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Episode 138



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Many shocking reveals in Springfield.....


Josh, Reva, Jeffrey, and Marah sit in the waiting room.
They are waiting for news on what happened to Cassandra.
Everyone is tense.
Dr. Michelle Bauer walks over.
They all stand up.
Reva sighs, "So what have you found out?"
Michelle sighs, "Well they were able to remove the tumor from her head."
Reva takes a deep breathe, "Thank goodness."
Jeffrey nods, "So she's got a lot of healing to do huh?"
Michelle sighs, "More than you know. I'm sorry but there were complications in the surgery as we warned. They tried to help her. But there was some damage done to her brain. And we will not know what the problems are until when she wakes up."
Josh is confused, "Wakes up?"
Michelle nods, "She has been comatose since her surgery. I'm sorry. But until she wakes up we won't know anything."
Marah nods, "How long will that Michelle?"
Michelle sighs, "We don't know."
Reva has tears in her eyes, "So your saying that they got the tumor, but she suffered brain damage that we won't know about until she wakes up and that may never even happen!"
Michelle sighs, "I'm so sorry."
Josh sits Reva down.
Michelle hugs her friend Marah before she leaves the family to have their alone time.


After Emma leaves Olivia goes downstairs.
She is checking on Gus who is lying on the floor of his room.
Gus scoffs, "Go away Olivia!"
Olivia looks around, "You know the maids complained about your room? I've never gotten complaints like that before."
Gus sighs, "You know I once dated a hotel maid."
Olivia nods, "Natalia. I know. Listen Gus. Do you really want Natalia to find out about this when she comes back to work?"
Gus shakes his head, "No."
She looks at him, "What about the maids. What if they above me? And then you and Harley end up losing Belinda. And maybe Angela. Then do you think Harley will let you see Zach or Jude anymore? Rafe won't want anything to do with you after that. You will be all alone. Is that what you want?"
Gus sighs, "You don't understand."
Olivia nods, "Oh yes I do. Bill helped me deal with my alcoholism. Now I'm returning the favor by helping you deal with your pill popping. Gus whether we like it or not we are friends now."
He rubs her face, "Just friends?"
Olivia sighs, "More than friends. Less than lovers."
Olivia helps Gus into bed.

Harley's House:

Cyrus walks down the hall.
Susan is throwing up with the bathroom door open.
He walks in, "Oh God! Susan what the hell?"
She laughs, "I can't get up."
He helps her to her feet, "Your mother is pulling into the driveway. You want her to smack you?"
Susan laughs, "She can. I can't even feel my face."
He takes her into her bedroom.
Just then Harley comes inside.
She walks up the stairs.
She is getting ready to see Susan but goes into the other bedroom first.
Belinda is sitting on her bed.
She wipes tears when Harley walks in, "What?"
Harley sighs, "Are you okay sweetheart?"
Belinda shakes her head, "I'm fine."
Harley sits next to her, "What's that in your hand?"
She opens it up.
A necklace with the letter C on it.
Belinda sighs, "It was the only thing I had from my mother. I don't even know what it means."
Harley sighs, "Well Dinah said that she named you Chamberlin. After Vanessa's maiden name. Vanessa is Dinah's mother."
Belinda nods, "My Grandmother."
Harley slowly nods, "Yes. Then you got nicknamed Lin for short. Then the Driscolls gave you the full name Belinda."
Belinda stares at the necklace, "I always wondered if one day my real mother would come back and find me."
Harley's heart breaks.

Malah House:

Mallet walks over to Dinah, "Hello."
She sighs, "Hey."
He looks at her, "I think maybe we should talk."
She turns to him, "About?"
Mallet sighs, "Everything."
Dinah nods, "Mallet I'm not going to apologize for what I did. I was not going to let Cyrus Foley back into my life."
Mallet sighs, "Why couldn't you come to me? Why couldn't you trust and confide in me?"
Dinah sighs, "I don't know. Mallet I just didn't want you to look at me that way."
He is confused, "What way?"
She sighs, "The way you are looking at me right now. That look of disappointment and frustration. I hate it when you look at me like that."
Mallet looks at her, "Dinah I love you. I'm not trying to upset you. I want you to get custody of Belinda. But you need to believe in me. You need to believe in us."
Dinah takes a deep breathe, "I wish I could tell you that was going to be easy for me. But Belinda coming back into my life has complicated me. She fills me with so much happiness. But my motherly instincts are even stronger now. I have her and Anthony to think about. I will do whatever I have to for my children."
Dinah walks away.
Mallet is worried about her.

Spaulding Mansion:

The gates to the Spaulding Mansion are open.
Cassandra's reign has ended.
Phillip, Beth, and Liz walk inside.
Phillip smiles, "It feels good being back here."
Beth smiles, "I know what you mean."
Liz looks around, "It feels like the old days."
Phillip looks over at his daughter, "You know you are welcome to move back in with Sarah."
Liz sighs, "Jonathan wouldn't want to move back in here. And I want to stay close with him. Sarah should have us both under one roof with her."
Beth grins, "Well soon we'll all be back here. Once your father is back in the CEO chair."
Alan Michael's voice, "My chair."
Alan Michael, Mel, Alexandra, and Rafe walk up.
Alexandra sighs, "Now boys come on. Let's all be happy that Cassie is out of here and we are back home."
Alan Michael shakes his head, "I just don't want Phillip to get his heart set on being CEO. I will be the CEO of Spaulding Phillip."
Phillip sighs, "I'm not trying to hurt you little brother. But I have plans for this family."
Mel nods, "So does Alan Michael."
Beth scoffs, "Mel why don't we stay out of this."
Mel shakes her head, "Well unlike you two, our relationship is a partnership. I don't need to be some trophy wife."
Rafe walks over to Liz, "We need to talk cousin."
Liz is confused, "What about?"
The two couples are arguing in the middle of the room.
Suddenly they hear a noise.
"Why don't you all stop fighting?"
They all look up at the balcony.
Annie Dutton is looking down on them.

Marina's House:

Marina is crying in her bed.
Shayne walks in, "Can we talk."
Marina sobs, "Leave me alone!"
Shayne sighs, "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was upset and I turned to you for comfort."
She looks at him, "What the hell is wrong with you? I am pregnant. I'm still mourning Danny. I have made it very clear how I feel about you. And you have the nerve to use me in order to make my uncle jealous?"
Shayne sighs, "I wasn't doing that. I was upset and I was lost in the moment. I needed a friend."
She scoffs, "A friend. You know what I do when I need a friend. I cry on their shoulder! I don't screw them and break their heart!"
He looks at her, "Maybe there is a way we can work this out. We live together. We should work through this."
She shakes her head, "No! You go! I'm giving you and Rocky the rest of the month the find a new place. I want you out!"
He sighs, "You don't mean that. We need to do what's best for the baby remember?"
She scoffs, "If you think I still plan on giving you my baby then you aren't just sick you're a fool."
Shayne can't believe what he's hearing.


Harley's House:
Harley looks at Belinda, "Do you wonder about your mother?"
Belinda sighs, "Dinah... that's her name."
Harley nods, "Yes. Dinah."
Belinda looks down, "Uh... that's Clarissa Marler's sister I think."
Harley sighs, "Uh yeah. You know Clarissa. You played with her right? Didn't you go to Dinah's house?"
Belinda nods, "She wasn't there then. We met her husband...."
Harley nods, "Mallet."
Belinda, "Is he my father?"
Harley shakes her head, "No he's not. We'll tell you about your father another time."
Belinda is confused, "We?"
Harley nods, "Yes. Me and Gus."
Belinda looks down, "Not Dinah..."
Harley fights tears, "Okay. I have been doing a lot to keep you with me. But I haven't asked you and that is the first thing I should have done. Now I'm going to ask you. Don't worry about my feelings. This is your chance. You need to tell me the truth. Do you want to be with your biological mother? Do you want to be with Dinah?"
Belinda's eyes fill with tears.

Olivia sits with Gus.
He passed out on his bed.
Olivia stares at him, "Gus Aitoro. I never thought that we'd be friends. I never thought I could just be friends with a man without sleeping with him or something. Gus I have made so many mistakes. And I knew one day I would have to pay for it. That day at the bank I thought was it. But you saved me and now I know. I am paying back, by saving you from yourself."
Olivia gets up.
She walks across the room.
Olivia looks into the mirror, "Who are you kidding? You want to be more than friends. But you'll never be first with him. You've been here before. Josh loved Reva. Phillip loved Beth. Gus loves Harley. Harley is the love of his life. Natalia couldn't change that, neither can I."
Olivia looks at Gus.
She covers him with a blanket.
After that she turns off the light and walks out.
Olivia is in the hallway.
Cyrus is standing there, "Hello Ms. Spencer."
She sighs, "Cyrus Foley. Eaves dropping?"
He sighs, "Gus looks like hell. I hear he's popping pills again."
Olivia nods, "We're trying to keep that to ourselves."
Cyrus smiles, "We?"
Olivia scoffs, "What can I do for you Mr. Foley?"
Cyrus grins, "I think it's we do for ourselves. You can help me Ms. Spencer. And I'll help you."
Olivia stares at Cyrus.

Reva is crying.
Josh hugs her, "I'm so sorry Reva."
Reva sighs, "I have not even spent much time with my sister this past year. She hated me. Now she may never wake up. I guess I always figured one day we'd be close again."
Josh nods, "You will be. I know that I had a lot to do with what happened to Cassie. I will never forgive myself for it."
Reva shakes her head, "Joshua. It wasn't that. Tammy's death changed everything. She was never the same after that."
Jeffrey walks over, "Before that. She was a different woman. It all was a spiral down. Then Tammy died she just lost it."
Marah looks around, "She knew about the tumor before Tammy. What could have happened that caused her to not want to fight?"
Michelle sighs, "I think we all know who did that."
Edmund walks in the doors, "Where is she? Where is Cassie?"
All eyes are on him.
Jeffrey sighs, "Edmund get the hell out of here. You aren't welcome."
Edmund scoffs, "Me. I'm her only friend. You people aren't even in her life anymore."
Reva looks at him, "You bastard! You are the reason."
Edmund is confused, "What are you talking about?"
Jeffrey sighs, "Cassie's brain tumor."
Edmund looks around, "Yes. How long did she have it?"
Josh sighs, "Years Edmund. She found out shortly after you were locked up."
Edmund turns to Michelle, "Where is she?"
Michelle backs away, "Edmund I told you never to speak to me. Get out of this hospital before I have you thrown out."
Michelle walks away.
A frustrated Edmund leaves Cedars.
Jeffrey goes to make a phone call.
Marah sneaks outside.
Marah follows Edmund, "Hey. Edmund."
He turns, "You come to yell at me too?"
Marah sighs, "I will tell you the information on Cassie."
Edmund shakes his head, "Why do you want to help me?"
Marah looks at him, "I don't blame you for Cassie."
Edmund looks confused towards Marah.

Marina's House:
Shayne stares at Marina, "Please don't say that."
Marina looks at him, "I never should have promised to give you my child. You would be a horrible father. You and Rocky would ruin this child's life. You don't even love each other."
Shayne sighs, "Marina you don't understand..."
She shouts, "No you don't understand. You don't even understand what love is! One day you love women the next you love men, then women, then men! What are you Shayne!"
Shayne sighs, "It's not that simple! Marina please! I'm so sorry. I know I hurt you. But I love this child."
Marina turns to him, "Well we have something in common because so do I. And I will never let you anywhere near it."
He stares, "But Rocky and I have been buying baby toys and designing a nursery and picking out names."
Marina remains on her bed, "I don't care. I'm not going to tell Rocky. I'll let you do that."
Shayne sighs, "About the baby or about what happened?"
Marina has tears in her eyes, "Both."
A very upset Shayne leaves her room.
Marina cries herself to sleep.

Malah House:
Dinah is sitting on the stairs.
Mallet sits next to her, "Babe you know that I will stand by you through this. Every step of the way."
Dinah sighs, "But that's the thing. I don't want you to do that. I don't want you to have to do these things for me."
Mallet looks at her, "Listen. Anthony, he is our child. Belinda is your child, that makes her my child too."
Dinah has tears in her eyes, "Do you really mean that?"
He nods, "I do Dinah. You are my wife. My love. Everything. We'll all be a family. You, me, Maureen, Belinda, Anthony. One big happy family in our beautiful home."
Dinah grins, "It's the life that I always wanted."
Suddenly the doorbell rings.
They both get up.
Dinah opens the door.
Harley is standing there holding bags.
Dinah stares at her, "What are you doing here Harley?"
Harley has a blank expression on her face, "Don't let me change my mind Dinah."
Mallet walks over, "Change your mind about what?"
Harley sighs, "She's in the car. Your daughter is waiting for you Dinah."
Dinah can't believe what Harley is doing for her.

Spaulding Mansion:
Annie Dutton looks down at the Spauldings, "Hello. I haven't seen any of you in a long time. Phillip, Beth. Lizzie you have grown up. Alex, Alan Michael. You Spauldings. I've heard a lot."
Phillip looks up, "Annie why are you here?"
Alex scoffs, "Look what the cat dragged in."
Annie sighs, "Like any of you have room to talk. I know what you have done to the Lewis family."
Phillip nods, "What we did?"
Annie sighs, "I guess Alan was in charge but the Spauldings didn't stop him. You all have a lot to make up for just like me."
Liz sighs, "What do you want from us?"
Annie looks at them, "Josh has been good to me. Ever since I came back. I won't let you hurt him or his family again."
Alan Michael scoffs, "Annie Dutton get out of our home."
Annie shakes her head, "It's not your house. Last I heard the rules still were that whoever the CEO was had control of the house. That's Cassie."
Beth sighs, "Annie, Cassie was announced to be comatose this morning. She is not going to in her chair as CEO."
Annie nods, "So did she appoint anyone to take her place in case she didn't make it?"
Phillip sighs, "Edmund Winslow I'm sure. But we can handle Edmund."
Annie shakes her head, "You know I spoke with Cassie my first day back here. She told me about Tammy. It's tragic. She also told me that she broke up with Edmund."
Alex gets frustrated, "What are you talking about?"
Annie sighs, "She told me who she named her replacement if something happened. That person signed papers. And is now CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."
Phillip looks up, "Who is in control of Spaulding?"
Annie looks down from the balcony, "That would be me."
The Spauldings stare in shock.
Annie Dutton is in full control of Spaulding Enterprises.

The Spauldings aren't happy with Annie
Cyrus tells Olivia his plan
Harley gives Belinda to the Mallet's
Ashlee makes an enemy
Reva and Josh argue
Shayne and Rocky have a serious talk!


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