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  1. It was from September 1993. The Friday, September 24, 1993 episode was David having been acquitted for the killing of Vinnie (who tried to murder both Kat and David). The Monday, September 27, 1993 episode was the Harley-and-Mallet wedding. The Tuesday, September 28, 1993 episode was the exit of the newlyweds. It may have been around the dates of Friday, September 3, 1993 to Monday, September 6, 1993 at the earliest. It may have been one week later, Friday, September 10, 1993 to Monday, September 13, 1993.
  2. How about the idea of going to work, at age 82, during this period in history of COVID–19?
  3. My theory is that bandstandmike may have had more episodes of Guiding Light than what was OK with whoever had the power to take it down. Some say copyright. I say money. If there is more money that can be made by something—and someone feels they are potentially cheated out of making more money—then action will get taken.
  4. I suspected the focus-group claim was b.s. My sense of it was that a decision was made to make do without the Maureen Bauer character, and main-cast member Ellen Parker, and write off the character. But, to also do so permanently.
  5. I think The Locher Room—soon welcoming Guiding Light’s Maeve Kinkead, Rachel Miner, Ellen Parker, and Tina Sloan—may have wanted it to be all-female.
  6. Mid-July 1994. I didn’t realize it until seeing Bandstandmike’s uploaded videos—Jocelyn Seagrave (who played Julie Camaletti) and Nia Long (who played Kat Speakes) left in the same episode of CBS’s Guiding Light. (Long returned in October 1994, as a guest, to wrap up the Kat-and-David love story.) Two episodes following the series departures of Seagrave and Long marked the series debut of Ron Raines taking over the reactivated role of Alan Spaulding. (Raines played the part, and stayed with GL, until its last episode in 2009.) Bandstandmike did a lot. I applaud him. And this does stink.
  7. YouTube has been gradually taken apart since Google bought it. I was not surprised. Any sense of feeling momentarily surprised was with not anticipating that it would happen on this date.
  8. Beth Ehlers did get to work on All My Children, early on, with Debbi Morgan, as Ehlers’s character served in the military with Morgan’s character’s son. (Both of them are two of my favorite actresses in the genre.) And Debbi Morgan also had a failure on The Young and the Restless, playing mom to Bryton James (who won his second Emmy this year as Devon). All My Children failed Beth Ehlers. The Young and the Restless failed Debbi Morgan. Two actresses with three or four decades of combined years of experience—and there was no excuse for failing to properly develop and integrate their characters successfully. For several years now, and certainly in current times, my wish for actors on the daytime dramas are, when they choose to leave a soap, they don’t come back to the genre. They succeed outside daytime.
  9. As a viewer, it seemed like Guiding Light wanted Marcy Walker paired with one of its more prominent men. She was introduced as the girlfriend for Robert Newman’s Josh. (He returned in August 1993, three months before Walker debuted as Tangie Hill.) Then, in 1994 (which became horrible during the second half of the year), the series had Walker’s Tangie be torn between father-and-son Ron Raines’s Alan and Rick Hearst’s Alan–Michael Spaulding. None of that worked. The one possibility of a well-matched actor and his character being right for Walker and Tangie, and Walker and Tangie for that actor and his character, was Scott Hoxby’s Detective Patrick Cutter. The series refused. Walker last appeared in August 1995. Hoxby last appeared in November 1995.
  10. Guiding Light also did not pair Marcy Walker with the actor with whom she had chemistry—Scott Hoxby. Tangie and Patrick had some spark. I don’t know if it was GL, Jill Farren Phelps, or CBS. Or any combination of them. Marcy first appeared in November 1993. Her last appearance was in August 1995. She immediately returned to All My Children for the next ten years (along with her sixth and last Emmy nomination for lead actress in 2001).
  11. I appreciate this Locher Room welcoming Rick Hearst and Sonia Satra, who played Alan–Michael Spaulding and Lucy Cooper on CBS’s Guiding Light, and was sorry Frank Beaty, who played Brent Lawrence and Marian Crane, could not be there. It was fun. It can be humorous testing people’s memories. That is a good 25 years ago. You know what tends to not get mentioned? Or not get mentioned much? That the series—and other daytime serials—had budgets.
  12. Hello, SON Community Members! I am a new member here. This is my first post. My favorite period of CBS’s Guiding Light was during the 1991–92 and 1992–93 television seasons. (It’s my personal favorite period of any daytime soap.) I have been enjoying the YouTube-published episodes of The Locher Room, with publicist Alan Locher, which are livestream discussions with past members of not only this series but also CBS’s As the World Turns. (That this was created and launched by Mr. Locher for entertaining and insightful purposes given this terrible period of COVID–19.) And Mr. Locher has also covered other daytime dramas, no longer on the air, like ABC’s All My Children and One Life to Live and NBC’s Another World. (I have experience having followed all the daytime soaps since the 1980s. I have not watched much of what remains lately.) Given this board is for Guiding Light, which was on NBC Radio first, in 1937, and which transitioned to CBS Television in 1952, on which it ran for an additional 57 years, until its cancellation in 2009, I look forward to reading more comments. And I would like to continue to participate as well. —Stitches0210
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