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Is Sophia going to DIE!?



On the street by the hospital. Everyone including both Mystery Women, and Phyllis look at Sophia’s car as smoke rises from the engine. nate-1.jpgNate comes running down the hill after hearing the car crash. He runs over to Sophia’s car. He opens the door and pulls her out on to the road. He checks to see if she is breathing. She is not and Nate begins performing CPR. Ronan arrives and goes over to a panicking Phyllis.

1525soapoprah.jpgRonan: What happened?

phyills.jpgPhyllis: It was her. She was trying to kill me. She told me she hated me.

Ronan: Who? Who was it?

The first Mystery Woman takes off after seeing her plan to kill Phyllis has gone terribly wrong. The second Mystery Woman takes off after her.


Episode 81: Is Sophia going to die?

Written by ML Cooks

In JapanthumbnailCAPN0A2M.jpg, a bandaged up Victoria is laying in her bed looking at her window at Tokyo’s city life. A nurse walks in.

Nurse: Mrs. Abbott, you have some visitors.

Victoria:thumbnailndgedvicki.jpg I do?” She sits up in the bed to anticipate her surprise visitor. Then walks in her son Reed and then JT. Reed runs up to his mother and hugs her.

Victoria: What a delightful surprise.” She says as she holds her son.

thumbnailCABUFLIV.jpg. Keemo is in his office thinking of Gloria. He calls her up.

Keemothumbnail.jpg: Gloria, I hope you are not busy.

GloriathumbnailCA15AFFW.jpg: Never for my Asian hero.

Keemo: I was thinking, I would really like to take the next step with you.

Gloria: What does that mean?

Keemo: Gloria, you know how I feel about you, I care about you. I want to show you just how much you mean to me.

Gloria: How do you propose in doing that?

Keemo: Let’s go away for a few days together, and by the time we get back, Glo Worm will be back open for business. We can throw a grand opening and tell the world we love each other.

Gloria: That sounds wonderful.

Keemo: Great. Meet me at the airport in about an hour.

Gloria: Just like that. What shall I pack?

Keemo: Don’t worry about it. Just bring your bright smiling face.

Sophia is rushed into the ER as Nate tends to her medical needs. He order a series of test. He vows to Sophia he is not going to let her die. Nate realizes its is his fault for helping the mystery woman. He says a silent prayer to God to allow Sophia to survive.

In Japan.

JT:thumbnailCAX3ZVTO.jpg It’s good to see you Vicki. I promised Reed I would bring him to see you. He was very worried after he learned about the explosion.

Reed: I love you mommy. Will your face be ok?

Victoria: Yes it will. Mommy is getting a new face. Right now it’s just healing.

Reed: Does it hurt?

Victoria: Some times. It burns. But I’m ok. Look at you. Your getting tall.

Reed: I am . I made the jr. basketball team.

JT: He’s a real champ.

Victoria: I am so glad to hear.’ She looks at JT

“How is Mac?

JT: Mac is very good.

Victoria: I am so glad you came to see me Thank you so much JT.

JT: So how much longer will you be here?

Victoria: Just a few more weeks and I’ll be going home to Genoa City.

envy-1.jpgThe Mystery Woman arrives at her suite at the GC Palace Hotel. She is in panic mode. She turns her TV on and sees a breaking news report about the accident at the hospital.

“ It was supposed to be Phyllis. Not Sophia. This can’t be happening. Damn you Phyllis. You’re like a cock roach. You won’t die Bitch! What do I do now? Nate almost caught me Ronan and Paul are getting closer. The walls are closing in. This is not supposed to be happening. I need help. Yes I need help.” The Mystery Woman grabs her things and leaves. The second Mystery Woman follows behind her wondering what the next move will be.mysterious_red-j95.jpg

Gloria and Keemo arrive at the GC Airport. They hug and kiss.

Gloria: So I’m here. Where are we going?

Keemo: A place I like to call Love Land.

Gloria: Your so spontaneous and intriguing. I like that in a man. A woman like me could get used to this.

Keemo: You should because Keemo isn’t going anywhere.” He kisses her again.

On the intercom “Flight 81 Paris non stop boarding now.”

Keemo: That’s us

Gloria’s face lights up. “ The city of love.”

Keemo: Gloria, I have fallen in love with you.” They board their flight.

GC Memorial. Malcolm and Leslie rushes in demanding answers. Nate walks out from the surgery room . He looks at Malcolm with tears in his eyes.

Malcolm: No dog. What’s dem tears about? You get in there and you get to saving some lives around here.

Nate: I’m sorry Malcolm.

Malcolm: What do you mean you are sorry? Sophia is dead?” Malcolm has tears forming in his eyes as he says the word dead. Leslie gets closer and holds him.

Nate: I’m so sorry……….Julia-Pace-Mitchell-JPI-Lsoapoprah-1.jpg


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Cliffhanger MONDAY!!! Very good episode!!!

Nice mention of Mac...

I'm wondering where Gloria and Keemo's story is going

And one of the MWs is coming apart....


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