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Episode#326: Engaged?




Episode#326: Engaged?

-Nicholas asks if this means…they are back together, and Belle slowly says yes…they are! Nicholas grins as the two kiss, and he says it feels so good to lock lips with her again…the two walk into the Penthouse, and fall down onto the couch as they kiss…

-Down in the Secret Room, Jan feels her stomach and looks down on her baby, and she says she sure hopes it’s daddy hasn’t moved on…because he doesn’t even know she’s pregnant…she goes on to say she and Lucas were so happy, why would he go to another woman?

-Alexis growls and tells Robin to MOVE…Robin asks if her son rejected her puny ass again, and Alexis tells her no, but leaves out how she caught Jeremy on a date with Cassie…Robin tells Alexis that despite crazy Laura’s advice, she’s never going to get Jeremy back…Robin calls Alexis that she is nothing but a miserable, pathetic, excuse for a human being who is one of the truest scum of the Earth…sleeping with her boyfriend’s father…she says that she’s also a selfish little whore, she’s probably used thousands of men…Alexis’s anger builds up as Robin insults her, and Alexis yells:

Alexis:SHUT UP YOU DUMB BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis then tackles Robin!!!!

-Lucas asks Eugenia to marry him…..Eugenia looks at him in shock and says this is SO SOON, how can he ask her to marry him? He barely just got over his other fiancee…Lucas says she’s in the past now. He says that Eugenia will get a loving husband, her baby will get a father…Eugenia looks at her stomach and thinks hard on this, and how close Lucas and her have gotten and how much he’s helped her…she then says yes, she’ll marry him!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Belle and Nicholas have a romantic time at the Penthouse….

-Jan continues to wonder if Lucas would leave her for another woman after all this time…she curses Greta, saying she’d be happy with two children and Lucas right now if it wasn’t for her locking her and Nicole down here in this blasted Secret Room…

-Alexis tackles Robin, but Robin kicks her…and a catfight erupts! Robin pulls Alexis’s hair as she throws her against a tree, and tells her that she picked the wrong woman to mess with! Alexis elbows Robin in the stomach and twists her arm, causing Robin to scream! Alexis tells Robin that all she’s done since she came to town is insult her and Mike…she shoves Robin as she tells her that the only bad person in this situation is HER!

-Eugenia and Lucas embrace in a long hug, and Lucas says he knows this is the right choice…he tells Eugenia he loves her, and she returns the feeling…she says she’s finally found someone she loves…and her baby CAN have a father…the two kiss passionately, celebrating their engagement…Greta grins as she finishes recording, and she turns to Lea and they enter the Secret Room…

-Belle and Nicholas make love, finally back together and happy!

-Greta enters the Secret Room, and Nicole asks if she had to grace them with her presence today…Greta grins and says of course she does…she has something so grand to tell Jan! Lea tries to quietly warn Greta not to do this, it could harm Jan and her baby depending on her reaction…Greta tells Lea to just do her job, and Jan asks Greta what she has to tell her today!

-Robin laughs and shoots back at Alexis that she just wants to cast the blame on someone else, as she shoves her back! Alexis and Robin continue to struggle but suddenly Alexis says she’s figured it out now…why Robin’s so mean and bitter towards her…she didn’t come back to protect Jeremy, she’s jealous because Alexis got into bed with her ex!!! Alexis laughs and says this whole time everyone thinks she’s just being some overprotective mother…she just isn’t over Mike, and that’s why she’s so bitter and mean…she couldn’t care less about Jeremy! Robin’s eyes widen and go black as she stares at Alexis, and suddenly she SCREAMS:

Robin:DAMN YOU!!!!!

Robin very forcefully and brutally grabs Alexis and SHOVES her onto the ground and begins to strangle her!

-Eugenia tells Lucas that this is so short notice but…maybe she really does love him…there’s always been something about him, when they dated wayy back, and ever since she saw him again in that grocery store back in Janurary…Lucas says that he’s determined to make this relationship and engagement work, he won’t let it turn out like his relationships with Carrie, Sami, and Jan did!

-Greta tells Jan that she spied on Lucas and his new sugar momma some more today…and she found out something so interesting. Jan looks at Greta with concern, as Lea continues to lightly encourage Greta not to do this, but Greta simply presses her phone up to the window and plays the video…and tells her to watch! Jan and Nicole both watch Lucas and Eugenia and hear what they were saying earlier today…and Jan’s face goes pale as she slowly says:

Jan:They’re…they’re….engaged? No…no…n-n-no…I’m still his fiancee…NO!!! He can’t get engaged to another woman, he just can’t……NO!!! I love Lucas, he loves me, he can’t do this!!!! HE CAN’T DO THIS! I’M PREGNANT WITH HIS BABY!

Greta:Well honey..its true! Eugenia Willens will soon be Eugenia Roberts…and there won’t be any Jan Roberts!

Tears pour down Jan’s cheeks as Greta replays it all, and she breaks down as she hears about how much they love each other and how they are engaged…she lets out a HUGE scream, as Nicole and Lea both look on in shock! Lea says “No, no…oh no…” and Greta says she’ll be fine, but then as Jan crumbles to the ground and screams and cries, also holding her stomach, Nicole yells:

Nicole:Um, I actually think she’s in pain!

Greta:Oh shut up, she’ll be alright!

Nicole:No, Greta, you moron…I think something’s really happening!

Lea:She’s right…I think Jan’s in labour!

Jan continues to wail and scream as the screen fades to black…


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