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Episode 140



Agendas are hidden tonight in Springfield....


Olivia walks Gus inside.
Gus looks around, "Why are we here?"
Olivia sighs, "I am going to be keeping you here for a couple of days."
Gus shakes his head, "No. This is where Harley took me to detox. You are not Harley."
She nods, "Well thank God for that. Now we aren't leaving."
She locks the door.
He looks at it, "You are nuts."
She shakes her head, "I want to help you Gus. I'm trying to help you but you have to let me."
He backs up, "You are sick. You are a twisted and controlling bitch! You know that? Kidnapping me?"
She sighs, "Gus I'm not kidnapping you!"
He shouts, "It's not first time! Remember back when I when I was investigating you for Phillip's 'murder'? You had me locked up then too. Now you're doing the same damn thing."
Olivia shakes her head, "No I'm not. Now I will hold onto this key and I won't let you out until we have finished."
Gus runs and grabs the key from her.
He puts it in the door and twist.
Olivia grabs him, "Gus no stop it!"
She won't let him open the door.
He turns around and struggles with her.
Suddenly Cyrus and Susan walk in.
Cyrus grabs Gus, "That's enough!"


Dinah walks inside.
Annie Dutton is sitting at a table, "Dinah over hear!"
Dinah walks over, "I got your message Annie. What's the emergency?"
Annie sighs, "It took you a long time coming here."
Dinah sighs, "Well honestly I wasn't sure if I was going to. Annie what's really going on?"
Annie looks at her, "I have a proposition for you. I would like you to help me out with something?"
Dinah shakes her head, "I don't know if you've heard but I've changed. I married now. I have two children. I'm a reporter for WSPR. I'm not doing the whole bad girl thing anymore."
Annie nods, "Well I don't know if you've heard. But I'm the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."
Dinah nods, "It's big talk down at the station."
Annie smiles, "I'd be happy to let you get the first interview with me."
Dinah sits, "What do you want in exchange?"
Annie smiles, "Your partnership Dinah. I think we could help each other out a lot."
Dinah shakes her head, "Well I was CEO once upon a time. But I'm not really doing that kind of business anymore."
Annie shakes her head, "This isn't Spaulding business exactly. I'm taking over Springfield. I want to right all my wrongs and I have to do that myself. And I"m starting by controlling one of the biggest companies in the world."
Dinah sighs, "Now how the hell can I help you."
Annie sits back, "Well I know you've changed. But some things never change. I have a feeling you are still the Master Manipulator of Springfield."
Dinah is surprised by Annie's suggestions.

Spaulding Mansion:

Liz is walking around.
She's been thinking about moving back in after everything that's going on with Jonathan and Aubrey.
Suddenly Rafe walks over to her, "Hey Cousin."
She smiles, "Rafe. How are you?"
Rafe sighs, "I was wondering if you had given much thought to what we discussed earlier?"
She looks at him, "I'm kind of confused. You said something about taking control of the family?"
He nods, "Yes. I am very disappointed in how things have been going. Your father and Alan Michael are feuding. Cassie has left a huge void in the family. Granddad is all caught up in my mother. Now that bitch Annie is controlling everything. We can't let that happen."
Liz nods, "What do you suggest we do?"
He grins, "We go after the company."
She shakes her head, "It's a nice idea Rafe but you are no where near old enough to even consider that."
He nods, "I know I'm not. But you are at a perfect age. You are young but not to young. You have a family. And to top it all off, you are the true heiress to the family."
She is confused, "What are you saying?"
He grins, "You need to run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."
Liz is very shocked.

Side of Road:

Vi is in front of her car.
She is messing with everything under the hood.
She sees a car coming.
It's the one she's been waiting for.
Coop is driving home after working at school all night.
He notices one of his students standing by her car on the road.
He stops, "Vi? Is everything okay?"
She pushes out some tears, "My car is messed up and I don't know what to do. I've been here all day. No one stopped for me! And I have been scared out of my mind."
He gets out, "Hey it's okay. I know a thing or two about cars so maybe I could give it a look."
She gasp, "Oh would you? Please. Oh Coop that would be just amazing!"
He nods, "Just remember you need to get into the habit of calling me Mr. Bradshaw now that I'm your teacher."
She nods, "Of course."
He looks under the hood, "This is a nice car."
She smiles, "Thanks. I got it for my 18th birthday. When I turned 18 and became an adult."
He nods, "Oh that's cool. That's always an exciting time."
She grins, "It's a very exciting and life changing time."
He turns to her, "Could anyone have messed with your car?"
She is confused, "What do you mean?"
He looks down, "Well it looks like someone just went in and started clawing at everything. Whoever did it didn't know what they were doing I guess."
Vi looks over, "Is my car alright?"
Coop looks in it, "I guess we'll see."
Vi sighs, "Well if it's not working I just hope I can get a ride home from someone."
Vi can't keep her eyes off of Coop as he leans over her car.


Michelle and Bill are walking around.
Michelle grins, "I can't believe how great this place has turned out. We're going to be able to open it soon!"
Bill nods, "Yep. We worked really hard and it actually paid off you know. I think we did a good job."
Michelle grins, "This never seemed like it was going to get done and now it's actually here."
He nods, "This place is going to be so great. I think everyone in Springfield is going to want to come here."
She turns to him, "What do you think about Danny and Ava, you know what they would think of all of this?"
Bill looks around, "Well I mean the original design Ava had was a little more out there and the design really wouldn't have worked out so we had no choice but to make changes. And Danny's original construction plan had a few missing details and mistakes but I think overall it's along the lines with what he had in mind. So I think they might be happy with the outcome."
Michelle looks down.
Bill turns to her, "Oh I see."
She looks up, "See what?"
Bill sighs, "We weren't talking about how they would feel about the club really were we? You wanted to know how Danny and Ava would feel about you and I growing closer as we built this place?"
Michelle stares into Bill's eyes.

Law Office:

Jeffrey has been working late.
Marah was worried about him so she has come to check up on her boyfriend and make sure everything is okay.
Marah knocks on the door.
No one answers.
Marah lets herself in.
Jeffrey is sitting at his desk.
Marah walks over, "Hey Jeffrey. Is everything okay? You've been here for a long time."
He sighs, "Oh God. I'm so sorry. I don't know where my head has been. I just got really caught up. You must have been worried sick. I am just so sorry Marah. I'll make it up to you."
She walks over and looks at his papers, "Is this Cassie's stuff? It has her name on it?"
He nods, "Actually yes. I was just reading her information on what to do with everything and how to handle these situations."
Marah looks at him, "What situations?"
Jeffrey looks up, "In which she is in a coma and hooked up to machines. You know."
Marah sighs, "Oh God. I can't believe she even thought about that."
Jeffrey nods, "Well after Richard died I guess she really put thought into it."
Marah looks at him, "And?"
He looks up at Marah, "After a few months she request that the plug be pulled."
Marah stares in shock.


Side of Road:
Coop keeps trying to work on Vi's car.
He looks up, "Okay try it now."
Vi turn the key but the car doesn't start, "Sorry."
He sighs, "Okay well I can give you a lift home. And you can talk to your Dad about getting your car."
She grins, "Really? Oh that would be great Mr. Bradshaw."
He nods, "Not a problem."
The two get into the car.
Vi sits in her seat, "Oh I can't seem to get this seat to buckle."
Coop leans over and helps her, "You got to pull a little harder."
She smirks, "I will keep that in mind."
Coop starts driving, "Your house is on my way to the Beacon."
She turns to him, "The Beacon? Are you staying there?"
He nods, "Yes. I am. I moved out of Company."
She sighs, "Well it's silly to stay at a hotel. You know we have room at our house if you..."
He laughs, "Yeah I'm sure that would be a good idea."
Vi giggles, "Oh yeah. I was just joking. Are you moving out because of Ashlee Wolfe?"
He sighs, "I can't talk about that with you Ms. Grant."
She laughs, "You're silly. I know that you two broke up."
Coop turns to her, "You seem to know a lot."
Vi sighs, "Well keep in mind your sister is dating my father."
Coop nods, "That's true."
Vi smiles, "Sorry but I think a handsome man like you shouldn't have to be single."
Coop continues to laugh at all of Vi's 'jokes' as he drives her home.

Michelle walks away from Bill, "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make things awkward for you."
Bill follows her, "Michelle it's really not. Listen, I think it's something that we should address. We are sort of dating now."
She laughs, "I don't know. It still feels weird calling it dating. We aren't acting any differently then we did before, just we kiss now."
He laughs, "So far all we've done is kiss."
She shoves him, "You Bill Lewis are a goofball. And you are sweet and funny. You are my best friend."
Bill holds her hand, "But I'm no Danny. That's why it's different for each of us. With Ava I feel guilt. It's not like she was the love of my life. But she was my wife and the mother of my child. I slept with her mother behind her back. But Danny is the love of your life. And he always will be."
Michelle nods, "Danny is my true love. But the fact is that he is gone. It took me a while. But thanks to you I can move on and be a good mother to both of my children."
He shakes his head, "You never needed me to be a good mother to your children Michelle."
Michelle hugs Bill, "You have no idea how much I've needed you these past few months."
Bill nods, "I have a pretty good idea."
The two kiss.

Old Cabin:
Cyrus throws Gus on the couch, "Will you get a hold of yourself."
Susan looks at Olivia, "Why are you here? Cyrus why is she here?"
Olivia sighs, "It's nice to see you too Susan."
Cyrus looks at Gus.
He is very tired.
Cyrus helps him up, "I'm going to take him to the bedroom."
Cyrus walks Gus into the other room and lays him on the bed.
He walks back into the other room.
Olivia sighs, "I should probably lock that door too."
Susan pulls out a video camera, "Cyrus why do we need this?"
Cyrus sighs, "Well I think it might be a good idea if we set these up around the cabin. That way you and Gus can remember how you act tonight."
Susan laughs, "Oh that will be swell."
Cyrus turns to Olivia, "Okay. I need you to keep an eye on them. I got a text message. Harley needs me."
Olivia shakes her head, "I don't think so that wasn't a part of your plan."
He sighs, "Listen. Harley is very upset right now. I'll be quick."
Cyrus rushes out before Olivia can stop him.
Susan laughs, "Where did the Aussie go?"
Olivia turns to her, "It doesn't matter. He'll be back."
Susan sighs, "So Gus is popping pills again?"
Olivia nods, "Unfortunately but I'm going to help him."
Susan sits back, "Well I hope your ready. This is going to be a long night!"
Olivia can't believe what she has gotten herself into.

Law Office:
Marah sits in the chair on the other side of Jeffrey's desk.
She is stunned, "So. If she doesn't wake up in the next couple of months... then we have to tell my family that it's time to let her go?"
Jeffrey nods, "Unless she shows a sign of progress... yes."
Marah shakes her head, "Oh God! I mean... I know that in her last year she wasn't herself but, it's still my Aunt Cassie."
He nods, "I know. She was one of my first loves."
Marah sighs, "I can't believe what this will do to my family. They still haven't gotten over losing Tammy."
Jeffrey nods, "RJ will lose the only person in the world that hasn't died on him."
She has tears in her eyes, "Oh God RJ! Oh no. RJ. He hasn't even started high school yet. He lost his father before he was born, he lost his other father when he was young. He lost his sister two years ago. Now his mother? This isn't fair."
He sighs, "The poor kid deserves better."
Marah looks at him, "Wait. He's still a kid. So what's going to happen to him. We can't let him go into foster care. Cassie would hate that."
Jeffrey looks through the papers, "I haven't gotten there yet. Who is his legal guardian now."
Marah nods, "It's probably my father. Oh God please don't be Edmund."
Jeffrey stares at the papers, "It's not Edmund. Or Josh."
Marah is confused, "Then who is it?"
Jeffrey looks up at her, "It's me."
Marah looks down to see Jeffrey's name.

Spaulding Mansion:
Liz turns to her cousin, "Rafe. I don't understand. You want me to run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."
Rafe nods, "I know. It's a brilliant plan. You don't need to thank me. But you can."
She shakes her head, "My father is running for CEO."
Rafe nods, "I'm aware. But your father has had a lot of stress in his life. Do you remember what happened last time he had too much stress in his life."
She turns to him, "You weren't here."
He nods, "But I've heard a lot about it. Your father seems to be in good shape now. Do you really want to let the company ruin that."
Liz sighs, "But listen to yourself. The company drives people crazy. Look at my Father, Granddad, Cassie. They all went nuts with this company. I would fall to the same fate."
He shakes his head, "No. No you won't. Your young and healthy. Liz I believe in you. Why can't you believe in yourself."
Liz turns away, "I don't know."
He sighs, "I didn't want to put it like this. But let's say Alan Michael wins. Then he will be CEO. Him and Mel and Leah. They will be the front family. You and your parents, and siblings will all be pushed aside. Alan Michael has always been jealous of your father."
Liz nods, "Your right about that."
He walks her over to a mirror, "Look at you. You are Elizabeth Spaulding. All this will do is help insure that your family has the best shot at winning. This is your legacy Liz. It's Sarah's legacy. One day Spaulding Enterprises will be hers."
Liz nods, "Sarah."
The two cousins contemplate the decision.

Dinah looks at Annie, "So you want me to manipulate people for you? Is that really why you asked me here?"
Annie shakes her head, "No. I asked you here because I want you to ride with me to the top."
Dinah looks at her, "Sweetie I am at the top. I have all the of my dreams come true. I have a family, a home. A great job. I've turned my life around. Why should I risk it all for you?"
Annie corrects her, "You aren't risking anything. Dinah. All you are doing is getting in a huge deal."
Dinah sits up, "Okay. This is where I'm confused. What exactly do you need from me. Spill."
Annie sighs, "You still have stock in Spaulding Enterprises. Correct?"
Dinah nods, "Oh so you want my endorsement and my vote?"
Annie grins, "Precisely. I'm honest. I need you to vote for me and convince others to vote for me."
Dinah sighs, "What do I get out of this deal Annie?"
Annie smiles, "Anything you want. With friend in great power, the possibilities are endless. Dinah you have two children. Wouldn't you like to know that you can do everything in the world to keep them safe?"
Dinah sits closer, "You got yourself a deal Annie."
Annie nods, "You won't be sorry."
Dinah grabs her phone, "Now stick with me and I'll help you keep that chair at Spaulding. But there is one other person we need."
Dinah gets ready to enlist another partner.

Dinah and Annie bring in their next partner
A shocking night at the cabin
Marah and Jeffrey make a decision
Coop brings Vi home
Cyrus gets attacked!


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