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ANOTHER WORLD 115 Rachel and Carl argue...




Carl and Rachel argue


Allenblogentry-14971-0-95172300-1359686878_th is walking and sees and approaches Toniblogentry-14971-0-45851400-1359687353_th sitting at a table…

Allen: May I sit?

Toni: Sure.

Allen (sitting down): So when did you get back?

Toni: A few days ago.

Allen: Where did you go?

Toni: Out of town.

Allen: Why?

Toni (smiling): Last I looked we’re not married anymore.

Allen: Got a lil attitude huh girl? Must got something to hide.

Toni: You’ve always had a wild imagination.

Allen (smiling): You must have some skeletons.

Toni: If you really wanna know where I went, I’ll tell you. I went to St. Croix.



John blogentry-14971-0-44989300-1359687394_thand “Sharlene” (Janice)blogentry-14971-0-49170600-1359687412_th are in their bedroom. John is putting his jacket on over his scrubs…

John: I’m going to the hospital.

Janice: Do you have any surgeries?

John: Two to do today. They’re gonna be long ones. You don’t have to wait up for me if I run late.

Janice: I’ve got errands to run, too.

John kisses her…

John: Have a good day.

John walks out and Janice goes to the mirror and faces Sharlene.

Sharlene (in the mirror): What are you up to?

Janice: I’m gonna pay a visit to my favorite person.

Sharlene: And who is that? No…no you stay away from them!

Janice: No can do sis. No can do.



Carlblogentry-14971-0-96913700-1359687452_th walks into the living room and sees Rachel.blogentry-14971-0-83774000-1359687468_th

Carl: I just saw Amanda leaving.

Rachel: She went to meet Allen.

Carl: You know I have a wonderful idea.

Rachel: What’s that darling?

Carl: Why don’t we go visit Elizabeth at school?

Rachel: Oh it’s too soon for that. She doesn’t need her parents hovering over her. Why don’t we give her some time to adjust being away from home?

Carl: Well then let’s just go on vacation.

Rachel: Where would we go?

Carl: Wherever our hearts desire.

Rachel laughs.

Rachel: That’s a nice suggestion, but it’s not a good time right now.

Carl: What’s holding us here? Wait a minute, let me guess, BLOODY Cory Publishing.





Allen: Why are you being evasive about going on vacation?

Toni: It wasn’t a leisure trip.

Allen: So it was police business. Can you do that outside of your jurisdiction?

Toni: I found out a lot while I was there.

Allen: I’m sure Jack didn’t approve of it. Did what you find have anything to do with my grandfather?

Toni: Now you know I can’t tell you about that.

Allen (laughing): I can respect that, but you still haven’t answered my question.

Toni: And I’m not going to.

Allen: Well I’m gonna go meet Amanda for lunch.

Toni: Amanda Cory?

Allen (smiling): Yeah. We’re together.

Toni: Oh…congratulations.



Felicia shows up while John sits at his desk.

John: Thank you for coming.

Felicia: I came as soon as I could. Anything new on your brother?

John: I contacted a friend at the cemetery. He’s doing me a favor.

Felicia: You’re gonna have the body exhumed.

John: I was hoping to get a sample from it.

Felicia: Would a DNA sample really help? They were twins. That wouldn’t prove that Martin Hudson died in that car accident.

John: We gotta start somewhere.

Felicia: We need something that definitely proves that Martin was the one who died. What else can we get?

John: I have Martin and Michael’s birth records.

Felicia: John whatever proof we need is gonna have to set them apart.

John looks through the old newborn pictures…

John: Wait a minute.

Felicia: What is it?

John (showing Felicia the baby pictures): Look at this.

Felicia: That looks like…

John: A birthmark. Martin has a birthmark on his neck.

Felicia: And Michael’s picture doesn’t look like he has one.

John: Well there it is. There’s the difference.


Rachel: I’m no longer at Cory Publishing.

Carl: Your body isn’t there, but your spirit is.

Rachel: Sounds like it bothers you.

Carl: My darling, I will support anything that makes you happy, but I won’t support anything that comes between our marriage.

Rachel: How is Cory Publishing going to come between us?

Carl: I heard you and Amanda talking. I never thought that you would encourage her to work next to Iris.

Rachel: I never thought you would eavesdrop on private conversations.

Carl: You don’t even see it do you?

Rachel: See what?

Carl: You’re becoming obsessed with re-gaining control of Cory Publishing from Iris. You sold it to Reginald Love.

Rachel: Reginald was helping Iris the whole time, and I’m gonna do what it takes to get the company back.

Carl: Even if it costs us our marriage?

Rachel: You’re being unfair. That company does not belong to Iris. It belongs to ALL of Mac’s children.

Carl: Then let his children fight for it. You stay out of it. Wait a second, you’re doing this, because you’re still carrying a torch for Mackenzie!

Rachel: How can you suggest such a stupid thing like that?

Carl: Whatever I do, I will never measure to your beloved Mackenzie Cory.

Carl grabs his coat and walks out, and walks by “Sharlene“. Rachel calls out for him, and Sharlene/Janice walks in.

Rachel: Sharlene hi.

Janice: What the hell have you done to him?

Rachel gives a stunned look to “Sharlene”.



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Wow. Why is Allen so hostile to Toni.

And I think Carl trippin on this one. He needs soem sex or soem affecftion. Hes lonely. But He has to understand this is for her children.Their legacy.

I want to know what Toni knows and I want t know how she really feel about Amanda and Allen

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I think it was Allen who was being stadnoffish. At least to me. he was very rue to her like she owed him soemthing or she did soemthing to him. IDK thas my prececption I got from the scene

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