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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. One thing that always seemed fuzzy to me was how did she get from Florida to Italy to San Christobel to Goshen? All that traveling and she never saw fit to go back to Springfield to see Josh, Marah or Shayne? It seemed like different headwriters came up with different versions of where she had been during that five year period when she was off screen (1990 to 1995). And if you try to put it all together and make a coherent timeline of it, it's nearly impossible. I did love the whole San Christobel arc, so that's the version I choose to go with, even though there are holes in some of that. I like to think that when the car went off the bridge in Florida, some fisherman must have found her in the water and took her to San Christobel. Still we were never told how she actually met Richard and became Princess Catherine.
  2. There are quite a few soap related sites and blogs I post on. So I'm hardly banned everywhere. Putting one of my comments in the sig means anytime you post, your readers will be forced to think of me. So you are doing a form of advertising for me. You should liberate yourself from that. Don't waste your energy reflecting someone else you don't like. Your life and your time are too valuable for me to control even one moment of it. That's better. I like how you got your point of view across without being rude this time. Good job. Not long ago I watched an old episode of the early 60s TV drama Naked City. She had a guest role on it. It would have been filmed right before she was cast on ATWT. She was quite good in it. She's probably someone who could have had a successful career on primetime if she hadn't become so identified with playing Lisa and typecast as a daytime actress.
  3. Still hiding. Come out of the closet and tell us your name, so we can get a sense you are legit. Otherwise it's a childish game, where nothing said can be deemed to have any value. Why are you allowing me this power? If you had just said "Hi I am Mike" and tried to be civil, even if your name was something else, that would have been a positive step forward. But instead you are choosing to convey to us that you have no manners. Ultimately you're just a made up name on the internet who means nothing. Why would you allow yourself to mean nothing? I don't get that at all.
  4. Still not telling others what your first name is. Seems strange to me. Maybe that gives you a false sense of power over others, I don't know.
  5. You're trying to label me as a Nazi, which seems just as bad as a black person calling a white person a racist who is not one. I sent you a private message where I had said I found your comments and approach disappointing, and it saddens me to think you are still not realizing how disappointing your approach is. Don't you want to learn and grow as a human being? Why are you being dragged into the gutter with me, because you are letting others with issues of their own, pull you down to a level that is way beneath you. That's what we should shrug about.
  6. Now we've reached the part of the show where you really want fight with a stranger on the internet. Let me grab some more popcorn. I think you are using me to get attention. Those would be your true colors. Yes? I notice you're still not volunteering your first name like I have. You're hiding. Why?
  7. You're trying to agitate again. Stop wasting your time. Please get back to discussing soaps. Thank you.
  8. Totally agree with your first paragraph. That's how I interpret it, not the way the other poster working on some research project keeps trying to spin it. It was a power thing for Irna to show she was boss, she was in control. The role expanded after the first appearance. Ruth's movie appearance were sporadic in the early 50s. If she was accustomed to maintaining a certain lifestyle and had bills to pay, then she had to turn to TV to find work. Or else go into another sort of non-acting job.
  9. Now you're back to rude mode. Well actually you never left that mode, did you? You really don't seem to be able to communicate properly with me. Why is that? And you keep showing others how argumentative you are. Like fighting over Ruth Warrick is going to bring you some great glory. It's quite odd to say the least. But carry on, if you must! Why are you using that sort of screen name and not using your real given name? I can't really take a person seriously who posts anonymously on a message board. Maybe if you came out of hiding, your comments would seem a bit more legit, just a thought.
  10. I think there are some very unknowledgable people on this board. According to Google the word Aryan means relating to or denoting a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium BC, displacing the Dravidian and other aboriginal peoples. And that is how I intended it, when I suggested instead of discussing racism on soaps we could just as easily discuss stories that play up the positive aspects of the European American culture. But some very questionable comments followed by folks who did not exhibit good manners. They went out of their way to call me a Nazi. Maybe those people need to be banned? I think an actual Nazi would have been much harsher than any of my intellectual comments were. Just saying.
  11. Thanks for being a fan of my writing. Now if you can just influence some of the others to develop a sense of humor, we will be rolling along quite merrily.
  12. I deleted your first sentence so we can see how you should be replying to me. Thanks. I don't think her part on GL was very substantial when she started. Surely we can agree on that. If not then you are being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.
  13. Now you are giving a speech on word power. That is hilarious. In my opinion you are way out of your depth, you can't even begin to know that. I feel you're just not as smart as I am and that you can never be as smart as I am. But I am still willing to entertain what I perceive to be some of your abject foolishness, since when you talk soaps, your passion does come through. As I said, I will continue using the phrase pro-Aryan if I feel it is germane to a discussion about soaps. Interestingly, you keep bringing it up (as a form of intimidation)...you've said it a few times and now I've said it a few more times. If you disliked that phrase so much, when there is nothing wrong with it in an intellectual sense, you'd steer clear of it. But because you keep mentioning it, I think you know on some level it is a valid term to use when discussing reverse racism, which I feel the person with the geeky Sharon Case avatar is practicing in many of her posts. I do think she's a smart poster, mostly, when she sticks to facts as opposed to "facts" and I will continue to read her posts. But if she goes off on more racist/political stuff in a discussion about a soap opera, of course I will present opposing view which seek to dismantle that kind of nonsense. It will be part of the debate on this message board as long as she keeps bringing it up.
  14. I think your comments are awful and you seem like you are trolling. You have gone out of your way to insert yourself in an argument which suggests you either have a lot of time on your hands and thrive on negative things, or that you are not as intelligent as you try to act. In a vain attempt to validate yourself you are trying to misconstrue my earlier comments so you look good..? Who does that? Someone without a life maybe, I don't know. Your comment that someone is a long-term poster and therefore that makes them a more legitimate poster is complete bollocks. A new person making their very first post could say something more valuable than anyone else has ever said before on this message board. At any rate I think you're just spinning your wheels with me. I'd enjoy it if I was cruel but actually I find your approach and your comments sad and misguided. Now you've gone from attack mode to lecture mode. You have appointed yourself someone who has to tell me why everyone's having a problem with me? That's silly. You're wasting your time. If I cared why people were having a problem with my posts, I'd change my writing style but I am not planning to change my writing style anytime soon. Sorry if that disappoints you. I think you are using my name in posts to act as if we're friendly and on a first name basis. We're not. We don't know each other. You think you know me but your understanding of me and the intent of my discussions is based on your own distorted view of people who say things that you can't grasp. I don't see you are sincere in any way. I just don't. The person with the geeky Sharon Case avatar is someone whose screen name seems odd to me. And I never directly use other posters' names in my comments, that is my preference. So for you to try and control that is really out of line. You need to step back and look at things more clearly. There was nothing wrong in my saying the phrase pro-Aryan. I will continue to use it in discussions where I find it a relevant term to use. I won't allow you to censor my vocabulary. Again I feel you are very out of line.
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