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Episode#329: A Crazy Scheme




Episode#329: A Crazy Scheme

-Alexis asks Chris what the hell kind of officer is he, where does he get off asking if she tried to kill a woman! She yells that if she wanted Robin dead she wouldn’t have called 911! Chris nods and says he’s not accusing her of anything, these types of cases have just happened before…and since it seems she and Robin were in an intense catfight it could be possible, this is just his job…he asks how she knows Robin, and Alexis explains that she came back to Salem several months ago, and they’ve hated each other ever since…it just came to an explosion tonight.

-The paramedics bring Robin into the hospital, and Mike arrives after getting a call about someone being brought in….his eyes widen when he sees none other than the mother of his son…he asks the paramedics what happened, and they say that apparently she was fighting with a woman and she fell and hit her head on a rock…Mike asks about her condition, and they say she’s alive but they’re not sure if she’s stable…Mike tells them to get her into the ER NOW, and to get someone to call Maggie Horton’s house! Mike then rushes off with the paramedics and an unconscious Robin in tow!

-Lucas professes his love for Eugenia, and vice versa…he tells her that he wants to get married as soon as possible, they have to start planning and everything…because again, he doesn’t want to let this opportunity pass him by!

-Jan holds her stillborn baby, as she continues to cry, and says that this is the second child she’s lost, only this one was actually born…and she’s separated from her other son, Bentley…and now the one son she was going to have with Lucas…is gone. Nicole comforts her, as Jan thinks about all that has happened…she says she’ll name him Bradley…Bradley Spears, similar to Bentley’s name…she thinks to herself that while she’s down here, crying over her dead baby…Lucas is up there, enjoying time with Eugenia…

Outside, Lea asks Greta why she wanted to speak to her outside, and she should be looking after Jan. Greta shakes her head…and she tells her she has a new plan in mind…something that will be sort of a gift to Jan, but also may hurt her in the future by the SLIM chance that she ever escapes from this room…Lea freezes and slowly asks what, and Greta says:

Greta:I think we should give Jan another baby, an alive baby to be exact…Eugenia Willens Roberts’ baby.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Chris sighs and tells her alright, and Alexis again asserts that she did NOT try to kill Robin…she was trying to catch her breathe, Robin came at her, and fell! That’s all! Chris nods and says they’ll just see…sadly, without any evidence, they can’t rule it out…but can’t arrest her either…he says they’ll just have to go down to the hospital to see about her condition, and both leave.

-Mike arrives in the operating room, and he begins operating on Robin, desperately trying to save her life and patch up the head wound…

-Eugenia agrees, and she says she wants whatever he wants…as long as they get married…she says its so weird though, she can’t believe she found love with someone so quickly, and Lucas says he knows how she feels, but this has happened to him before…

-Lea asks Greta if she’s CRAZY…Eugenia hasn’t even given birth to her own baby yet…and Greta says that’s the thing…Lea is going to send her into labour! Lea asks how, and Greta says there has to be some drug that does it…Lea tells Greta that this is too insane, and will only cause more heartbreak! She asks what she plans to do with Jan’s real, dead baby…and Greta replies that she’s just going to switch them…let Eugenia think Jan’s baby is her baby, which died…Lea then says:

Lea:So you hate Jan…but you’re going to give her an alive baby, and then give this stillborn baby to Eugenia Willens, who you barely know, and make her think her own child is dead? And you’re going to have me drug Eugenia so she’ll give birth?

Greta:Yup! As I said, it would be sort of a gift to Jan…but considering what she does, it could hurt her in the long-term.

Lea:But its so insane, so wrong, you can’t do something like that-

Greta:Oh please…I have two women locked down here, and I stabbed another woman…of course I can do this. And for the last damn time, just DO YOUR JOB!

Lea:But…Eugenia is African American…how the hell are you going to let her think that she had a white baby?

Greta:Lets just hope that Eugenia’s baby daddy was white, then, and not black. Now, we need to do this quickly…so lets go get Jan’s baby.

Jan continues to hold her stillborn son, Bradley…and she sobs, and Greta and Lea walk in, and Greta slowly takes him from Jan’s arms…Jan looks up at her, her eyes stained with tears, and asks what she’s doing with Bradley…Greta blinks for a moment, before saying she’s just taking “Bradley” somewhere…she’ll be back! Nicole asks Greta what the hell she’s trying to pull now, and Greta tells Nicole to stay out of this, as she and Lea leave the Secret Room…Nicole sighs, as Jan passes out fully after the very difficult labour and all that’s happened tonight…

-Back above the Secret Room, in the Spears Mansion, Eugenia gets a call, which interrupts her very romantic evening with Lucas…Eugenia hears Lea’s voice on the other end, though she doesn’t recognize it…Lea and Greta are standing outside the Spears Mansion, and Greta has Bradley in her arms, and Lea slowly says that she needs Eugenia to come down to the hospital…she’s calling for one of the doctors, who’s busy…its about her baby. Eugenia asks if she has to come down now, and she’s in the middle of something….Lea says yes, its very important, and Eugenia sighs and tells her alright, she’ll be there. They both hang up, and Lea and Greta head for the hospital as Eugenia explains to Lucas that she has to go to the hospital…its about her baby and is apparently important, and Lucas says he understands, but Eugenia tells him she’ll be back. Eugenia then leaves the Spears Mansion…

-Alexis and Chris arrive in the ER at the hospital…as Mike continues to operate on Robin inside the operating room…Alexis turns when she sees Jeremy, Cassie, Laura, Maggie, and Julie all walk in! Alexis slowly asks what they’re doing here, and Jeremy looks at her as Cassie says they were all at Maggie’s house when they got a call about Robin…Jeremy asks Alexis if she knows whats happened to his mother, as Laura gasps when she remembers Robin going after Alexis after leaving Chez Rouge…

-Jan lies unconscious in the Secret Room after everything that’s happened…Nicole looks down on her as she sits on her own bed, and she whispers that Jan and her have never been on the best terms…but she’s sorry about baby Bradley…she truly is. She thinks to herself that this only proves that they have to get OUT of this place…before Greta hurts anyone else.

-At the hospital, Greta and Lea are already there…Lea shakily says she did work here once, she managed to snatch the drug they need to knock Eugenia out and send her into labour…Greta says excellent…they stand in the waiting room, and they see Eugenia walk in…Greta darts off as Lea approaches her and tells her she’s waiting for her, and to follow her…Eugenia does so, and Lea leads her to a VERY back room in the hospital…and once there, as Eugenia says she hopes everything is alright…Lea suddenly plunges the syringe into Eugenia’s arm, and Eugenia falls down onto a bed as she blacks out, while Greta comes out of hiding, holding Bradley…and she says:

Greta:And so the true work begins…


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