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Back to AW Episode 19 Thursday MAKING MOVES



blogentry-14971-0-32979000-1330974310_thblogentry-14971-0-74838500-1330974354_thCASS'S OFFICE

Rachel walks in and confers with Cass.

Rachel: I got your text.

Cass: Thanks for coming.

Rachel: So what's the plan? Anything I can do?

Cass: You can testify against Iris. Show the judge why she shouldn't be released.

Rachel: That's easy. She tried to have Carl killed on our wedding day.

Cass: You have to be careful Rachel.

Rachel: Of what?

Cass: With Carl not being in the picture any more, that may not be good enough.


blogentry-14971-0-79829400-1330975031_thblogentry-14971-0-13941100-1330974740_thblogentry-14971-0-29999400-1330974909_th BAY CITY CENTER

Tyrone is on his laptop at a table and Grant joins him.

Grant: Waiting for someone?

Tyrone: No.

Grant (sitting down): Is everything prepared?

Tyrone: Pretty much.

Grant: Good. This is going to go a long way. I am going to be running for Mayor in the coming weeks, and I'll be looking to appoint a new District Attorney. If you win this case it might be you.

Tyrone: You're supposed to put in a good word for me now.

Grant: I don't have to do that Mr. Montgomery. If you get Iris released from prison tomorrow, your name will be popular all on its own.

Tyrone: You just make sure you make that phone call.

Grant: Of course I will...if Iris gets out.

Tyrone: I haven't lost a case bruh. I don't plan on losing this one.

Grant: As I said it will help your career.

Tyrone: I gotta ask you something though. Given everything that Iris has done to the Corys, how do you think Paulina is gonna react when she finds out you got the Governor to endorse Iris's release?

Grant: She's not going to react because she's not going to find out.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, ALLEN is about a couple of tables behind Tyrone, and was able to hear their conversation.


blogentry-14971-0-01533600-1330975816_thREGINALD'S SUITE

Reginald is on his cell phone.

Reginald: Gooood afternoon. Judge Parker, you're presiding over the hearing tomorrow for Iris's release. Yes you just make sure she gets out, then you'll get your reward.


Rachel: You can't be serious. After all that woman has tried to do to our family.

Cass: Granted, she's made your lives miserable when she was around.

Rachel: She needs to stay in prison.

Cass: Rachel I don't disagree with you, but trying to take over a company does make someone a danger to society.

Rachel: What about consipiracy to commit murder? Doesn't that make her dangerous?

Cass: That would make anyone dangerous, but you've got to understand, she doesn't have a long criminal history where she's tried to kill people. It was only Carl. Most of her vendetta was against you and Mac's other children.

Rachel: Right. If you let her out of jail she's gonna come after my family.

Cass: That's why you have to come to the hearing tomorrow. Gather any evidence you may have that could sway the judge to keep Iris in prison, and we can review it.

Rachel: What am I gonna come up with between tonight and tomorrow?

Cass: Not sure, but you and Amanda better start digging. I'll work on my end, too.

Rachel: Don't you think this is kind of sudden? I mean, this hearing just got sprung on us.

Cass: It does seem quick.

Rachel: I wouldn't be surprised if Iris had something to do with it.


blogentry-14971-0-29999400-1330974909_thblogentry-14971-0-01533600-1330975816_thREGINALD'S SUITE

Reginald and Allen are there conversing.

Allen: You'll never guess what I heard down at the Center.

Reginald: And what would that be?

Allen: Grant got the Governor to write a letter of recommendation to release Iris from prison.

Reginald: I've all but ensured that.

Allen: How?

Reginald: Not to worry, you just keep doing what you're doing.

Allen: Oh I am. All the people that we signed are gonna pull out, and Cory Publishing is gonna buy out all of the contracts instead of suing them.

Reginald: Lawsuits wouldn't be very cost effective for them.

Allen: Neither would the buyouts, but they don't have a choice, and after they're done buying out the contracts, they will be in more financial dire straits than they are now.

Reginald: And when they're ready to sell, we will swoop in and purchase, and Cory Publishing will be mine...for the time being.


Tyrone: Well I'm not gonna tell her okay, but secrets have a way of coming to the surface.

Grant: Not this one. I'm making good progress with her. She's a good person, and I'd be a fool to mess that up.

Tyrone: You've played with fire before.

Grant: I love Paulina, and I'm not going to lose her.

"You hope." says Tyrone, as he packs his briefcase and leaves.

----------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 19------------------------------------------------


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This Iris stuff was very sudden just like the prom. Why does Grant want Iris out? And fror real Tyrone called Grant "Bruh"?

I hope Iris is a btich

I almost didnt reconigze Grant in that pic

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