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Episode#327: The Birth




Episode#327: The Birth

-Crystal is at her apartment with Benard, and is reading the newspaper…she sits relaxed for a moment, but gasps when she sees the headlines “DIMERA’S ANNOUNCE STEFANO DIMERA WAS MAN PRESUMED DEAD IN CAR CRASH; WILL ROBERTS AND DESTINY STOKES ALSO INJURED!”

-Alexis gasps for air as Robin STRANGLES her, and Robin tells her she’s going to make her so sorry she ever was born! Alexis tries to throw her off of her but Robin’s strength is unmatched…and Robin continues to curse her! Alexis finally lets out a shriek and digs her nails deep into Robin’s wrists, and Robin screams and falls to the ground, as Alexis does as well!

-Lucas and Eugenia continue to celebrate as they kiss, Eugenia tears up at being so happy…Lucas and her both think to themselves that they hope this is the beginning of a much more happy era for both of them, despite the past several months…

-Jan screams, lying on the floor holding her stomach, after seeing Lucas and Eugenia get engaged…Lea exclaims again that she thinks Jan is in labour! Nicole agrees, as Greta is silent for a moment…but Jan then says, in between tears, that she’s right! Her baby’s coming! Greta’s eyes widen, and Jan says:

Jan:My baby…please…please…save my baby….

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Crystal quickly reads the newly released article about how in the rainstorm the other night, Stefano’s car went flying off a cliff and he’s presumed dead…his wife confirmed that it was him, and that two teenagers named Will and Destiny were almost killed…but survived! Crystal says she can’t believe this…a man who hired her to kill his son recently is dead, and he almost killed the people she’s fighting in court in the process!

-Robin slowly stands up, brushing herself off as she scowls…Alexis breathes, and tells Robin she’s INSANE…she almost killed her! Robin says she’s not crazy, she just doesn’t like being insulted by a whore! Alexis stands up, silent, and walks over to Robin and SLAPS her! She snaps that she’s had ENOUGH of this, and enough of Robin’s stupid cheap shots! Robin laughs and calls Alexis pitiful as she PUNCHES her in the face!

-Greta tells Lea to not stand around, she’s the nurse, get in there! Nicole looks down at Jan, and thinks to herself that Jan has caused her so much trouble, and even down here they haven’t been on the best of terms…but she should help her. Nicole gets some blankets as Greta unlocks the door and both she and Lea walk in, and Greta closes it after she walks in, warning Nicole not to try anything. Jan continues to wail out, and Nicole says they have bigger things to worry about. She and Lea both lean down, and Lea tells Jan to try to calm down, as Jan continues to scream, saying her baby’s coming!

-Crystal wonders if Will and Destiny had died…if it would have given her Arianna…however she shrugs off the thought, saying it didn’t happen…but she goes on to think that now that Stefano is gone, its even more unlikely that anyone will discover that him, her, and Kate Roberts were the ones who tried to kill Tony but killed Peter in the process…

-Jan yells out for Lucas, and she constantly thinks about him being engaged to Eugenia now…it only increases her anxiety and pain, as she clutches her stomach and says it hurts, and she pants…Lea says she HAS to calm down, and Nicole tries to help calm her down as Greta watches….Nicole tells Jan it will be alright if she just breathes in, and breathes out…Lea agrees, and Jan slowly says she’s trying as she tries to calm down, but can’t get Lucas and Eugenia out of her head…

-Alexis rubs her jaw and tells Robin she thought this was over…but she guesses not! Alexis grabs Robin’s coat, and then THROWS Robin back…Robin quickly gets up as Alexis tries to walk away, and yanks on her hair…Alexis lets out a scream, and Robin gets a strong hold on her hair and begins to swing it around as Alexis struggles…Alexis then lets out a defensive kick, kicking Robin in the shins, and Robin immediately lets go and Alexis falls to the ground…Robin vows that Alexis is going to pay for everything, and she heads towards Alexis to attack her again…but suddenly, Robin trips, and she falls…and lands on a large, pointy rock!

-Jan screams once again as she experiences labour pains, and Lea says she’s doing well, and both her and Nicole slowly give Jan comments as Lea waits for the baby…Jan looks up at Greta, yelling that this is all HER fault…none of this, NONE OF IT, would have happened if it wasn’t for HER! Greta is still silent, and Jan continues to yell and has tears running down her cheeks, but then Lea says she can see the baby! Nicole helps Lea as they take the baby, and Jan screams one more HUGE scream before her baby finally comes out, and both Nicole and Lea stand up as they hold it…Jan continues to breathe heavily, and Nicole looks at Greta and Lea before looking at the baby…and saying:

Nicole:It…its…not crying…


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