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Back To AW Episode 20 "Friday" Test for 2 families



blogentry-14971-0-44965200-1330980225_thblogentry-14971-0-83042900-1330980241_thAMANDA'S OFFICE

Allen walks in and sees Amanda, who seems to be saddened.

Allen: Amanda, what's wrong?

Amanda (wiping her eyes): Nothing.

Allen: You don't look fine at all. Come on, talk to me.

Amanda: It's fine...really. We got work to do.

Allen: You try to be so tough, just like your mom.

Amanda: Try is the operative word.

Allen: But there's someone underneath who likes to unwind and have fun.

Amanda: Look there's nothing wrong with me, now go check on your people and make sure they're doing what they're supposed to do okay.



Donna and Marley wait in the waiting area.

Marley: Have you heard from Vicky?

Donna: Not since she told us about today.

Marley: She's gonna need us Donna.

Donna: I know. This is so hard for her, Jake, Bridget...for all of us.

Marley: Right.

Donna: Where's Tyrone?

Marley: He had court today.


Michele lies in her hospital room on life support and Reginald walks up to her, and sits beside her.

Reginald: My sweet little great-granddaughter. This isn't fair. You had a choice of Columbia or Harvard. You know what, I bet you were going to choose Harvard, because your sister would have chosen Columbia. Columbia's in New York, and you're not all for that hustle and bustle like Bridget is. Your great grandfather has done some questionable things in his life, but one thing's for certain, I absolutely adore you. I would have done anything for you. I had no idea that Bridget would do what she did. I guess she's more like me.

Reginald's eyes water and a couple of tears fall down his cheeks...as Vicky approaches the door unheard by Reginald.

Reginald: You shouldn't be going anywhere. You got too much life ahead of you. This isn't right. All the things I've done, I should be where you are, and you have too many people that love you.

In a very rare moment, Vicky comforts Reginald, who gets up from Michele's bedside. Jake, Donna, Marley, Bridget, and John all walk in. Reginald gets a phone call. He takes the call outside of the room and he is not pleased. He learns the Judge Parker fell ill and he will not preside over Iris's hearing. "This can't be!" he exclaims.



Rachel walks in with Paulina.

Paulina: Where's Amanda?

Rachel: She's at the office. I told her to stay there and run things.

They approach Cass at the front of the court.

Cass: Are you ready?

Rachel: As ready as I can be.

Paulina: I can't believe they're considering letting her out after all she's done.

Tyrone walks in with his briefcase and goes to the defense's table as the guards escort Iris to the table next to Tyrone. "All rise!" says the Balliff as Judge Davis takes her place.

Judge Davis: This proceeding is to determine whether or not Iris Carrington should be released from prison...and why she shouldn't be released. Counselor Montgomery state your case for the defense.

Tyrone: Your honor. I'm here to present that Iris Carrington is not a threat to society if she is released from prison. I have recommendations from the warden, that she has been a model citizen during her incarceration, and a letter from the Governor of Illinois and Texas.

The balliff retrieves the documents and gives them to the judge. Tyrone as she looks them over.

Tyrone: Before she was incarcerated your honor, she was not the person who shot Carl Hutchins. Her criminal record was for the most part clean aside from a few parking tickets. Based on the recommendations and her previous record, I petition the court for Iris Carrington's release. Nothing further your honor.

Judge Davis: Counselor Winthrop. State your case why Iris Carrington should not be released.

Cass: Your honor it's been well documented that Iris Carrington has tormented the Corys for quite some when she was a free woman. The conspiracy to commit murder not withstanding, she orchestrated a takeover attempt as the Chief, from her father's company, Cory Publishing. I have witnesses here who can testify what Iris has done to them.

Rachel gets up and says she will not testify, much to Cass's and Paulina's unpleasant surprise.

Paulina: Rachel are you crazy?

Rachel: I know what I'm doing. Cass tell the judge I'm not testifying.

Cass: Your honor. My witness has declined to testify against Iris.

Judge Davis: Mrs. Hutchins, are you sure that you do not want to tell us why Ms. Carrington should remain incarcerated?

Rachel: She's paid her penance.

Judge Davis: Okay. Well based on today's proceedings, I hereby announce the release of Iris Carrington from incarceration. Ms. Carrington you are free to go.


Amanda is in her office crying, and Allen catches her this time.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Allen: Amanda I'm not gonna let you slink out of this one.

Amanda (giving Allen the envelope she received): This.

Allen: Who's Cameron Sinclair?

Amanda: As of today, he's my ex-husband. That paper you just read says it.

Allen: Wow. I'm sorry Amanda.

Amanda: We've been separated for a couple of years, but there's such a finality to this. The divorce is final.

Allen: I've never seen you like this.

Amanda: Like what?

Allen: Vulnerable.

Amanda: If you've gone through a divorce then you might know how this feels.

Allen: As a matter of fact I do. It's funny that you go through all that you go through to dissolve the marriage, but you still love them.

Amanda: Do you love your ex-wife?

Allen: I think a part of me always will, that's why I married her.

Amanda: I thought Cameron was the love of my life. I made so many mistakes with other men. I thought I finally had found happiness with Cameron...

Allen comes closer to Amanda. "If I got through it, you'll get through it, too. I'll help you." They embrace, face each other, and kiss.



The moment that the McKinnons, Loves and Hudsons have dreaded has arrived. Jake, Vicky, Bridget, Donna, Marley, Reginald, and John convene in Michele's hospital room. Michele is on life support.

Jake: Hey kid. It's your dad.

Vicky: Mom's here.

Jake: I can't believe this.

Vicky: This is goodbye.

Jake and Vicky each lean in and kiss Michele on her forehead. Vicky gives Jake a CD and he puts it on. "We're gonna play your favorite song when you were a kid." says Vicky. Her favorite song is Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All." As the song plays, Bridget, Donna, and Marley say their goodbyes. John says goodbye to his brother's granddaughter. As the song ends, Jake and Vicky nod at John, giving him the okay to shut off the life support, and he does so, and Michele is officially declared dead.


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U moved really fast with the Iris stuff. I thought the judge wouls say recess and then the effect an peoples emotiosn would be dealt with before she was relaesed.

A good read

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