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All The Days of Their Lives Episode 1!



All The Days of Their Lives Episode 1:

We see the inside of Chez Rouge, all black, with blood splattered everywhere. Pieces of glass are on the floor, and tables and chairs are turned over. A hand is seen. We move over to the body, and see that EJ's dead body is lying on the floor with blood all over him. In his other hand, is a chess piece of a black rook. Bo, Roman, Abe, and many other cops come inside. Bo, Roman, and Abe are dressed in suits.

Bo: This is the second murder so far.

Abe: Is there a chess piece?

Roman bends down, and picks up the chess piece of a black rook.

Roman: Same person.

Bo: This person got away with murder again.

Abe: I guess they wanted to finish the job, since they couldn't finish it at the wedding.

Bo: What time is it?

Roman looks at his watch.

Roman: 12:40

Roman's watch starts to turn counter clockwise very fast.

Saturday November 3rd 2007

Chelsea, Bo, Hope, Chelsea and Ciara walk into Chez Rouge.

Chelsea: So who is this woman again?

Hope: Her name is Vivian Alamain, she is, sorry, was John's aunt.

Bo: I can't believs she's doing all this after paying for the expensive funeural.

Vivian comes behind them.

Vivian: I felt so bad about not comming to the funeural, so I decided a way to see everyone would be to have a party like this in honour of John.

Hope: That is very nice of you.

Vivian looks at Chelsea.

Vivian: Who is this beautiful girl?

Bo: She is my daughter, with Billie.

Vivian: I thought... ok, I won't get into DiMera plots.

Hope: Thats a good idea; one night without thinking aout the DiMera's would be great.

The doors open, and everyone looks. Sami walks in with EJ. Sami looks mad and bitter.

Chelsea goes up to them.

Chelsea: I thought you would still be in the hospital after your shooting.

EJ: Well, I wouldn't want to miss a party in honour of John Black!

Chelsea slaps EJ!

Chelsea: You are not wanted here!

Marleana comes. She puts her hand on Chelsea's shoulder.

Marleana: Chelsea thank you.

She looks at EJ now.

Marleana: EJ get out of here now, or I will throw you out!

EJ: I'm sorry, but I thought I would be welcome sice I'm your son-in-law!

Chelsea: Oh please! You came here to creat more drama!

She looks at Sami now.

Chelsea: Why did you make him come Sami? I'm sure you knew that nobody wouldn't want him here.

Sami doesnt say anything, and just has an empty look on her face.

Chelsea: What the hell is wrong with you!?! Ever since you entered this sham of a marriage, you hardly say a word!

Sami: I need to go to the washroom.

Chelsea: Where's Johnny and Alexis? With grandpa Stefano?

Sami goes into the washroom, and falls to the floor and cries.

Sami: I can't do this anymore.

At the Brady Pub...

Belle is in her and Shawn's room getting ready. She has a robe on. Her phone rings. She answers it.

Belle: Hello.

Shawn: Hey honey, sorry I couldn't make it.

Belle: It's ok, your job is important.

Shawn: How are you today?

Belle: Better than the funeural, but I don't know how long that will last.

Shawn hears a noise on his phone.

Shawn: sorry my phone is dying. I'll call you later.

Belle: Bye.

There is a knock on the door.

Belle: Caroline and Shawn already left; who can that be?

She goes to open the door, and sees Philip standing there.

Belle: What are you doing here?

Philip: I heard Shawn was out of town.

Belle: So?

Philip: Belle, stop beating around the bush, and lets cut to the chase.

Belle: Philip I made a mistake, and it won't happen again.

Philip: This fells familiar. Isn't this how it started the last time? He says then this happened

He kisses her on the cheek.

Belle: No Philip! I can-

Philip (stopping her in midsentence): I love you Belle.

He kisses her on the lips. She lets go, about to say something, but he kisses her again.

Philip: Tell me you don't want this.

She kisses him.

Philip: You want it don't you.

Belle (laughs): Shut up and kiss me

She kisses him, and pushes him against a wall. She starts to unbutton his shirt. He smiles, and takes off her robe. They fall on the bed, and begin to make love.

At the DiMera Mansion...

Stefano is on the phone with Kate.

Stefano: How would you like to go to Chez Rouge with me tonight for John's memorial?

Kate: Stefano stay away! Don't even think about going there! Your just going to make everyone feel worse!

Stefano: Shut up Kate! Will you go with me? Yes or no?

Kate: No!

She hangs up her phone.

Stefano: Women!

Dr. Rolf comes in the room.

Rolf: Where's your grandson, and your step-granddaughter?

Stefano: Samantha wil do just about anything, execpt leave her kids with her!

Rolf: So where are they?

Stefano: Carrie and Austin picked them up last night, and they will be going to Chez Rouge with them later.

Rolf: I need to leave.

Stefano: Where are you going?

Rolf: I have a meeting in Germany tomorrow.

Stefano: I'll see you.

Stefano goes to the stairs.

Stefano (laughing): They said I would never climb stairs again.

He goes up the stairs laughing.'

At Chez Rouge...

Chelsea walks into the washroom to see Sami on the floor, crying.

Chelsea: I'm sorry Sami, I just got upset. I'm not happy that your with EJ.

Sami: It's just been a picnic for me! I have to lock my door, make sure the window lock is locked! I have to have the cribs right next to my bed! I can't take it anymore Chelsea! I just can't!

Chelsea hugs her.

Chelsea: Just leave him! Go back to Lucas!

Sami: And then the DiMera's will strike again!

Chelsea: I hate seeing you like this! Ever since the wedding, I don't think I've seen you smile once.

Sami: I want to go back to the party. Is EJ gone.

Chelsea: I don't know. Before we go back, I have to ask you something.

Sami: What?

Chelsea: Has EJ raped you?

Sami: No! I made sure that will never happen again!

They walk back outside. EJ is sitting at the bar. Marleana hugs Sami. Stephanie, Bo, Hope, Roman, Anna, Caroline, and Shawn are standing there.

Stephanie goes to the bar and orders a drink.

EJ sees her.

EJ: How's your mom and dad doing?

Stephanie: Shut up.

EJ: I'm being sincear! And how are you? I hope your father's ok, after being attacked.

Stephanie: Shut up you bastard!

She pours her drink all over him.

EJ: What is with your family!?!

Hope: Stephanie, what happened?

Stephanie: EJ was bothering me about my dad.

Hope: That son of a-

She walks to him.

Hope: What the hell is wrong with you?

EJ: What did I do now?

Hope: How dare you bother Stephanie like that?

EJ: She's my new cousin, I care how she feels!

Hope: Shut up! You better watch out EJ!

EJ take his phone out, and starts recording.

Hope: Whoever tried to kill you at the wedding will try again, and they will succeed!

EJ stops recording. He whispers in Hope's ear.

EJ: You better watch out, because Steve was attacked, and that girl Morgan was killed; mabye their going after the Brady lovers! Mabye you will be next!

He walks away, leaving Hope with an angry look on her face.

At the Brady Pub:

Belle and Philip are lying in bed. Belle is lying on Philip's chest.

Belle: That was great Philip.

Philip: See Belle, we can have this every night, if you would just leave Shawn.

Belle: Why do we have to ruin the mood?

Philip: Belle I need you! Not just once in a while! I want you with me when I get home, when I eat, when I watch TV, when I go to bed espically.

Belle turns a bit, and kisses Philip.

Belle: Philip, can you meet me tomorrow night?

Philip: Of course! Where?

Belle: Meet me at the loft.

Philip: I thought it was still under construction.

Belle: It was done a while ago, but me and Shawn want to sell it.

Philip: I see where your going with this.

Belle: Buy it Philip.

At the parking lot of Chez Rouge...

Eric Brady gets out of his car. He sees Brady and Chole Black. He goes up to them.

Eric: Hi Brady, Chole. I'm so sorry.

Brady: Thanks.

He hugs him, and then hugs Chole.

Chole: So how have you been?

Eric: Good you guys?

Chole: We've been ok.

Brady: Lets go inside.

They go inside Chez Rouge. Marleana runs up to them and hugs them. Sami comes from the washroom, and sees Eric. He rushes to her, and hugs her.

Sami (with tears in her eyes): Eric, I've missed you so much!

Eric: Me too Sami. So where are my new niece and nephew.

Sami: They will be comming with Carrie and Austin soon.

Bo comes to talk to Eric. They hug.

Bo: So how you've been man?

Eric: Pretty good, I quit my job though.

Sami: Why?

Eric: I'm moving back home.

Sami hugs him.

Sami: Thats great!

Hope comes with Claire and Ciara.

Hope: Hi Eric

Eric: Hey aunt Hope. Are these two who they think they are?

Hope: This is your niece Claire, and your cousin Ciara.

Eric: They are so beautiful! Ciara's just like her mom.

EJ comes to them. He puts his hand out to Eric.

EJ: Hi, you must be Eric Brady, I'm your brother-in-law.

Eric grabs his hand, and pulls him forward. He punches him in the face!

Eric: You stay the hell away from my sister!

EJ: Is that how you welcome all the new family members?

Eric: Only the scum.

Maggie comes. She hugs Eric, and welcomes him.

Maggie: EJ, leave now, or I will call the police.

EJ: Your telling me to leave? He's the one who just punched me!

Maggie gets her phone out: Leave now!

EJ: Fine!

He kisses Sami on the cheek.

EJ: I'll see you later.

Eric: Stay the hell away from that SOB

Sami: He's my husband Eric, thats going to be kind of hard.

Eric: Leave him Sami!

Sami: I can't Eric!

Eric walks away, upset.

Eric sees Roman.

Roman: Hey son!

They hug.

Eric: Hey dad! I missed you!

Roman: Me too.

Eric stretches his hand to Anna.

Eric: Hi, Anna, right?

Anna: Yes, so good to meet you. So how long to you plan to stay in Salem?

Eric: Actually, I'm planning to move to Salem.

Roman: Thats great!

Carrie, Austin, and Belle walk in Chez Rouge, Belle holding Johnny, and Carrie holding Alexis.

Vivian walks up to them.

Vivian: What beautiful children! (She looks at Belle) Sorry about your dad sweetie.

Belle: Thanks Vivian, I'm sorry for your loss too.

Vivian looks at Carrie now: I'm sorry for you too Carrie, he was as much your dad as Belle's.

Carrie: Thanks.

Everyone talks, and the night carries on.

A couple hours later...

Stefano DiMera walks into Chez Rouge! Everyone is shocked at his appearance!

Stefano: Hello everyone; I hope I am welcome to mourn a great man.

Marleana: Get the hell out of here! You are not welcome!

Brady gets up: How dare you show up here? We know it was you who had my father killed!

Stefano: I hate that you think that Brady, your father was a g-

Brady cuts him off: Shut up, and get out! Before I throw you out myself!

Chole and Belle are sitting at a table, Chole holding Claire.

Chole: I should go stop him.

Belle: Leave him, whatever he does to Stefano, he deserves!

Stefano: Fine then. I will leave.

EJ walks in.

EJ: Father, whats wrong, did they not welcome you?

EJ goes to Sami

EJ: How are my children?

Sami: What the hell are you doing here? GET OUT!!!

EJ: Don't talk to me like that! It's getting late, I want my children to come home!

Sami: If they could talk, they would say they wouldn't want to be anywhere near you!

EJ looks shocked at they way Sami is talking to him.

We see the empty wine wall. Guns start to come in the holes! Anna looks behind her, and yells!

Roman: Whats wrong?

The guns start shooting, and everyone starts yelling! Bo pushes Hope over the table, and everyone goes to the ground! The shooting stops.

Bo: Is everyone ok?

The lights go out. More shooting is heard! Everyone is yelling. The lights come back on. Sami looks down, and yells! She sees EJ's dead body on the ground! People are running out of Chez Rouge.

Stefano: Noooo!!! My son! He runs to the body! (He sees a chess piece in his hand)

Cops come to Chez Rouge. They tell everyone to get out. Stefano isn't leaving.

Cop: Sir, were going to have to ask you to leave.

Stefano: This is my son!

Bo: Stefano, get out of here!

Bo, Abe, and Roman leave too to check on everyone.

Next on All The Days of Their Lives:

Bo and Hope are at the Brady Pub.

Bo: This killer has now killed two people.

Hope: Who will be next?

Bo: Let's not talk about that

Hope: Bo we can't ignor it! We need to plan!

Shawn and Belle are in their room.

Belle (on the phone): Ok, I'll be right there, Mr. Smith

Shawn: Who was that?

Belle: Work, I need to go now. Sorry.

Sami, Carrie, Austin, Brady, Eric, and Chole are at the Penthouse with Marleana. There is a knock on the door.

Marleana: What the hell are you doing here Stefano?

Stefano: I'm here to get my grandson.

Belle and Philip are at the loft.

Belle: Philip, I want you so much!

Philip (only in his boxers): Come here

They start making out, and start making love near the fireplace.


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