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  1. I guess it depends on what age TR was when she left the Kendall home. I assumed she had been kidnapped. If she was just a small child, she would have changed a lot physically by the time she was 16 when she crossed paths with Lloyd again. I always thought the runaway part occurred after she ran away from her second set of parents (the Hawkins), before she met Liza & Travis. I could be mistaken on this. In the family therapy episode that aired in June 1985, she says that Mr. Hawkins died...so maybe that is how she wound up on the streets prior to living with the Sentells.
  2. I don't think her name was ever Theresa Regina. It was Theresa Rebecca. Lloyd called her Rebecca, and Estelle called her Theresa. Everyone else (Travis, Liza, Stu, Danny & Ryder) called her TR.
  3. The backstory for Matt McCleary was also a bit murky, until he finally showed up on screen in 1986.
  4. That's correct. Liza (played by Sherry Mathis) received an urgent call from Lloyd (Joe Lambie) who was at the airport and said she was needed at once. Thinking something happened to TR, she left a conversation with Hogan (David Forsyth) and hopped into her Rolls Royce and took off. That was the last time we saw Sherry Mathis on the show. Episode 8748 broadcast on Wednesday July 3, 1985. At the top of the next episode (Episode 8749 broadcast on Thursday July 4, 1985) the action started inside Lloyd's private jet. It was a short time later, however long it took for Liza to drive to t
  5. It was a bit jarring to go from 36 year old Sherry Mathis one day to 29 year old Louan Gideon the following day. But I think they had to find a quick replacement because they were in the middle of a huge quadrangle with Liza-Lloyd-Sunny-Hogan. If they had written Liza out for awhile, then the other three main characters would have stood around with nothing to do. Louan Gideon's first two weeks had her working exclusively with Joe Lambie because Lloyd had whisked Liza away on his private jet to Burgundy, France. So in a way, that probably made her transition into the role a bit easi
  6. I don't think they're online. A YouTube poster named Chuck Snitchler told me he is going to start posting all the episodes that were on AOL (October 5, 1984 up to January 13, 1986). But it may take him awhile. I bought all these episodes from an online vendor a few years ago. Recently I wanted to revisit how Sherry Matthis handed the role of Liza to Louan Gideon, so I started with July 1, 1985. Sherry Mathis' last appearance is on July 3 and Louan Gideon takes over on July 4. Currently I am going through all of July 85. I've been adding plot summaries on the IMDb, beca
  7. THANKS. I love the conversations you all have been having. Currently I have been re-watching episodes from July 1985 and have gained a new appreciation of Paul Avila Mayer & Stephanie Braxton's writing. Though I do think they rely too much on triangles (Sarah-Quinn-Wendy, Ryder-TR-Danny) and quadrangles (Liza-Hogan-Sunny-Lloyd). Plus it annoys me they didn't do much with Cagney & Suzi who are no longer in a quadrangle with Warren dead and Justine gone. I know it may not be a popular opinion, but I am enjoying all the silly circus stuff. Danger at ev
  8. Yes, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason with regards to the way the holiday pre-emptions were scheduled by NBC. ALL the soaps were pre-empted the day the Challenger explosion occurred. I remember this vividly because my sister and I were both home sick from school that day with the flu. We were having some chicken soup, and turned on the TV in anticipation of the first soap we usually watched. The launching of Challenger was on screen. We were watching it live, thinking that as soon as it ended, regular daytime programming would get underway. We
  9. Thanks Franko for the detailed reply. The reason I asked is because I wanted to start adding the rest of the episode pages for Search on the IMDb, but wanted to make sure that I factored in the pre-emptions. Currently on the IMDb, there is a page for January 21, 1985, which I assume someone created based on the date given for the episode that was uploaded on AOL. However, January 22, 1985 was listed as a missing episode on AOL and given the next episode number. So what I think happened is there was no broadcast on the 21st due to the Reagan inauguration, and that episode aired on t
  10. Hey everyone...I was wondering about the show's pre-emptions. Has this been discussed before? Jason47's site lists the pre-emptions for Days of Our Lives in the 1980s. Can we assume that every time Days was pre-empted (due to holiday, sports, inaugurations, etc.) the other NBC soaps were also pre-empted....including Another World, Santa Barbara and Search for Tomorrow?
  11. One thing that always seemed fuzzy to me was how did she get from Florida to Italy to San Christobel to Goshen? All that traveling and she never saw fit to go back to Springfield to see Josh, Marah or Shayne? It seemed like different headwriters came up with different versions of where she had been during that five year period when she was off screen (1990 to 1995). And if you try to put it all together and make a coherent timeline of it, it's nearly impossible. I did love the whole San Christobel arc, so that's the version I choose to go with, even though there are holes in some o
  12. There are quite a few soap related sites and blogs I post on. So I'm hardly banned everywhere. Putting one of my comments in the sig means anytime you post, your readers will be forced to think of me. So you are doing a form of advertising for me. You should liberate yourself from that. Don't waste your energy reflecting someone else you don't like. Your life and your time are too valuable for me to control even one moment of it. That's better. I like how you got your point of view across without being rude this time. Good job. Not long ago I watched an old episod
  13. Still hiding. Come out of the closet and tell us your name, so we can get a sense you are legit. Otherwise it's a childish game, where nothing said can be deemed to have any value. Why are you allowing me this power? If you had just said "Hi I am Mike" and tried to be civil, even if your name was something else, that would have been a positive step forward. But instead you are choosing to convey to us that you have no manners. Ultimately you're just a made up name on the internet who means nothing. Why would you allow yourself to mean nothing? I don't get that at all.
  14. Still not telling others what your first name is. Seems strange to me. Maybe that gives you a false sense of power over others, I don't know.
  15. You're trying to label me as a Nazi, which seems just as bad as a black person calling a white person a racist who is not one. I sent you a private message where I had said I found your comments and approach disappointing, and it saddens me to think you are still not realizing how disappointing your approach is. Don't you want to learn and grow as a human being? Why are you being dragged into the gutter with me, because you are letting others with issues of their own, pull you down to a level that is way beneath you. That's what we should shrug about.
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