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Episode 112



Springfield Mourns Danny......


A service of sorts is going on for Danny.
No snow today. The weather is only slightly chilly.
Flowers may not be beautiful. But somehow it's what Danny would want.
Michelle walks around.
Bill approaches her, "Hey I'm so sorry."
She hugs him, "Oh I'm so glad that your here. I need you today."
He looks at her. "I know this will be difficult. But you were there for me right when Ava went into her coma. You saved my Son."
Michelle smiles, "Anything for my best friend."
Across the path Marina sits looking at a picture of Danny.
She sighs, "I miss you."
Just then she hears a familiar voice, "Oh Baby."
Marina tuns around to see her father, "Daddy!"
He hugs her, "Oh Marina. I'm so sorry."
Marina is happy to see him, "Where is Mom?"
He sighs, "She wasn't able to come. But she misses you and really wanted to be here."
Marina nods, "I know. I'm just glad your here because I really need my Dad today."
Marina cries on her father's shoulder.
Father Ray walks over, "Thank you everyone for being here for my cousin. The amazing Daniel Santos."

Harley's House:

Harley walks dowstairs, "I don't know what to wear."
Cyrus is on the couch, "I thought you already had the dress picked out?"
She sighs, "Well it's not s funeral. Oh I just... I want to be strong for Marina. She is really upset right now."
Cyrus walks over, "You are a very good Aunt. So did your father take the children?"
She nods, "Yes. But we still have to drive seperated. I don't think it's time for my family to know about us. Especially Marina. She is your ex."
Cyrus sihgs, "It's not like I'm still with her. You wouldn't have got together with me if I was with Marina."
She nods, "Yes. But there is still bad blood. She dumped you when she found out you were Guillespie's brother."
Cyrus sits, "That is something that everyoen is gonna question. That and of course, Gus."
Harley sits with him, "Don't worry about that. Gus is my love but we are done. I'm moving on with you."
Cyrus sigh, "Is Gus moved on?"
She shakes her head, "No. I think he's still confused about things. And now Natalia is with Alan. But all I want is Gus to find the happiness with someone like I have with you. I don't care who it's with."
The two hug.


Gus is waiting in a long line.
All of the sudden a woman cuts in front of him.
He taps on her shoulder.
The woman turns aorund.
It's Olivia, "What?"
Gus scoffs, "Olivia you just cut me."
She sighs, "Listen I have places to go. I have a business to run. Can you just stop your bitching?"
He taps on her shoulder again.
She shoves his hand away, "Hey! This jacket is new. It's white, clean, and cost me more money then my car. Don't touch it!"
Gus laughs, "Wow. Olivia you really are the same woman you've always been. I mean is this really the kind of person you want to be?"
She turns to him, "I guess so! It's been working for me this long."
Gus laughs, "Olivia you need a good man in your life. Someone who save you from yourself. If only you hadn't screwed things up with Bill or Josh."
She cackles, "Me? Your the one who needs someone. You know I don't know what Natalia ever saw in you. Believe it or not I don't think your good enough for Harley."
He shakes his head, "When are you gonna get a wake up call?"
She scoffs, "What about you?"
Just then two men run in.
One runs to the registe with a gun.
The other recognizes Gus as a cop and aims his gun at them.
Gus and Olivia are in shock.

Ray talks about Danny, "My cousin was a great man. Misunderstood. All he wanted was to do right by his family. All of his families. When you were loved by Danny you knew it. Danny loved with such passion. Maybe that's why the most amazing women in Springfield loved him. I take comfort in the fact that Danny is watching over us with God. He'll be able to watch over us all. We love you Danny."
Marina is up next, "Danny was just the best. He made me feel so special and he was just everything. He was smart, funny, handsome, kind, giving, passionate. Danny was my dream guy. Danny was my dream come true. I will always treasure the short time that we had togehter. And I am grateful that I had him in my life even if it was cut short. I love you Danny."
Later it's Michelle's turn to talk, "Danny was... Danny's spirit was so strong He saw something in me. He made me a woman, a grown up. We fell in love here. In Springfield. So many memories. I will never forget any of it. Not a moment. Danny, you... thank you. Thank you for our beautiful children. I will take care of them. I promise. I will be there for you. I know you'll be there for the dances, the gradutations, the weddings," Michelle sobs, "Thank you for all you gave Springfield. And all you didn't get a chance to show us. We'll be together someday. I love you Danny. It's not over yet."
Michelle sits down and holds her children.
Father Ray says a prayre for Danny.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra and Edmund sit in the diningroom.
He looks at her, "You know today there is a service for Danny Santos."
She sighs, "I'm aware of that Edmund."
He nods, "Well I was wondering if you would be attending."
She shakes her head, "No. Why?"
He sighs, "You and Danny were very close once."
She nods, "We were friends. But we grew apart."
He stands, "I think we should go. You know? Make an appearance."
She scoffs, "You are insane if you think they would let you anywhere near that place."
Edmund laughs, "Since when has that stopped me?"
She gets up, "You hurt Danny and Michelle. You know I've let go but I haven't forgot what you did. You took Hope from them. You made me believe she was our baby! And then I had to give her up and after that I was never the same. And Danny and Michelle weren't either."
Edmund shakes his head, "You sound like the rest of them."
She sighs, "I'm not like them. But I am ordering you to stay away from that service or else."
She walks away.

Reva Bend:

Reva sits with her family.
Hawk hugs Roxie, "Oh. My Baby Girl! Look at ya!"
Roxie grins, "Oh I've missed you Pop!"
Rusty smiles, "You look great Sister."
Reva stands, "Oh it's so great to have the whole family together again."
Hawk looks at his children, "Your Mama would be so happy to see you 3 togehter again. Reva, Rusty, and Roxie. Our babies."
Roxie sighs, "I am so glad to be back you guys. I mean I've missed so much since I've been gone."
Rusty smiles, "Well we all have a lot to talk about."
Hawk looks at his watch, "Hey I need to go run an errand. So I'm gonna let you all catch up. I'll be back."
Hawk leaves.
The three sit togeter.
Reva smiles, "It's just like when we were kids. We would all talk whenever we were alone. Now it's time to get down the big talks."
Rusty smiles, "Like you and Josh?"
Roxie smiles, "Or the Doctor."
Rusty turns to her, "Who is the Doctor?"
Reva looks at her, "Stop! It's no one. But what about you two? Anyone in your lives?"
Roxie and Rusty each hesitate.



Marina sits on a bench.
Shayne walks over to her, "Hey how are you?"
She smiles, "I'm okay. I've been sick to my stomach latley. But saying goodbye kind of helped."
He nods, "I'm glad. Danny was a nice guy and I know you loved him a lot."
She sighs, "Yep. I really did. I just need to focus on the future. I just need to find something to look forward too."
Shayne smiles, "Well maybe I can help. I didn't know if you'd be up to it. But... Rocky and I are having our ceremony next week."
She is surprised, "Wow that's sudden."
He nods, "Well I planned it last month. Before the storm. I just planned it for here because it was after my parents almost wedding. Oh but you can't tell Rocky."
She gets confused, "I don't understand."
He smiles, "I'm surprising him."
Marina scoots closer, "Shayne you can't surprise someone with that."
Shayne shakes his head, "He'll love it. I mean he always puts off planning it so I mean maybe he just wants me to take care of it."
Marina nods, "I'll be there. I think I can use something like this to cheer me up."
Shayne hugs her.

Harley's House:
Harley is holding a picture of Susan.
Cyrus sits next to her, "Where was that taken?"
Harley sighs, "An award ceremony. She was on the honor roll."
He turns to her, "I didn't know that."
Harley nods, "Yep. She wss one of the top in her class. She got amazing grades. She was offered a bunch of scholarships and she took one. But she ended up dropping out to..."
Cyrus sighs, "To team up with my brother."
Harley nods, "I guess it's always gonna be difficult to talk about Susan and G."
He sits back, "I know. But they don't live in Springfield anymore. We need to let go. We can hope that someday we see them again but.... you know the possibilities."
She gets up, "Well I have other children to think about. And how are they gonna take this? Finding out that I'm dating you."
Cyrus looks at her, "We can tell them together. We just sit them down and explain. But we'll wait. Right now we need to help Marina."
Harley gives him a kiss.
THen Cyrus leaves in his car.
Harley leaves shortly after.

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra is in her office.
Edmund walks in.
She looks up, "It's polite to knock."
He sighs, "I'm sorry but I just wanted to know how things were going with the plan?"
She turns to him, "What plan Edmund?"
He laughs, "You know with the Lewises, Cross Creek, the baby."
She looks down, "Oh I forgot to inform you of that. Those plans have been dropped."
He shakes his head, "No. I don't understand."
She sighs, "Billy offered me a big deal with anther company we were competeing for so I sold him back the cabin."
Edmund socffs, "What about my Grandson?"
She sighs, "Listen. The baby is cute and all but we just don't have time. I need to focus on the company right now. Sales are down. The economy is in trouble."
He gets angry, "We had a deal!"
She stands up, "If you continue to raise your voice at me I will ask you to leave."
He storms out, "No need!"
Edmund walks outside.
He is dialing on his phone to talk to Alexandra.
Just then two men run up and grab Edmund.
They pull him into a van and drive off.

Reva Bend:
Reva and her siblings are talking.
Rusty sighs, "No woman in my life right now. Just busy with work latley."
Reva laughs, "There must be a curse with being chief of police. Because Frank spent many years single while he held that job."
Roxie looks at her brother, "Well I saw you talking to Mindy. You two seemed to be really close."
He laughs, "Mindy is with Rick. They seem pretty serious again."
Roxie shakes her head, "I doubt it. Besides Rick can't handle Mindy. He needs someone who can give him everything he deserves."
Reva smiles, "Let's talk about something else. You know Christmas is right around the corner. We should get the family together. Us and Daddy, Marah, Shayne, evyrone."
Rusty nods, "Yeah I think it's time for a Shayne Christmas. But will we be inviting our younger sister?"
Reva sighs, "That invitation would probably be burned. Cassie isn't exactly the same woman she used to be."
Rusty nods, "So she has the Mansion now? Thats just weird."
Reva looks down, "We were really close for a while. But after everything that happened with her and Josh... we just haven't been close."
Roxie smiles, "Well now you have your real sister back."
Reva sighs, "Cassie is our real sister. She's just lost right now."
Roxie stands, "Well I hope she stays lost."
Roxie goes to the bathroom.

Laurel Falls:
Michelle sits down.
She looks up at the sky, "Oh Danny. You know this is where I wanted to have the service. But this place is more about us. And today isn't about us it's about you. That's when I realized that I need to stop looking at myself as part of Danny and Michelle. And look at myself as Michelle. I have spent these past years living my Danny and Michelle life. Now it's time for me to be Michelle."
Michelle looks around.
She thinks of all of the memoiies she hsd with Danny.
All of the special moments.
All of the not so special moments.
She cries, "It's just... I don't know how I'm supposed to let you go after you've been my world for so long."
She lays her head down and sobs.

The robber aims the gun at Gus, "Your a cop! Drop you gun!"
Gus shakes his head, "I'm not a cop. I'm a lawyer. I have some ID."
The robber shouts, "Give me your gun!"
Gus looks at him, "I don't have one!"
Olivia yells, "Gus give him your gun!"
Gus turns to her, "Shut up!"
The robber sees it and grabs it.
Gus and Olivia back up with the rest of the people in the bank.
The other guy is getting money from the safe.
Everyone is sitting on the ground.
Gus whipsers to Olivia, "I know who these guys are. They're dangerous don't move."
Olivia worries, "I need to go. I can't stay here they are gonna shoot."
Gus sighs, "Olivia the police will be here soon."
Olivia looks at the door, "I need to go."
She sits up.
Gus whispers, "No. Olivia for the love of God no."
Olivia starts to walk slowly.
The robbers turn to her, "Stop! Get away from the door."
Olivia trembles, "I need to go. I have two daughters. They need me. I have a Grandson. You let me leave I'll go right home. I won't call the cops."
Gus talk to her, "Olivia get back over here."
Olivia shakes her haad, "I can't die."
The robbers shout, "Don't move bitch!"
Olivia keeps walking, "I'm leaving. Okay?"
The robbers are angry, "Don't be a fool."
Gus scoots over that way, "Olivia stop!"
Olivia reaches for the door, "I'm gonna open it and then I'll go okay. 5, 4, 3...."
The roober aims the gun.
Gus shouts, "NO!!!!"
From outside people hear the sound of a gun.
Immidentlay everyone starts screaming.
Someone has been shot!

Michelle lets Danny go!
A victim is discovered
Marina talks with Cyrus
Rusty grills Roxie
Cassandra is upset by what she discovers
Mallet and Dinah welcome their Son


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Oh Olivia you stupid stupid girl. Alls you had to do was jut be patient. Like the robbers were going to let you go. Where's ur common sense girl. I bet Gus and Olvia are headed for a romance. THat would be nice.

harley and Cyrus are acting like school kids. harley is a grwon woman and too old to be hiding her man.

Is Shayne and Rocky getting married?

Nice mention of the ecomony

Now how do we gro from Roxie, to Rusty, to reva then Cassie. 3 r's and one C?

Good episode!!

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Oh yes good luck to the robbers trying to tell Olivia Spencer what to do! LOL!

Gus and Olivia have never liked each other but things may soon change.

Harley and Cyrus will be a real couple soon. I know right now they are being immature but since Cyrus is Marina's ex, Harley knows this isn't the right time.

Oh yes. After Rocky's attack Shayne asked to have a ceremony. They started planning but things got complicated. Shayne is going very fast while Rocky is ready to slow down.

I'm glad you caught the economy part. We have a lot of business stuff coming up and I felt this shouldn't be ignored.

Reva, Rusty, and Roxie grew up as the children of Sarah and Hawk. But when Sarah died she told Reva about her long lost half sister.

Thus Cassie. Who now goes by her full name Cassandra.

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