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Winter Casting News!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The Bitch it Back!


Cynthia Watros will return to Springfield as the real Annie Dutton! The mental state of Annie remains a mystery. But rumors are that she'll get involved in the Josh/Reva/Chancler story. As well as share scenes with her friend Dinah and her ex Alan.

Cooplee Continues


Caitlin Van Zandt and John Driscoll return as popular couple Coop and Ashlee. Expect to see them as a more mature couple. And Ashlee has some HUGE stuff coming up. They both have had big experiences and each chose careers that bring them back home.

M and M Recast!


Bethany Joy Galleoti makes her final appearence as Dr. Michelle Bauer. And Soap Vet Heather Tom steps into the role. Michelle is going to get in touch with her Bauer roots, be a good mother, and lean on her close friend.

Also the role of Marah is being recast. Natalia Livingston is exiting from the role. Storyline dictated of course. Martha Madison will take over as Marah. She is a good fit with the Shayne women and will be taking Marah to a much different place.

The Villian is Gone!


Nicole Forester is out! Cassandra Spaulding ends her reign as the head bitch of Springfield in February. There will be a huge way of her being written off. This has been confirmed to be the end of the Cassandra Spaulding Era. However is it the end of Cassie Winslow?

Mommy Dearest


Orlaugh Cassidy exits as Doris Wolfe. Which oddly is connected to the return of Doris's daughter Ashlee.

Other rumors:

Krista Tesreau and Terrell Anthony may exit as Mindy and Rusty at the end of the winter.

Bree Williamson is rumored to be joining the cast. The character is currently beng reffered
to as "Sally".


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I love all the casting changes and I cant wait to see Annie. I love Heather Tom and SO damn happy that Ashlee and Coop are coming back. I cant wait to see what they r up to!!

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Annie is going to rock Springfield. I have BIG plans for her.

Heather Tom will take over as Michelle next week.

Ashlee and Coop will return in early 09. Big plans for them. Expect to see them much more mature and with new careers in mind.

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