw when I began uploading in 2000, but when I got to November which already had some episodes, the way the episode files were named was different. So I perused a few of the other years and didn't see any consistency. I just want to make sure I'm not messing something up if someone else is going through and organizing the names before I upload. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone. Episodes 3397-3433 and 3437 and 3438 have been added to Oct/Nov 2000. Episodes 3434-3436 were already there from before.
  6. Hello everyone. August and September 2000 episodes I have are now uploaded. The episodes are 3356-3374, 3378-3387, and 3396. Have a great weekend!
  7. Aw, I really appreciate the thank yous @charholden5, @BoldRestless, @Marquise, and @ladynerry! I'm also very appreciative and so happy to find that Amy's 'legacy' has continued on is such a big way! @bold&restless thank you for the advice as well. I will definitely reach out to @ChickenNuggetz92!
  8. Just added the following episodes to July 2000: 3343, 3344, 3346, 3348, 3349, 3350, 3351, 3352, 3353. I made a mistake with renaming 3351 and two empty uploads almost came up. I tried to rename 3351 and delete the extra two files but I was unable to. I'll try to upload one month a day from 2000 onward that I can fill in.
  9. I was beginning to add episodes to 2000, but I hesitated because the file sizes are much larger since I got them from DVD. I will go ahead an upload, but if I shouldn't do so, let me know. A screenshot so you can see what I mean is below.
  10. I believe I do. I used the Australian episodes to fill in the gaps from YouTube. It may take me a few weeks to upload everything because of my job, but I will definitely fill in what is missing.
  11. I have most of them. The dates may be a little off as they were from Australia which aired behind US. I tried to readjust as much as I could using episode guides online. I may be missing an episode here or there, but I should be able to upload them in the next week. I'm going to post the 2000 link soon and then start uploading them. Here is the link to 2000. It starts off in July (approximately). I do want to warn that Australian censorship sometimes edits out curse word or fights. 2000: https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/1d55bbc4-f51d-4c04-9808-0256c12cee3a
  12. Hello everyone. This is my first post . I stumbled upon this forum by accident when I was trying to figure out how to download episodes from Videoland (if anyone has figured out please let me know). I have several thousand episodes on my Cloud Drive that I can share. All of the ones I have are in English. I bought the DVD set of the first season and converted those to MP4. This is the link to 1987: https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/c190d23b-3454-4aab-964b-f6de50912631. I got 1988-1990 when a nice lady named Amy was posting episodes. So I have 250-750 (minus 677) in English with Dutch subtitles. This is how I also found about Videoland. I also got some random episodes and clips that feature only Stephanie from a site years ago called LorreB. It fills in the gaps from 1990-2000. Here is a link to the 1993 folder: https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/68689aeb-6b5b-415e-974c-8bfc31fff301. I have almost of 2000-2004 that I bought from a woman online. These aired in Australia, but I edited out the commercials. I will post a link later as it is on a different drive. I also have most of 2005-2010 thank to the official site posting them on YouTube. I have every episode from 2010 to present. If there is any holes or gaps I can fill, let me know. In the meantime, I will keep trying to figure out how to download from Videoland.
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