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ANOTHER WORLD 93 Jake has a memory flash




Jake has a memory flash


Elizabeth walks in with two envelopes and sees Rachel sculpting...

Elizabeth: These came.

Rachel: Hi honey.

Elizabeth: I guess they're reopening the Harbor Club.

Rachel: Looks like an invitation. You can put the other letter on the couch. You know your father and I went out to the Center last night.

Elizabeth: Oh my goodness. Pigs are flying. I thought you'd never go down there.

Rachel: Your father really enjoyed it.

Elizabeth: It was his first time there wasn't it?

Rachel: Yep. Maybe you and your father can do down there together. He'd love to spend some time with you and your brother.

Cory walks up to the double doors unseen..

Elizabeth: You know I'm really happy that dad is back.

Rachel: He says that you and Cory kept him going when he was really sick. Carl adores you and Cory very much.



Cory is torn and walks toward the door to leave...and Carl stops him...

Carl (walking down the stairs): Son?

Cory (turning around): Hey dad.

Carl: I was wondering if...you and I can go grab a bite to eat.

Cory: I...I gotta study.

Carl: Wait son...what's wrong?



Donna and Vicky walk through the club looking around at the finished product.

Vicky: You've accomplished your goal mom.

Donna: This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I can't believe this is actually coming true.

They stop at the bar...

Vicky: I'm proud of you Donna.

Donna: Our family deserves some happiness after everything that's happened. I did this for you, Marley, Nicole, and the grandkids.

Marley walks up to them..

Vicky: Hey.

Marley hugs Vicky and Donna.

Marley: Did someone say grandkids?

Donna: We were talking about the club. I was talking about opening the club for Steven, Kirkland, Bridget, and Michele.

Marley: I think you forgot one grandchild Donna.

Marley rubs her stomach.

Vicky: Oh my God! You're expecting!!! I'm gonna be an aunt!

Donna: Oh! Oh! Congratulations!!!!

The three women embrace.



Cass and Stacey are sitting at a table sipping their lattes...

Cass: I think Lindsay is determined. Maybe you shouldn't stand in her way.

Stacey: You don't understand. Jake cannot know the truth. He probably won't even bond with her.

Cass: You don't think he's gonna remember.

Stacey: It was so long ago, and he didn't even know who he was. I want to protect Lindsay from being hurt.

Cass: I understand about you wanting to protect your daughter.

Jake walks up to them.

Jake: Cass I need to talk to you. Stacey.

Stacey: Hey Jake.

Jake: How long has it been since you left Bay City?





Vicky: There's another addition to our family!

Donna: You and Tyrone deserve it. Is it a boy or a girl?

Marley: We just found out.

Vicky: We gotta start getting things ready. I'll help you pick out the nursery colors....and a crib. You're gonna need a crib for the baby. I'm gonna buy clothes and babysit.

Marley: I'm so glad I got you two.

Donna: You're gonna start thinking of some names.

Marley: We were discusssing that one night. If it's a girl we're gonna name her after Tyrone's grandmother.

Vicky: And if it's a boy?

Marley: We'll name him after daddy.

Donna: You know I wish your father was here to see his girls finally happy. I've decided to re-name the Harbor Club. It's...the M and M Harbor Club.

Marley: After candy?

Donna: No Marley. M and M stands for Michael...and Michele.

Vicky: I miss them so much.

Marley: We all do.

Donna: That's why we have to stick together.

Reginald walks in unseen and sees Donna, Vicky and Marley.

Donna: We can't let anyone break our bond.

Vicky: And we got a little one to look out for now.



Stacey: I left for Los Angeles over twenty years ago.

Jake: Los Angeles. You know Ive never been there.

Cass and Stacey are silent, as they realize Jake has no memory of being with Stacey.

Stacey: Hey I gotta get going.

Jake: Good to see you again Stacey.

Stacey: Back atcha Jake. Cass I'll call you.

Cass: Alright sis.

Stacey walks off and Jake notices Stacey's coffee cup with lipstick on it. He then has a flashback of a drinking glass at a bar, with that similar color of lipstick.

Cass: Jake you okay?

Jake: I think so.

Cass: Why do you keep looking at Stacey's coffee cup?

Jake: I wasn't looking at the cup. It's the lipstick. It's almost like I've seen that lipstick before.

Cass: Maybe you were a drag queen?

Jake: I'm serious man.

Cass: Come on lots of ladies wear that color lipstick.

Jake: It's that shade of lipstick that I've seen before...it was on a glass. I just can't put my finger on where.



Cory: What makes you think something's wrong dad? Maybe I just need to go study.

Carl: I sense a little distance between us. Maybe I can help us get closer.

Cory: I don't need your help dad.

Carl: I'm not oblivious that I've had a checkered past, and it's affecting you. Makes me regret even more the things I've done to your mother, and Mackenzie. Amanda and Iris may never forgive me for it.

Rachel and Elizabeth approach them.

Elizabeth: Well all of that happened years ago before we were even born Cory. Dad is not that person anymore.

Rachel: He's changed honey. You two might not be here if I didn't think that.

Cory: Have you changed dad? Can you prove it? You can start by telling us where you were the other day. Mom was sick with worry that you had just left and didn't tell her where you were going.

Rachel: I'd like to know that, too Carl.

Carl: I was....out getting some air.

Cory: Tell us dad. You were out there plotting and carrying out some plan of yours weren't you?

Rachel: Cory that's enough.

Cory: You're defending him again mom?

Elizabeth: Cory why do you hate dad so much? He has done nothing but love us.

Cory: It's the secrecy and the lies that I hate. I don't think you've changed at all dad. You're the monster that people say you are.

Cory leaves.

Rachel: Cory you get back here!

Carl: No Rachel...let him go.

Rachel hugs Carl, but Rachel has somewhat of a doubtful look on her face.



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LOL Love the Love family. Their family is huge. Nice name for the club

Jake rembers 20 year old lipstick? lol

So nice to see carl and for him to interact with his Dad

So jake and Stacey had a romance and are ou hinting lidnsey is their child?

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