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Meet the Sheppard's, Kay's Siblings! #139



Today we meet Katherine Chancellor’s siblings…. Hillary has the power to tell Malcolm that Moses is really his son and not Neil’s. This episode will answer the question if she will or not.

Roxanne’s Apartment.oldtownpasadena.jpg

Devon is looking at Nate and Roxanne looking at him.




Roxanne not in the mood to hear any bullsh!t tonight. I’ve had enough. I have not seen you or heard from you since all this stuff with my family happened. And when I finally find you, your in the arms of another man. My cousin.


Look Devon,-

Before Nate can finish Devon sucker punches Nate. Nate almost loses his balance but Roxanne catches him.


Man you tripping. I’m going to let that one go for now because I know you are going through a lot.


Oh yea?” Devon sucker punches Nate again only this time with a left hook. And this time Nate falls out to the floor. Roxanne is stunned that Devon was able to knock out Nate as tall as Nate is.


You can let that one go to right?


Devon Calm down!


Roxanne stop cheating on me! This affair has been in my face the whole time. I remember in the park I caught you two hugging. I didn’t think much of it then. But lately all the signs are there. Roxanne you’ve been pulling away from me for months now and now I see why. I’m done with this. It’s nice to know I been made a fool of Roxanne. Thank you…. I loved you!! How could you do this to me?… But it’s cool though. I’m glad I see how you really feel about me. A shame it just took all this time.” Devon looks at them with one final look and then leaves.


No Devon wait! I didn’t get a chance to explain. Please listen to me you got this all wrong.


I’m not no fool. I’m a lot of things but a fool isn’t one.” With that Devon closes the door behind him and leaves her building. Roxanne is in shock and looks at Nate who is gathering his composure and getting back up.


Oh my God I lost him. I lost Devon!!




GC Nights Bar.bar2.jpg

As Hillary watches Malcolm drink away she wonders if she should play her recording she has of Nate and Roxanne discussing how he switched Moses paternity results from Malcolm to Neil.

Malcolm begins to get emotional being so drunk and cries.

“He took everything from me. My son, my fiancée, my son, my Leslie, my son. He might as well take my life.”


I feel so bad. Why would Neil do these things to you?


That’s a good question pretty girl. I have never asked him that but I should. Ask him why does he hate me so much he has to take everything from me. I thought I found happiness with Sophia. I was on the right track. Getting my life together. I proposed because I loved her with all my heart. Little did I know she was sleeping with my brother Neil behind my back. Then she became pregnant. I prayed every day and night that Moses was my son during the months we waited to hear the paternity results after he was born. But nope. Not with Neil in the picture. Like everything else he took my son from me. My girl cheated on me with my bitch ass brother and had his baby. I never did anything like this to him. So why do it to me?


That’s really messed up.


: I almost killed him a few nights ago. There was this voice in my head telling me to kill him. I lost control. I didn’t care that night.


Maybe this will send him a wake up call.


Not for Neil. Leslie hoe ass just dumped me for Neil. There he goes once again. He wins. And I lose.


Sounds like this Neil needs to be stopped.” She pull out her cell phone and loads the video of Nate and Roxanne’s conversation. She decides Malcolm has a right to know the truth.


imagesCA3MTMVG_zpseec6324d.jpgEpisode 139: Meet the Sheppard’s, Kay’s Siblings!

Written and Produced by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson, Martin Saenz with Philip Connelly


Cane’s Place. Jessca128.jpg

Cane is feeding Charlie as Maddie is in the living room playing with the remote on the TV turning it up louder and louder. Cane hollers out to Maddie telling her to stop playing with the remote. Maddie then gets mad and throws the remote at the TV and the TV screen shatters.


Damn it Maddie!

Then Charlie begins to cry, frightened by Cane’s raised voice. Cane buries his head in his hands and thinks how a hit of cocaine would be so nice right now. Then he hears a knock at the door.


Damn can this get any worse? He looks at both crying babies then opens the door. It’s Nina. She walks in and is taken aback by the looks of Cane’s place. She see toys scattered through out the apartment. A few soiled diapers on the floor near the trash can. She also sees dirty dishes on the dinning room table. She then looks at the shattered TV screen. She sees the remote and turns it off.


Cane what is going on here?


Ah its nothing. Just a rough day with the twins.


I can see. I came by to see how you were and to make sure you are ok.


Why would you think something is wrong?


No one has seen you at Kay’s funereal. In fact I haven’t seen you since I been back to town. I thought at least you would pay your respects to Kay. We thought you were Philip at one point in time. You grew to be very close to Kay. I’m just wondering what is going on and to ask why you weren’t there at the funereal.

Cane doesn’t have a quick answer for her as he stutters and mumbles.



Chancellor Estate103632369_6cfe8fd0e6.jpg

Karynn pushing Karl in his wheel chair barges onto the scene of the mourners. Everyone stops what they are doing to look at them. Karynn is still smoking her cigarette.


We don’t allow smoking in here and who the hell are you?


looks at Jill.

“You must be Jill Foster Reynolds Chancellor Brooks Thurston Sterling, Atkinson and now Fenmore, judging by that deep voice of yours.


Excuse me?


Oh yes I know all about you my dear. The ex manicurist who slept with Philip Chancellor II and many other of Katherine‘s husbands including Rex Sterling. You also had an affair with your husband’s son, John and Jack Abbott . I did my research on my way over here. And that is your claim to fame.


Karynn please don’t start anything.


Shut it Karl and go back to sleep.


Just who are you?


then walks in.

“They claim to be my mother’s siblings. Karl and Karynn.”

Karynn smiles at everyone.




That’s what my nephew said tramp. Do you want to borrow my brother’s hearing aid?


You know you really don’t have to act like that. We are trying to mourn a great woman.


Act like this? A joke coming from you considering you opened your legs to many of my sisters husbands. Just like you all we are to mourn and get a slice of the pie. When is the will being read?


Show some respect lady.


Don’t talk to me about respect young man. Not after what we been through. Now it’s time for the pay off. When is it. Where is it?

Esther then walks in with more food. She looks and sees Karynn and Karl. In shock she drops the tray of food.


You clumsy ox! Get it together Esther! You’re embarrassing yourself. Now go get some rags and clean this mess up.” Ether ignores Jill and slowly points at Karynn.


Hi Esther. Finally some one I know. Do you have an ashtray around these parts, I don’t want to ash my ashes on this expensive rug we are standing on, it could be mine.


Esther you know this woman?


Yes. It’s Mrs. Chancellor’s brother and sister. What a wonderful surprise.’ Esther walks over and hug them.

Brock holds Mac.


So if Esther knows them then they must really be grandma’s brother and sister.


It appears that way so far. I just don’t get why mother never mentioned them.


I really can’t believe this is supposed to be Katherine’s brother and sister. The old goat never mentioned any siblings.


: It’s true. Esther knows it. Katherine’s family has arrived. Now Esther can I help you get a room ready for us.


Over my dead body.


Jill I hope you and I aren’t going to have a problems. Is their an extra cemetery lot next to Katherine? It sounds to me Jill wants to be laid out to be laid up with my dead sister.

Everyone is just stunned at Karynn’s brazenness.


Back at Roxanne’s Apt.


I can’t believe what just happened?


What did happened exactly Roxanne?

She looks at him.


Devon thinks I’m cheating on him with you.


You told me you loved me. Is that not cheating?

Roxanne turns away from him with tears rolling down her cheeks.


I told you we should have ended this before things went to far. Now they have. This thing we have went to far.


looks back at him. She gets defensive and therefore angry,

“Don’t act like I was the only one who had feelings. But you slept with that Bitch Hilary.”


Sleeping with Hillary is a non factor at this point. You were with Devon. Your being selfish. You wanted me on the side while you were with Devon. Look, I care for you Rox I always will but things have changed with Hillary knowing my secret and Devon walking in on us. I think we both need some time to think about things and come to some concrete decisions. You told me you love me but instead of coming to me now that you are free, you are hurting that you lost Devon. I’m confused. And I’m tired of it. So like I said, I’m going to give you some time.” As he begins to leave Roxanne’s tears intensifies.


Nate please don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone.


What we did was wrong. It was wrong to Devon. He’s going through a lot and I’m his family. I betrayed him. I betrayed my uncle Neil. I got some soul searching to do and I think you do too.” He then leaves. Roxanne is alone. She screams out.

“Hillary. Hillary. HILLARY!!! This all started when you showed up. Now I lost everything BITCH!” Roxanne then swings open her door, so hard it flies off the hinges. She walks across the hall and karate chops Hillary’s door down.


Hillary Bitch where are you?” Roxanne goes through Hillary’s apartment and realizes she is not their. So she then begins to trash her place. Pulling dishes out the cabinets and then throwing them at walls knocking over furniture and bashing in TV screens has tired Roxanne out and she decides to leave and go back to her place. She tries to close the door but she sees its off the hinges. So she moves the big wooden door over entrance way so she can have some semi privacy. She sits on the couch and holds a teddy bear. She cries.

“ I lost the men I loved in the same night.”



GC Nights Bar.

Hillary hesitates before hitting the play button for Malcolm. She knows what she is doing is something major and she wonders if she should put herself in a position to be a part of this expose’ and responsible for the drama that may follow behind the truth being exposed. She remembers Malcolm telling her that he almost killed his brother the other night. But then she thinks of Moses. An innocent child where people are playing God with his life. She looks at Malcolm who has tears in his eyes but still taking shots of Patron. Hillary loads the video. She take a deep breath.


I’m so messed up right now.


I think you need to stop drinking.


Will that make Neil pay for what he’s done to me? I’m just a loser and I don’t care no more. I got nothing to live for.


How about a new beginning? It’s never too late.


Thank you girl for listening to this loser tonight. I know I’m not much company. You’re hanging with Genoa City’s biggest loser.” He takes another shot.

Hillary caves in and decides to save Malcolm. To give him hope. She takes his phone and then hers and touches them together so she can send the recording to Malcolm’s phone.


What you doing pretty girl you want my number?


I’m giving you hope.’ The video is done transferring. Hillary hits play on Malcolm’s phone and then gets up and leaves.

Malcolm tries to focus in on the recording. He hears Nate admitting that he changed Moses paternity results from him to Neil.

“I think I had too much to drink.. “ He then hits replay. He listens again to Nate admitting Moses is really his son and not Neil’s”


I‘m going to kill Nate and Neil. Moses is my son…. Moses is my son…” he says over and over again until he passes out onto the table……thCAL1ASUN.jpg


Recommended Comments

Your scenes with Karynn at the Chancellor Estate had to be my favorite. I think all the men in this episode were dealing with there hurt which became overbearringly good! Overall wonderful job in this episode!

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LOVED IT ALL!! Karynn stole the frigging show!! LOVED IT...She called Jill out on EVERYTHING she's done...and Esther's reaction was great AS WELL AS Jill's reaction to Esther...typical Jill the way she talks to Esther.

KUDOS for Nate calling Roxanne out on her selfishness because she WAS being selfish. She wanted her cake and eat it, too, but now she's gonna starve.

And the way the truth was revealed to Malcolm was absolutely perfect and plausible..

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Looooove Karynn. Such a good episode just based on her scenes. I am so looking forward to her on this show.

Malcolm's gonna need to sober up before he does anything. I don't even know if he's aware that this tape's for real and that he didn't just dream it. Haha.

Roxanne need to make her mind up. Too late though, it's made up for her. Oh well.

GREAT show!

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