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BACK TO AW Episode 18 Wednesday (D-Day)



blogentry-14971-0-52105700-1330957502_thblogentry-14971-0-74686600-1330964452_th MCKINNONS HOUSE

Jake wakes up and Vicky is not next to him. He quickly gets up and calls out to her. "Vicky!"


He finally finds Vicky in Michele's bedroom. She's sitting at Michele's desk holding her college acceptance letters, looking straight ahead. Her eyes are watery because she has been crying. All Jake can do is watch her from the door.

Vicky (feeling his presence): She looked so pretty in her prom dress. So happy.

Jake: She did.

Vicky: She had a choice of going to Columbia or Harvard. She had such a bright future.

Bridget walks up to the door and and Jake puts his arm around Bridget's right shoulder. Vicky feels Bridget's presence also and her mood changes.

Vicky: And she took it away.

Vicky gets up and faces them.

Vicky: Are you happy now Bridget?

Bridget (crying): Of course not I never thought....

Vicky (interrupting Bridget): That's right, you never thought...and it because of that, Michele is brain dead.

Jake: Vicky---

Vicky: Face the truth Jake. One of our daughters is responsible for killing the other.

Jake: Bridget let me talk to your mother alone please.

Bridget: Dad I didn't mean for this happen.

Jake: I know baby. I just want to speak to your mom.

Jake kisses Bridget on her forehead and Jake closes the door.

Jake: Look I know you're hurting. I am, too, but I am not going to let you keep blaming Bridget for Michele's condition.

Vicky: So you're overlooking the fact that Bridget opened Michele's acceptance letter to Harvard. You also forgot about Bridget texting from Michele's phone.

Jake: I didn't---

Vicky: And let's not forget that she stole a bottle of vodka from Reginald's liquor cabinet so she can get Michele's boyfriend drunk! As far as I'm concered she's responsible, and I want her out of this house.



Greg is lying in his room unable to move his legs, and John walks in.

John: How are you doing?

Greg: Everything's clear now. I know what happened.

John: The police contacted me. They told me that they've ruled it an accident. No charges are gonna be filed.

Greg: I don't know how I should feel about that. It's because of me that my cousin is brain dead.

John: Son you had a steroid rage.

Greg: I feel horrible dad. Jake and Vicky lost a child because of me. I'll never forgive myself.

John: Greg it was an accident. She stumbled onto the street and you tried to swerve out of the way.

Greg: I should be where Michele is right now...not her.




Rachel and Paulina sip on their cups of cappucino.

Paulina: Thanks for meeting me.

Rachel: It's not a problem.

Paulina: Dante told me what happened at the prom. I feel so horrible for Jake and Vicky.

Rachel: It's quite tragic. They are devastated. I don't think it's quite hit Cory yet.

Paulina: Dante he had a great time with Elizabeth.

Rachel: I'm glad that the kids were able to experience that bliss, but somehow I don't think you wanted me to come here to talk about the children.

Paulina: You're right. It's about Grant.

Rachel: Grant?

Paulina: He's in love with me.


John: I understand your guilt, and in a way you should feel guilty, but you can't let it consume you.

Greg: I stopped using them dad. I wasn't lying.

John: I believe you son, now you've got to focus on getting better.

Greg: Am I gonna be able to walk again?

John: We don't know that. We're gonna get you on a physical therapy regimen.

Greg: I wanna play football again dad.

John: Son stop worrying about it. You will be fine. I've set you up with a physical therapist.

Greg: I'm ready to begin.

John: We gotta wait for the swelling to go down.


Rachel: He is?

Paulina: He's been there for us since Joe was killed. He bought a designer tux for Dante, and he set up a limo for Dante to go to the prom in.

Rachel: Wow. He's gone all out. Definitely sounds like he's in love with you. I guess the question would be...how do you feel?

Paulina: It's scary.

Rachel: So...you have feelings for Grant?

Paulina: Yes I do, but I feel I'm betraying Joe, and you know Grant's past and the things he's done.

Rachel: People told me the same thing about Carl. I had the same doubts. After all, he had done everything in his power to terrorize Mac and me. Everyone was against it you know that. In the beginning I didn't want to betray Mac, but I couldn't deny it anymore. I had fallen in love with Carl. We had a great marriage and two wonderful children.

Paulina: Wow. I never thought of it like that. It was you and against the world wasn't it?

Rachel: It sure seemed that way didn't it?

They both chuckle.

Rachel: If you love him, go for it.

Paulina: I think I do.

Rachel: Joe would want you to move on, just like Mac wanted me to.

Paulina: You always know the right thing to say.

Rachel: You're like a daughter to me Paulina.

Rachel gets a text and reads and her mood changes.

Paulina: Rachel you look concerned what is it?

Rachel: It's a text from Cass. There's gonna be a hearing for Iris's release this week.


Jake: Bridget lives here.

Vicky: I can't stand to look at her.

Jake: Why? Because she reminds you of you!

Vicky slaps Jake and she begins to cry.

Vicky: This isn't fair. I want my baby back.

Jake embraces his wife.

Jake: I want her back, too.

Vicky: My little girl. My sweet, intelligent girl.

Jake: She'll always be a part of us.

Vicky: I guess it's...time to call Uncle John.

------------------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 18 D-DAY----------------------------------------


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Powerful scene with Vicky. Good drama unfoildint. Still kant wait to see it play out.

I also thought Pualina would put up more of a fight for her feelings for grant.

How did Karl die?

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Oh yeah, Iris!! I love it. She should have been released about 15 years ago. She must have been starting a lot of fights in prison.

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