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ANOTHER WORLD 94 What is happening to Sharlene?





Episode 94

Gregory uncovers Lindsay's secret


Gregory and Lindsay are alone sitting on the couch...

Lindsay (using the remote to turn the TV off): I really liked that movie.

Gregory: A chick flick.

Lindsay: You looked like you enjoyed it, too.

Gregory: I didn't.

Lindsay: You should wipe that tear from your eye then...or do you want me to wipe it for you?

They kiss passionately...and as they lie down on the couch, Gregory accidentally knocks over Lindsay's purse, and Lindsay tries to hurry up and retrieve a piece of folded paper, but Gregory has picked it up...and looks at it

Gregory: What's this?

Lindsay: Put it back.

Gregory reads what's on the paper...the DNA test results that Lindsay obtained...

Gregory (shocked): Oh...my...God.

Lindsay: Give that to me Greg.

Gregory flashes back to seeing Lindsay taking a cup that Jake drank water from out of a wastebasket, and slipping it into a small sandwich bag.

Gregory: Jake McKinnon's your father? Well this explains everything...



Rachel walks into the living room, and sifts through old mail...

Rachel: Invitation to the re-opening of the New Harbor Club?

Then she reads another piece of mail...

Rachel: What the hell is this?

Amanda and Iris walk in.

Amanda: I see you got the notice.

Rachel: What the hell is going on? A hearing?

Amanda: We're contesting the sale of Cory Publishing.

Rachel (looking at Iris): This is your doing isn't it?

Iris: No actually this was Amanda's idea. We're tired of you running daddy's company into the ground.

Amanda: A stipulation in your contract opened this up.

Iris: You shouldn't have stated that I was not eligible to buy the company from Reginald.

Amanda: And we have every right to this company through a sale.

Iris: We as Mac's children have to be given a chance to buy it if it's ever sold.

Amanda: That was in daddy's will.

Rachel: So is this a tag team effort? Amanda I would like a word with you privately.

Iris: Don't worry I'm leaving. I just wanted to see the look of shock on your face Rachel. It must say it was priceless, and equally as satisfying. See you at the hearing.



As Rachel shuts the double doors to the living room, Iris attempts to leave the mansion, but Carl spots her from the staircase.

Carl: Iris...what the hell are you doing in my house?



Felicia is sitting at a table when John walks up to her...

John: Felicia.

Felicia: John! How are you?

John: I'm great. Absolutely wonderful. I have family intact.

Felicia: I'm sorry that Sharlene has had to go through so much with the kidnapping and her doctor being murdered.

John: Yeah that was a lot, but we're fine now. Where's Mitch?

Felicia: He had to take care of some photography stuff.



What is happening to Sharlene?

Sharlene is in her bedroom with a robe on after a shower. She's in the mirror drying out her hair, and when she finishes she sees a familiar face...but it's not hers.

Sharlene: Janice?

Sharlene rubs the towel on her face again, and now she sees her own face. She walks away from the mirror, and then she hears Janice's voice....

Janice: Sharlene. You can't avoid your big sister. I'm always gonna be here.

Sharlene goes back to the mirror...and sees Janice's face again. Meanwhile, downstairs, MITCH knocks on the door, which is ajar...

Mitch (calling): John? Sharlene are you here?





Lindsay: Explains what?

Gregory: Why you came to Bay City in the first place? What I want to know is why you hid it from me.

Lindsay: I...I couldn't be sure.

Gregory: I saw you at the hospital. Jake had a drink of water out of one of those plastic cups, and you took it out of the wastebasket. You used it to get a sample of his DNA. Have you told anyone about this?

Lindsay: No.

Gregory: You know this is gonna change things for my cousin Vicky.

Lindsay: I don't know what to do Greg.

Gregory: You should do nothing.

Lindsay: What?

Gregory: Jake and Vicky have been through hell. I was responsible for their daughter's death. Let them have some peace and happiness.

Lindsay: My God you almost sound like mom.

Gregory: So your mom says the same thing? No wonder you never wanted to talk about her.

Lindsay: I'm not trying to ruin anybody's life. I just want...to have a relationship with my father.

Gregory: No matter who you hurt in the process?

Lindsay: That's not what I'm saying and you know that!

Gregory: No I don't know. You kept the truth from me. If I didn't knock down your purse, you probably wouldn't have told me.

Lindsay: That's not true. I care about you. I would never hurt you. I was going to tell you when the time was right.

Gregory: I never would have imagined to be a liar, but that's exactly what you're showing me.

Gregory grabs his jacket.

Lindsay: Wait a minute. Where are you going? We need to talk about this.

Gregory: Away from you, because I really don't know who you are anymore.



John: You look happy.

Felicia: I am. I wouldn't have known what to do if I ever lost Mitch. He fills my heart with such joy...and love.

John: You don't have to worry about that. You have Mitch, and I have Sharlene, and I plan to spend the rest of my life loving and protecting her. She's the love of my life. I'm...I'm sorry I'm not trying to minimize...what you and I had.

Felicia: I totally understand. You realize that Sharlene is the woman that you've always loved, just like Mitch that I've always loved, and I don't plan on losing him.



Sharlene is in the mirror, talking to Janice.

Janice: Let me help you. Let me be strong for you. Let me protect you. I've always protected you haven't I? I've always tried to do right by you.

Sharlene: Then why did you try to kill Mac Cory?

Janice: I did it for you, Evan, and Josie. Haven't I always taken care of you? I did whatever it took to keep Jason from pimping you out like he did to me. Let me out Sharlene.

Mitch appears unseen and is shocked by what he sees.

Sharlene: I've been integrated. Sharly, Kate Baker, they've all been integrated. You can't be real.

Janice: I am very real. I'm a part of you, and if you let me out, I will protect you.

Sharlene: I know what you want, and I can't let you get it.

Janice: I won't stop until you let me out.

Sharlene: No Janice!

Mitch: Sharlene?

Mitch tosses an invitation to the Harbor Club re-opening on John and Sharlene's bed.

Sharlene: Mitch...how long have you been standing there?

Mitch: Long enough to wonder if you're really okay. Who were you talking to just now?



Rachel: I can't believe you've actually joined forces with Iris.

Amanda: Face it mother. You haven't been making the most sound decisions where Cory Publishing is concerned.

Rachel: Are you doing this because I wouldn't give you the power that you wanted. You fell for a man who ended up being a mole! Now you're teaming up with Iris to contest the sale. The one who needs to make more sound decisions is you.

Amanda: This is about Allen. This is about doing right by daddy's company. I'm not let gonna let you sell it off to the highest bidder.

Rachel: And you think Iris is going to work with you on this? Don't come running to me when she betrays you.

Amanda: Iris has as much right to this as any of us do.

Rachel: Iris wants this company for herself. She has no intention of sharing it with you. She will stab you in the back.



Iris: YOUR house Carl. No...this is my DADDY'S house.

Carl: Rachel and I live here.

Iris: It will NEVER be yours. You've spent your whole life trying to destroy what my father built...and take what my father had, but I didn't come here talk about this house.

Carl: Is it about Cory Publishing again?

Iris: You're damned right, and we're gonna get it back.

Carl: And you're using Amanda to do it.

Iris: Your beloved Rachel overlooked a stipulation in daddy's will, and we're contesting the sale.

Carl: You want it all for yourself don't you?

Iris: I don't need to use Amanda to get what's rightfully mine, and I will...daddy's company....AND this house.



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Damn Greg nosey as hell love iris wish she would have made a joke about Rachel's look

Loved the Lindsay and Greg scenes and how u laid out the stakes now I'm hooked on that one

Also great writing in sharlenes first scene and the mirror I could visualize it in my head

Great episode I could tell u had a great time writing it can't wait to see what happens next

And poor sharlene

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  • Members

I could just tell. It was a great episode. U put a lot into off. I love ur series bro. I look fwd to reading it every day. What it teaches me is you dont have to be campy or write intensity drama to mamek ur series good. I commend u for that.

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This was great! So much drama in one chapter. Your dialogue for Amanda sounds so much like her. I was shocked that Sharlene now has Janice as an alter. I find that very believable, somehow. I like all the conflicts in this and the use of history.

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