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ANOTHER WORLD 114, Rachel surprises Amanda




Rachel surprises Amanda


Frankieblogentry-14971-0-46353000-1359511060_th is flipping through her phone, and flashes back to taking pictures of Christy Carson’s psych notes, disguised as a nurse at the prison facility where Christy is. Cassblogentry-14971-0-00075300-1359511081_th knocks on the door.

Frankie: Hey Cass. Come on in. I was just going over a case.

Cass: How have you been?

Frankie: I’ve been pretty good. How about you?

Cass: Good, but I would be great if I knew that you had gotten my message last night.

Frankie: Actually I hadn’t. I’ve been a little busy.

Cass: I understand. Why don’t you listen to it now?



Paulinablogentry-14971-0-58093500-1359511169_th and Grant blogentry-14971-0-19148800-1359511183_thsit at a table sitting coffee.

Paulina: I’m sorry I left the hospital so quickly.

Grant: I understand. How is Dante?

Paulina: He’s loving the Police Academy.

Grant: That’s good.

Paulina: How’s YOUR son?

Grant flashes back to Kirkland telling him that he was beaten up and they took the folder.

Grant: He had a concussion. He’s gonna be fine.

Paulina: What happened to him?

Grant: He was mugged.

Paulina: Wow I wouldn’t know what to do if someone hurt Dante.

Grant: So did you have fun splashing wine all over Iris’s dress?

Paulina: It was satisfying, but not close to what she deserves.



Amanda blogentry-14971-0-06035600-1359511198_thwalks into the living room and sees Rachelblogentry-14971-0-94614300-1359511211_th sculpting.

Amanda: Mom you wouldn’t believe what happened?

Rachel: What is it?

Amanda: Iris offered me a position at Cory Publishing to be her right hand.

Rachel: Really?

Amanda: I would never work with her after what she pulled.

Rachel: You know….Amanda…maybe you should consider accepting it.




Cass: So?

Frankie (hanging up her cell phone): That was real sweet of you Winthrop.

Cass: I meant every word.

Frankie: I believe it.

Cass: You still didn’t tell me what you thought.

Frankie: I did. You weren’t listening.

Cass: You said I was sweet, but you didn’t say anything about the message.

Frankie: Okay okay. The message was real…nice.

Cass: Nice? That’s all?

Frankie: If you already formulated an opinion about it then why did you ask me?

Cass: Because I love hearing you say how wonderful I am, and the things that I do.

Frankie: Is that right?

Cass: That’s right.

They kiss…

Cass: So when are we going out again?

Frankie (smiling): Soon.


Grant: You know Iris is very clever. Why didn’t Rachel oppose her release from prison?

Paulina: I guess she wanted to be able to keep an eye on Iris, but Iris managed to get the company from Rachel anyway.

Grant: I wonder how she pulled all that off. She couldn’t have acted alone.

Paulina: Reginald Love was helping her. That belongs to all of us. Amanda, Matt, Sandy, and me, not just Iris. I’m gonna do what I can to help Rachel get it back from that bitch.


Amanda: Wait a minute. Did I hear what I thought I just heard?

Rachel: Yes you heard right. I bet Iris offered you a very powerful position. More power than I gave you.

Amanda: You tried to warn me mom. I feel horrible for letting Iris use me to get control of the company, and I won’t let her do it again.

Rachel: And since you feel so badly, you can make amends by taking Iris’s offer.

Amanda: How mom? How can I possibly atone for my mistake?

Rachel: You can do Mac proud by getting the company back.

Amanda: I would be doing the same thing that Reginald wanted Allen to do.

Rachel: You’re not my mole Amanda.

Amanda: Well that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Rachel: Your father built that company from the ground up, and he did it for his children. ALL of you. This is your chance to get it back from Iris.

Amanda: Iris isn’t stupid. I’m sure she’ll be keeping a close eye on me.

Rachel: And you can do the same to her, because she will slip up, and you’ll be right there to pounce.

Meanwhile, Carl blogentry-14971-0-35803600-1359511035_this in the foyer listening to their conversation…




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I love it any time CP is front and Center. And Im glad Rachel has the busness sense to make Amada take the postion. Look out Iris, U better hide Tucker and ur new CP ventrues.

Paulia got a little back bone. I d like to see what see think she gone do.

I must admit I enjoyed the Cass and Frankie scenes

And Carl was lsitening. This is gonna be good. Love me some Carl Hutchins.

Nice Clear and strong episode nate.

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I like seeing Rachel trying to outplay Iris. I also like that you used some more recent headshots of some actors.

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