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Episode#328: Stillborn?




Episode#328: Stillborn?

-Will is in his room at the Spears Mansion, awake after the accident the other night…he hears a knock on the door, and Destiny walks in…she tells him she’s sorry their date was ruined the other night by that crash, and Will says its fine…it happens, he just wishes they knew more about the crash other than the fact Stefano DiMera was the one who went off the cliff…Destiny is glad they’re alive, and she tells him she would still like to go out on a dinner date sometime!

-Eugenia sits in the living room as Lucas makes some food for them both as they continue to enjoy being engaged…she looks down at her stomach, where her baby is, and says that now it can happy life…with her and Lucas…not like a life it would have had with its father and the drama surrounding the baby….

-Alexis stands up and takes a deep breathe, saying how she can’t believe Robin has been such an utter BITCH just because she slept with her ex! She looks around, and sees Robin lying on the ground, and at first simply growls for her to get up…but soon, she gets concerned…and asks Robin if she’s alright as she leans down and slowly rolls Robin over…to see her head EXTREMELY bloody!

-As Jan fades in and out of consciousness, continuing to moan…Nicole says the baby isn’t crying! As Nicole holds it, and Greta asks whats happening, Lea checks the baby out, and slowly she gasps as she says she was afraid of this…Nicole asks what she means, and Lea then informs Nicole and Greta that…the baby isn’t breathing…it was stillborn! Jan’s baby is dead!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Will smiles at Destiny and says they could, it’d be nice…he just is really stressed out, because now he has to recover from this and he’s still worried about Arianna and the Galore’s…Destiny promises Will that Arianna will be fine, and they will take care of the Galore’s!

-Eugenia continues to think to herself, as Lucas comes back in and they get back to celebrating and eating, that it will be better for her baby that it’ll have Lucas as a father, and not its biological father!

-Alexis screams at seeing Robin’s bloody head, and she looks at the rock….she says damn, she must have hit it hard…she then says that she has to call 911! Alexis gets out her cell phone, and reports that someone has fallen and hit their head on a rock, and she needs help now!

-Nicole gasps as she looks down at the stillborn child, and she slowly says it was a boy….Greta grabs Lea’s arm and tells her she hired her to PREVENT this, and Lea turns to Greta and snaps that she warned her, several times, about Jan’s high stress level, not eating the correct foods, and tonight since her stress and pain probably tripled it sent her into labour! She goes on to explain that the baby was extremely premature, the pregnancy was only about five months along and even that’s a stretch, and it was a difficult labour, especially since they were inside some room underground and not a hospital! Nicole tells Greta to not play innocent, this is HER fault! Jan looks up at them, and slowly asks:

Jan:How…..how’s my baby?

-Will thanks Destiny, telling her that during all of this…being on the run with Arianna, living here as he waits for the custody battle, and even now after this car accident she’s still being so positive and encouraging….Destiny smiles and tells him anytime.

-Eugenia and Lucas continue to spend time together.

-The paramedics arrive at the scene of where Robin fell…the police and Chris also arrive, and Alexis explains everything that happened…as the paramedics take Robin away, Alexis asks if she’ll be alright…they simply respond they’ll see, and Chris asks Alexis if she’s sure she didn’t…PUSH Robin, and try to kill her!

-Greta tells Nicole that she better break the news to her…she knows her best. Nicole glares at Greta, but she holds Jan’s dead baby boy…and Greta pulls Lea outside for a moment, and Nicole slowly leans down and sighs, as Jan looks at her baby and asks whats wrong, and Nicole responds:

Nicole:Jan…I….I’m…so-so-s-s-so..sorry…your baby, well…it’s a boy but…it didn’t…um, it didn’t make it through childbirth…

Jan:Are you saying…my baby….my baby….is..

Nicole:Yes, Jan, you’re baby…is dead. I’m so sorry…we couldn’t really do anything, it was dead by the time you gave birth…

Jan:You’re lying….you’re lying….you’re LYING…no…you just want to make my life more of a hell…my baby has to be alive, Lucas is engaged to another woman, I can’t take this…

Nicole:Jan, p-p-please…its true…

Nicole slowly hands Jan her dead son…and Jan holds him and looks down on him…and then she begins crying again, the tears flowing from her eyes harder than they were when she saw Lucas and Eugenia getting engaged…Nicole begins crying herself, and both Nicole and especially Jan cry as the screen fades to black…


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