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  1. Also read in Ellen Holly's book that Morgan Freeman and Clevon Little auditioned to play Carla's love interest, Dr. Jack Scott. She really wanted Morgan Freeman for the role, but the show went with Arthur Burghardt who—according to her—was a real dick.
  2. OLTL - Audrey Landers (ex-Charlotte Hesser) auditioned to play Tina after Andrea Evans left in 1990, but lost the role to Karen Witter. Sarah Buxton auditioned to play Tina in 2001 when the show lured back Fiona Hutchinson to play Gabrielle, but nothing came of it. Brian Frons himself teased in an interview that the brass had tossed around the idea of Cynthia Preston playing Tina after she left GH. Krista Tesreau was initially considered for Blair or Tina, they went with the latter and gave the former to Kassie DePaiva. Bree Williamson auditioned to play Jennifer Rappaport, bu
  3. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Felicia Gallant (AW)
  4. Lucinda Walsh (ATWT) vs. Scott Baldwin (GH)
  5. Luncinda Walsh (ATWT) vs. Gabrielle Medina (OLTL)
  6. Alex Spaulding (GL) vs. Dusty Donovan (ATWT)
  7. Pick the character you prefer, then challange them with another character for the next poster to decide. Current characters, former characters. Characters from the same or different shows. Doesn't matter. I'll start. Victor Newman (Y&R) vs. Dorian Lord (OLTL)
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