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DAYS #29: Nick lays it on the table




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie and Kate stand off to the side of the chaos, Billie realizing that Jordan and Sheryl probably are nowhere to be found.

BILLIE: They're not here.

KATE: How do you know they didn't plant Nicole to ask those questions and whoop everyone up into that frenzy?

BILLIE: Think about it, Mom. If they knew it was gonna go down here, wouldn't it make more sense to use it as a distraction to do some damage somewhere else.

KATE:...Like Titan.

BILLIE: Exactly.


BILLIE: I'll keep you posted, Mom.

Billie runs off to Titan HQ to find Jordan and Sheryl. Kate looks over to the crowd, concerned that the chaos will increase. Percy steps over to Kate while she looks on, though Kate pretends not to notice him, hoping he'll go away.

PERCY: Greetings!

Kate rolls her eyes, continuing to look out into the crowd.

KATE: Good day. Enjoying the pandemonium?

PERCY: My dear, if this will assist me in retaining my homestead, I shall do as neccessary.

KATE: Is that an admission of guilt? Should I be pointing a finger at you and Mr. Fallon?

PERCY: Take it as you wish. But I wouldn't speak so loudly as to be heard by those above your station. The consequences could be rather dire.

Kate finally turns to face Percy. A sour, embittered look on her face, rife with suspicion.

Nicole snaps out of her trance, with Victor still looking on from the stage right at her. She shakes her head and mouths to Victor "I had no idea". Victor remains unimpressed.

Nicole turns abruptly and heads right over to Percy. A woman on a mission.

NICOLE: Where is he?

PERCY: Whom, m'dear?

NICOLE: You know exactly who I'm talking about. Nick Fallon. Where is that snivelling weasel?


Nick stands in the executive office at Titan, laughing at Sheryl and Jordan, who are seated at a desktop computer, where they shouldn't be. He waits for Jordan to tell him why they're there, though expecting she won't.

JORDAN: You see...Sheryl had to find some files for Kate for an upcoming presentation, and her computer wasn't connecting to the cloud server so--

NICK: Baloney.

JORDAN: What do you mea--

NICK: Baloney. I know exactly why you're here. And I am going to help you do it.

Sheryl and Jordan look at each other before looking to Nick, with worry and confusion.




JJ, Rory and Bev are at the Brady Pub, chatting over some food after school. Daniel walks in, catching JJ's attention immediately.

JJ: Daniel!

DANIEL: Hey, JJ. You and I need to talk.

JJ: I know. I'm sorry, but I had no choice but to tell my mom about--

DANIEL: Don't. I know why you did what you did. I wanted to apologize to you. I went about this all wrong. And now I think it's too late for your mom and I.

JJ: I'm...I'm really sorry, man. Really, I thought this would fix everything, and it just made it worse.

DANIEL: Look, as long as it stays between all of us, you're in no danger of going back to prison. Just keep your nose to the grindstone, do that community service, and everything will work out just fine, okay?

JJ: Thanks. I appreciate it.

DANIEL: Alright, I gotta get back to the hospital. I'll see you later?

JJ: Yeah, man. See ya.

JJ sits back down at his table, as Daniel runs from the pub. On his way out, he darts around the corner, and bumps right into Billie, who's also rushing to get to Titan HQ.

DANIEL: Oo! OW! Sorry.

BILLIE: Oh crap! Yikes. I'm...sorry. Hi Daniel!

DANIEL: Billie! It's been awhile.

Billie smiles a bit. Her tension and hurried pace take a momentary leave. Though she's on her guard since she can't quite remove the mistrust she has for Daniel after how he's slept his way through her family.

BILLIE: Yeah. it has.

DANIEL: Did you...just get back to town?

BILLIE: Today, in fact. I'm gonna be here for awhile, working with mom at MadWorld.

DANIEL: Excellent. I just popped in to talk to JJ for a sec...I'm heading back to the hospital, did you...you looked like you were in a hurry. Did you want me to take you anywhere.

BILLIE: Oh...I wasn't going far, just to Titan.

DANIEL: Well, that's fine. It's on my way to the hospital. Why don't I drop you off?

BILLIE: I'd love that but I'm parked just the other side of the street so I will have to raincheck. But look, if you're free sometime, we should grab a coffee at the new club.



DANIEL: I am totally down for that.

BILLIE: Fantastic. So...


BILLIE: ...I guess I'll see you...sometime.

DANIEL: Yeah! For sure.

BILLIE: Okay...bye!

Billie watches Daniel walk off for his car, Billie shakes her head.

BILLIE: Oh snap out of it, Billie. You can do better than that.

Billie shudders a bit, and continues on her way to her car.


Nicole is nearly nose-to-nose with a slightly terrified Percy, when Brady steps over to her, grabbing her by the wrist and turning her to face him.

BRADY: What in the HELL was that?

NICOLE: I was set up, Brady. I had no idea you guys were involved in this EnerNext deal?

BRADY: Really? You didn't think to do a little research on it before?

NICOLE: No! I...I focused on the environmental impact and that...I was assured that Titan wasn't invovled. I even looked into it a bit and...I didn't see anything connecting you guys.

BRADY: Oh, right. And I'm supposed to believe that. Are you seriously that lazy a journalist?

NICOLE: No one told me Titan was invovled, Brady. How was I supposed to know you guys wanted a fluff piece talking about how great it was that the local air colour was going to be turning a unique shade of grey?

BRADY: Right. Well, just for the record, we can't fire you for this. We have journalistic integrity to maintain. But you're definitely off this story, and we're going to suspend you for the next 3 weeks, with pay, until we can figure out what to do with you for causing this...madness.

NICOLE: But...Brady...wha...I didn't mean to...

Nicole's demeanour changes from a feeling of deflation to a burning rage, she turns to Percy, fire in her eyes.

NICOLE: You're gonna come with me and you're going to get Nick to meet us at my office, NOW.

Nicole grabs Percy by the arm and they storm away from the square. Brady looks on, anger and disappointment in his eyes. Kate looks on, a wry amusement across her face.

KATE: Well, that was more entertaining than any press conference I've ever been to.

BRADY: Save it, Kate.

KATE: Now, now. Just remember. It looks bad now, but you have the media control. You can spin this into gold from here on out.

BRADY: That's the thing, Kate. I don't know how much longer we'll have Titan TV to do that.

KATE: What do you mean?

BRADY: Conflict of interest laws. Plus, Titan's in financial turmoil. We may need to sell the TV station.

KATE: Well, you certainly can count on my vote to keep the TV station in your hands.

BRADY:Appreciate it. Look. I gotta get back to Grandad and Tyler. I'll see you at the office.

KATE: Absolutely.

Kate looks on, a plotting look in her eyes.

KATE: I just know this is all connected. But how?


Jordan gets up from the chair she's sitting in, confused by what Nick's referring to.

JORDAN: Help us?

NICK: I think we both have the same goals here. See, I have good hearing...and a really really good memory.

SHERYL: Would you stop being cryptic and tell us, what the hell you're talking about?

NICK: Oh now, where's the fun in that? You know, I like to keep tabs on international news. A lot of people around here don't bother, but I love seeing what's going on from a global perspective. I find it makes my work that much more compelling. Don't you think?


NICK: And so...when I saw the two of you for the first time...I knew I recognized you both from somewhere. And then it hit me. I did. The newspaper. Take away your glasses, and cut your hair off and dye it pink and voila! Kaylie Matthews, Siobhan McKinnon.

Jordan and Sheryl look at each other in a bit of terror, but Sheryl holds it in and tries to take dominance back from Nick.

SHERYL: So what? Now you're gonna blackmail us to help you do God knows what?

NICK: Oh come on! I hardly have to do anything to you guys. We're on the same side.

JORDAN: I don't get it.

NICK: The EnerNext plan. Titan is buying out EnerNext, and Victor and Brady are going to be running it. Ergo, you guys, like me, want to take Titan down. And I think three heads, are definitely better than one. Don't you agree?

Sheryl and Jordan are still unsure, but look to each other, pondering Nick's idea.

NICK: Ponder it, ladies. But just remember, I know who you are, and that could get you in a lot of trouble.

Nick winks at Jordan and Sheryl and walks out of the office, a smug smile on his face. Jordan looks over to Sheryl, concern all over her face.

JORDAN: Great. Now what do we do?



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I do not want to be mean and I hope I am not hurting you but this show was not really needed. I felt like you have one amazing episode and then nothing in this one. I mean this show really did not move anything forward. But I know your probably are setting something wonderful up!

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Good Show. I cant stand Jordan, she is such a wuss. Sherly proves once again she's got balls. And I like how Nick knows who they are. That is a nice twist. Now I wonder what they are going to do. Love how Nick just kept giving them riddles.

I love how you write Nicole as always. i think this will be a learning lesson for her. LOL!!! Dig deeper next time.

I also loved how Kate just acted smug in the background.

And Daniel is so fukking thirsty. He needs a water fountain. Damn new meat in town and he all over it. He just offers to giver Billie a ride. LOL!! Come on dude. LOL Daniel is so lame and nasty. Billie shoulda said hi Daniel, Bye Daniel and kpet it moving. LOL It was funny to me.

I enjoyed the show.

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Great show!!!

Again, you have the characters down to a tee. Kate's snarky comments are so HER!! It's like I'm watching it on TV.

I was unclear of what Nick wanted until toward the end, which is so Nick. Cryptic requests to be granted due to blackmail, and I like that Sheryl isn't backing down to him.

And you are slowly unfolding, at least to me, what EnerNext is, and why Sheryl and Jordan, and now Nick, want to bring it down, and the precarious position that Titan is in by aligning itself with it.

And I like Billie's conflict. Again you have accurately captured her character. I could see her snapping herself out of it after the end of her conversation with Daniel.

I am enjoying seeing your stories unfold layer by layer. Can't wait to see what's next!

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