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ANOTHER WORLD 113 Donna's behavior concerns her daughters




Donna’s behavior concerns her daughters


Amanda is on her cell phone

Amanda: So do you want to meet for lunch later? (beat) Great. I gotta make a stop at home, but I’ll definitely see you later. Bye Allen.

Amandablogentry-14971-0-04543600-1359087066_th looks in her purse, and puts her cell phone in there. She looks up and Irisblogentry-14971-0-71195100-1359087056_th is standing in front of her.

Iris: Can we talk?

Amanda: Can you jump in the river?

Iris: I know I’m the last person you want to talk to---

Amanda: Right you are! And I’ve gotta go.

Iris: Please, hear me out. I think you’ll like what I have to say. Just give me five minutes.

Amanda: Fool me twice? Not gonna happen.

Iris: I have a proposition for you. Please let’s sit down so I can tell you about it, and if you don’t take it, then I’ll understand.

Amanda hesitates but….

Amanda: Okay. Five minutes.

They sit down and Iris gives Amanda an envelope…

Amanda: What is this?

Iris:: A contract. I want you to help me run Cory Publishing.



Charlieblogentry-14971-0-55619500-1359087119_th lies in Kirkland’sblogentry-14971-0-96477400-1359087303_th arms on the couch…

Kirkland: I could get used to this.

Charlie: Used to what?

Kirkland: Holding you. I wish you didn’t have to go to work later.

Charlie: I don’t either.

Kirkland: Call out sick then.

Charlie: Then I’ll make Felicia look bad for referring me for that job. I can’t do that.

Kirkland kisses Charlie on her forehead.

Kirkland: You’re such a good girl.

Charlie: Don’t you forget it.

They kiss passionately and Kirkland puts his hand on his head.

Kirkland: Ow.

Charlie: We…gotta take it easy. Concussions are nothing to play with.

Kirkland: Right. While you were in the bathroom, I read something online on my tablet.

Charlie: And what was that?

Kirkland: About my great-grandfather. He was found dead in his suite.

Charlie: Oh my God. Do they know how he died?

Kirkland: They’re not saying, but Reginald pissed off a lot of people. I bet its murder.



Donnablogentry-14971-0-93517800-1359087386_th stares at the portrait with the safe hidden behind it, and she flashes back the coroner lifting back a white sheet…

Coroner: Is this your father?

Donna nods her head.

Donna flashes back to the present…and Vicky and Marleyblogentry-14971-0-08904300-1359087516_th walk in…and Donna is startled.

Donna: My God! Can’t you guys knock or ring a doorbell?

Marley: Um…we have a key.

Vicky: And we heard about Reginald, so we came to check on you.

Donna: The bain of my entire existence is finally dead, and I couldn’t be happier.

Vicky and Marley look at each other, not knowing how to react to Donna’s demeanor.

Marley: You’re happy that Reginald died?

Donna: Marley, have you forgotten what he’s done. You spent a lot of your childhood thinking that we were sisters. He cost me a chance to raise you and Victoria.

Vicky: He also tried to have Bridget kidnapped.

Donna: What? Is Bridget okay?

Vicky: She’s fine.

Marley: Poor Bridget. She and Reginald were close. How did she take the news?

Vicky: She’s hurt, but she’ll be fine.

Donna: Bridget was deluded about him. He did some terrible things, and he deserved what he got.





Iris: I will give you more power than Rachel did.

Amanda: And why on God’s green earth should I trust you?

Iris: I’ve given you plenty of reason not to.

Amanda: You used me to get Cory Publishing for yourself! Now you want me to help you run it? Daddy must be turning over in his grave.

Iris: I’m sorry for hurting you. That’s why I’m doing this. This is what daddy would have wanted…to share this with you.

Amanda: You are the lowest kind of person.

Iris: Think about it. Why did you come to me in the first place to help you contest the sale? You got tired of Rachel undermining your authority. I will do no such thing. You will work right along side me, not under me like when your mother was CEO.

Amanda: Forget it Iris! I will NEVER work with you!


Charlie: How would you know that?

Kirkland: Because my family’s crazy. Both sides.

Charlie (chuckling): How is that?

Kirkland: While you, your mom and your dad were one big happy family, my mom and my dad were fighting over me.

Charlie: Well no family’s perfect.

Kirkland: Actually I can start with my grandpa Reginald. He separated my Grandma Donna, Aunt Marley, and my mom.

Charlie: Why did he do that?

Kirkland: Because he hated my grandfather. He paid Bridget Connell to take my mom away and raise her. He also separated my cousin Allen from his mother.

Charlie: This is interesting.

Kirkland: Then there’s my grandmother Justine Kirkland, who I was aptly named after, who was a dead ringer for Rachel, and took over her life. She almost blew us to smithereens while my mom, my brother and I were stuck on an elevator.

Charlie: Wow.

Kirkland: My grandpa Spencer was a ruthless corporate, and Donna married Michael like a hundred times.

Charlie: Okay. I think I get the point.

Kirkland: I was in the middle of my mom and dad’s tug of war for custody.

Charlie: Well my family wasn’t perfect either. My mom faked her death, came back as Anne O’Donnell, and my dad was a player before he married my mom.

Kirkland: Are you gonna play me?

Charlie: As long as you don’t go separating babies and take over companies.

They laugh and kiss…


Marley: I got an email from Peter today.

Vicky: I did, too. He and Nicole are in Switzerland.

Marley: She’s getting state of the art treatment.

Donna: You know that’s wonderful news, and if it weren’t for Reginald, Nicole probably wouldn’t need cancer treatment.

Vicky: Have the police confirmed his cause of death?

Donna: I saw what looked like a gunshot wound to his chest. He must have been shot to death.

Marley: I wonder who could’ve done it.

Vicky: He had a lot of enemies.

Donna: Didn’t you want him dead after you found out he kidnapped Bridget?

Vicky: I’m just glad Bridget is okay. I knew somehow that Reginald wouldn’t hurt her.

Marley: You and Jake must have been worried sick. If anyone kidnapped my baby.

Donna walks over to the bar and pours two glasses of wine, and one glass of water.

Vicky: Reginald told Jake and I that we would never see Bridget again.

Marley: And he had pictures of Tyrone and Donna to make it look like they were having an affair.

Donna gives a glass of wine to Vicky, and a glass of water to Marley.

Donna: Daddy tried to keep us apart, but here we are, stronger than ever. Nobody can break our bond, and I think it deserves a toast.

Donna holds up her glass…

Donna: It’s finally over. To the end of Reginald’s reign of terror.

Vicky and Marley look at each other again with concern…



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LOL Love Donna. I also enjoyed Kirk and Charlie taking me own memory lane. I rember very well Justine, and Sepncer. ANd the tug of war between Vicky and grant and I will NEVER FORGET when GRANT SHOT HIMSELF and framed Vicky for it.Such great times .

Amanda shoudl at least give Iris a chance. Dummy. She can work with iris to kep an eye on her. On well her stubborn loss.

Good episode

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Thanks MLC...I had to have Kirkland take that stroll...and I DO remember when John confirmed in court that Grant shot himself and framed Vicky....

As you might have suspected, the fight for Cory Publishing is far from over

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I like how spacy and angry Donna is in this - she was always that way in murder mysteries.

Intrigued with Amanda and Iris.

I think you forgot a word in the description of Spencer.

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Yes Carl I did forget a word when Kirkland was taking us through his family tree.

I also think is some weird way, Iris does have a place in her heart for her sibs...

Thanks Carl...

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