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  1. I cannot believe that Lindsey was kind of a bitch. She was like not even thinking about Bridget. But I do understand that she was looking out for her family. I cannot believe the start of the Vicky and Stacey... cannot wait!
  2. I like that u extended the episode and I could actually picture these scences on TV. Also, I feel like a climax is coming.
  3. LOVED this episode! The thing I have discovered about your writing Beebs is that it gets better as you go on.
  4. Love the additions to the cast. Cried through the Katherine tribute scenes. I could not believe the autopsy reports for Tucker. Adored your Malcom and Phyllis scenes.
  5. I adored the open scene with Johnny and Sami. Anne's last line about the emmy thing made bust up laughing. I am so over Thereasa. Nice way to set up Billie Reed's return
  6. Marrisa could be Mary? Carl is awake? The Boss... who is it? So many burning questions are in this episode... but it looks like they will climax soon
  7. I see the plots unfo,ding now... which is great. Christy reminds me of Heather Webber from GH LOL I liked when Lindsey ripped the DNA thing in half. I think in the Lindsey and Greg scenes u combined what AW is all about. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  8. I think u should be the head writer for days LOL. OMG I cannot believe Anne knows. I love the Vic Viv history tie in. Excellent job as always.
  9. I think Van was being selfish I like how Neil is looking out for his son Jack and Keemo scenes were AMAZING in this episode! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!
  10. 1.) Gregory get over yourself LOL. 2.) I loved the Frankie and Sharlene scenes and how Mitch appeared... 3.) What is going to happen with Marrisa ALSO U HAVE DONE A FABULOUS JOB!
  11. THE LAST SCENE WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!! You combined EVERYTHING the real DAYS is lacking... you did BUISNESS, DRAMA, ROMANCE, and even a HISTORY mention in ONE EPISODE!!!! I think this by far your best yet Beebs!!!!!!!
  12. Oh my god! I love the ending! I have to say one of my FAVORITE scenes from this episode was the one between Christy and Eric. I am really starting to get into this! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
  13. Brady is once again just going down the wrong road... For some reason I loved the last scene between Sheryl and Jordan... Here is the thing Sami told EJ to remember that her family is loyal and does good... which they do, but she acted like she is apart of the good LMAO. WONDERFUL SHOW!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  14. Sooooo many things I wanted to happen happened. Another GREAT show! I loved the Harrison dinner scenes.
  15. There were A TON of surprises in this episode. I was on the edge of my seat. I think ML is soooo right about Amanda sounding childish. In the beginning I felt sorry for Frankie because I know she wants Christy to be the same.
  16. I adored the cliffhanger. I feel sorry for Jack kind of.
  17. My heart was pounding in the two final scenes. I do not like the fact that Cass cannot grow a pair to save his life. I am really happy Allen got the job.
  18. I cannot believe Daniel tried to do the whold Jenn thing. It is totally like him. Hopefully Kim can kick Teresa's butt and get her to open her eyes. I know that is a long shot LOL. Looks like Nick has a black mailing tool.
  19. You continue to do a WONDERFUL job!
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