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DAYS #30: Nicole's secret discovered?




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Jerry VerDorn as Tyler Houston, CEO of EnerNext.

Nick walks over to the elevator at Titan HQ, heading down to the Titan TV floors. He looks down at his phone, and sees a text message from Percy.

Nicole Walker on the rampage. Headed your way. Look out!

Nick thinks for a moment, before turning to the elevator door as it opens. He presses the button to the 8th floor. The doors close behind him.


Brady, Tyler, and Victor stand in the now-deserted town square after the press conference. The three men, all in suits, are despairing the mess that their press conference turned into. Tyler bends down to pick up a page from the newspaper that had blown in in the hustle of the crowd's exit. The headline reads "CONTROVERSIAL ENERNEXT TAR SANDS ANNOUNCED TODAY"

TYLER: I see we've got friends all over the press.

Victor and Brady turn to read the headline.

VICTOR: You know, I remember when all you had to tell people was that there were well-paying jobs being created, and everyone was satisfied.

BRADY: Well, people would've been convinced if Nicole had kept her mouth shut.

VICTOR: It's not entirely her fault.

BRADY: How do you figure?

VICTOR: Well, clearly the public education system failed her as well, how else do you explain such fundamental stupidity?

TYLER: Look, I think what we have to consider is, quite simply, how to proceed.

VICTOR: What's all this "we"? Didn't you quit?

TYLER: I stepped down. But that doesn't mean I don't have a stake in this, nor does it mean I won't be involved.

Victor and Brady are intrigued.


Theresa steps off the elevator at the hospital, where Anne is planted at her usual coffee station. Anne is more than a bit annoyed at Theresa, who is making a beeline for Anne's side.

ANNE: Look who shows up! You know, honestly, you're getting to be as bad as the remaining Horton?

THERESA: Okay, I'm sorry. Rough night. Now what is this about being "down one Horton".

ANNE: Shh shh. (nearly whispering) Abigail Deveraux.

THERESA: What about her?

ANNE: I, Anne Milbauer, detective extraordinaire got the goods on her. And she quit last night.


ANNE: Quick, okay, come to my office, I'll explain everything.

Jennifer storms out from the elevator. Maxine, standing at the nurses' station, looks over to her, concern in her eyes.

MAXINE: Okay, what's wrong with you, Honey? You look like you could stab through someone's heart with that look in your eyes.

JENNIFER: Maxine, don't tempt me. Have you seen Anne this morning?

MAXINE: Aha! All you needed to say. She just went with your best friend Theresa to her office.


Jennifer storms over to Anne's office, where the door is closed. Jennifer opens it without knocking. Theresa and Anne look over in shock, but Anne suddenly smiles smugly when she sees who is at the door.

ANNE: Good morning, Jenny! How are you this wonderful sunny day?

JENNIFER: You are going to explain to me right now what you did to my daughter last night one way or another.




Jordan and Sheryl walk back to the elevators at Titan. Jordan is panicked, but Sheryl is attempting to keep a cool head.

JORDAN: Well now we have no choice. We have to help Nick Fallon with...whatever plan he's got.

SHERYL: Why are you so uneasy about him.

JORDAN: Well...

SHERYL: It's something to do with Rafe, isn't it? Rafe doesn't like him because...

JORDAN: Because Nick was married to his sister and he did some pretty unspeakable things to his sister's baby's dad and they got an annulment and Rafe's...well he's protective of his sister. And I can't say I blame him, really.

SHERYL: Okay, but realistically...Jordan...you know, Nick...I think he's on our side in this, legitimately. And the guy's a computer genius. He could really help us out with taking these guys down!

JORDAN: I just...I don't know, Sheryl.

SHERYL: Besides, it's not like we have much choice in the matter, do we?

The elevator dings and opens, Jordan and Sheryl step in. Jordan sighs as the elevator door shuts.

JORDAN: Not if we don't want to get caught.

The door to the adjacent elevator opens at that moment, and Billie steps out, into the deserted office floor. She looks around for any signs of Sheryl or Jordan. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a light in the office Jordan and Sheryl had just exited. As she looks in, the computer monitor shuts off, as the desktop they were running turns itself off. Billie is concerned, and looking around her, steps into the office, using her key card.


A few floors down, Nick is at Titan TV's floor, heading for Nicole's office. Nick is mumbling to himself as he walks.

NICK: Gotta get those files before Nicole gets here.

He scans his key card to gain access. It fails.

Nick thinks for a second, before pulling out his tablet to quickly access the Titan server (which he's hacked), changing his key card access. He tries again, this time unlocking Nicole's door. He steps inside and walks over to Nicole's desk, using only the natural light from outside to guide him. The somewhat ill-lit room is still light enough that Nick doesn't trip on anything on his way. He stops at her desk, recalling his previous encounter with Nicole while she was going over the story with Percy.



Nick and Percy are in Nicole's office, Nicole seems hostile towards Nick, and Nick is treading carefully in order not to step on Nicole's toes and ruin Percy's chances of getting his story told.

NICK: Do you have any of this documentation in electronic form? I...I ask because I feel like...as a technologically inclined person, I just...I find paper copies to be very...

NICOLE: Old hat?

NICK: Insecure.

NICOLE: Look here, felon--

NICK: Fallon--

NICOLE: Whatever! I like keeping hard copies in addition to keeping electronic copies on the cloud server. It's harder for people to deny inconvenient truths when they're on paper.

NICK: Understood.


Nick recalls Nicole pulling the file from her bottom right hand drawer prior to this exchange.


NICK: Gotcha.

Nick makes a beeline for the bottom right hand drawer. Opening it up, he discovers immediately a folder exactly like the one he recalls. He scoops it up hastily and puts it in his laptop bag. He exits the room and heads quickly back to the elevators, hoping to get back to the MadWorld lab before Percy and Nicole get there.


Anne has her hands on her hips, enjoying every moment of goading Jennifer while she's enraged in Anne's office.

ANNE: Now now, Jenny! Is that ANY way to talk to someone in a professional setting?

Jennifer slams the door to Anne's office shut behind her.

JENNIFER: Cut the crap right now, Anne. I know you did something to cause my daughter to quit last night. Let me guess, you railroaded her into it? You found some magical loophole in her contract that she hasn't followed so you think you can just...throw her out?

ANNE: I did no such thing. I approached her with a concern, and we both came to the mutual decision that it would be in everyone's best interest if she stepped down from her position with us.

JENNIFER: Oh, give me a break. I know my daughter and I know she would never quit a job like this, it means way too much to her.

Theresa and Anne begin laughing as Jenn talks about "knowing her daughter".

ANNE: Ohhh Jenny. You keep telling yourself that over and over until you're blue in the face. Because that would be the first time I've seen you work hard at anything, and I would enjoy that very much.

JENNIFER: You know what? You and your little minion here can be as miserable and vindictive as you want, but I will find out what you did to my daughter, and when I do, I will end your careers here. BOTH of you. I will make your names so bad neither of you will be employable by anyone outside of a fast food window. So you best watch your backs.

ANNE: Is that a threat? Because I'm trembling in my boots.

JENNIFER: Good day to both of you.

Jennifer walks out of Anne's office, visibly angered and confused. Inside, Theresa and Anne wait a moment to make sure Jenn's gone. Anne is still unsure, so she runs to the doorway and closes it quickly before running back to Theresa.

ANNE: Okay, so here's the scoop.

Anne leans against her desk casually.

THERESA: Oh this better be good. The suspense is killing me.

ANNE: Okay, so I went down to sweet little Abigail's office last night, and what should I see? Our dearest worker bee engaged in a heated little argument with one Elvis Junior DiMera.

Theresa looks intrigued, but confused.

THERESA: Wait, why?

ANNE: Because someone has been having a very steamy little affair under all our noses.

Theresa nearly jumps out of her chair in excitement.


ANNE: Oh YES, Honey. EJ DiMera's been screwing Abby on the side.

Theresa nearly screams out in joy at Abby and Jennifer's expense. She leans in towards Anne with anticipation.

THERESA: Please PLEASE tell me you got proof of it all.

ANNE: Theresa, honey, who do you think I am? Of course I did. It's all recorded.

Anne holds up her phone. Theresa smiles widely, and claps quietly for Anne's quick thinking.

THERESA: So wait, you confronted her with it and blackmailed her into quitting? That's it?

ANNE: (laughing) Seriously? Of course that's not ALL. Abby isn't gonna go telling anybody what actually happened, or else this recording goes straight to Mommy, and to Sami Brady.

Now, naturally, a true professional bitch does not show her entire hand at once. So I'm gonna hold onto this baby. I know it's gonna come in handy later.

Theresa smiles even brighter. Shaking her head in amazement at Anne's awesome skills in bitchcraft.


Nick steps into his lab, and sets his laptop bag on the desk. He unzips the bag and pulls the file folder out. He slowly opens it to ensure the files pertaining to Percy's case are inside. Instead, he finds files with regards to Kristen DiMera's meetings with Dr. Chyka.

He looks through the files, confused, flipping through them all quickly, he realizes that the files detail a drug cocktail that explains Eric's well-publicized actions at the hotel in the Capitol.

NICK: Powerful aphrodisiac...woah, these masking agents are...amazing.

Nick looks through the papers, fascinated by what he's reading. He quickly realizes that these files would exonerate Eric in the eyes of the church, allowing the shamed ex-priest to wear the collar again.

NICK: And if he had the choice of going back...ohhh DAMN, Nicole. (laughs). Ohhh you bitch!

Nicole and Percy step into the office behind Nick, who is facing away from the door.

NICOLE: Quit the funny business. We need to talk, you little worm.

Nick looks up from the folder, shutting it slowly. A smug smile flashes across Nick's face. He replies calmly without once turning around to face Nicole.

NICK: Sure, Nicole. Let's talk.



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First it was nice to see other stories coming back into light. Nick is a slimy bastard and I want to jump through this screen and kill him! Its nice to see that you are shifting the focous to the buisness world to set up stories. I enjoy that!

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  • Members

O wow. Such a complete joy reading this episode. It was all great.

Lets' begin.

Victor's dialog about Nicole and the school system was a good one very Victor.

The high light was the scene at the hosital. Anne was GREAT!!! Loved her baiting Jennifer. And Jennifer being all rosey and noble. I just love how you write Anne and she is now part of a major story. Great stuff

Another GREAT twist was what Nick learned about Nicole. Was not expecting that one. Nick getting the goods on everyone. Are we headed for a who dun it as well??

Loved all the sneakiness of Nick. Gave this episode mystery, darker feel to it. just diffrent.

GREAT READ AND GREAT EPISODE!!! I cant wait to see how this plays out out next!! You really brining all of this into your own.

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WOW!! SO MUCH GOING ON!! Packed full of action...and character..

Nick, while looking for something else, stumbled upon something more valuable to him, and damaging to Nicole. Clever on his part, BRILLIANT on your part. Nick now has a lot of leverage against a lot of people.

LOVED the scenes between Anne, Jennifer, and Theresa...once again I can't say enough how well you capture her character. I can see this on TV...all the dialogue, and the expressions..

And you capture Victor Kiriakis with perfection...

Anne better hope that EJ doesn't find out what she has, or she might be swimming with the fishes.


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