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The Guiding Light: Episode 079
Saturday, July 28, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble


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At Springfield High, Shayne and Tamy rehearse their speeches privately while the rest of their classmates put the final additions on the auditorium for the ceremony later that night. Tammy tells Shayne that she is going to cry! Shayne tells her not to do that because then Lizzie will cry, then Marina and then he’ll end up consoling them. Tammy laughs as she hugs her cousin. Tammy asks if his special someone is coming to the ceremony and Shayne reveals that he no longer has a special someone, she apologizes and later leaves.


At the farmhouse, Cassie hands Tammy a letter from George Washington University and she questions what that is. Tammy explains that she submitted an application there and wants Cassie too seriously consider letting her go. Cassie questions why she wants to leave Springfield to attend college. Tammy tells her that she wants a fresh start and reminds Cassie that she did say she would be able to attend any university she wanted. Cassie assures her daughter that she has not forgotten that promise and tells her that they will discuss it later. Tammy agrees.


Beth is at Lillian’s distraught over this yet again and realizes that she can’t keep this development from Lizzie, not again especially after she kept Bill and her wedding to Phillip from her. Lizzie arrives at Lillian’s as planned and Beth sits her daughter down. Beth explains what happened the night before with Phillip, Olivia, Alan and the baby. Beth says that she is not willing to work through this with Phillip and that they’ll be getting a divorce. Lizzie becomes furious saying that this is not how things were supposed to happen, not tonight anyway and storms off. Beth wants to go after her but Lillian encourages her to let Lizzie come to terms with this on her own.


After finishing his speech, Shayne and Marina get ready to leave Springfield High. When Shayne goes to open up his locker, he’s horrified by what he sees staring back at him. In large, red block letters the word, “FAG” is written in his locker. He quickly regains his composure before Marina can see and slams the door, the two of them quickly leave together as another student watches from down the hall…


Lizzie bursts into Spaulding Enterprises where she finds her father cleaning out his desk. Lizzie questions, “So it’s true? You slept with Olivia and now Grandfather is kicking you out.” Phillip asks if Lizzie spoke with her mother and when she assures him that she did Phillip tries to give her his side of the story. Lizzie tells him to save his lies, because they won’t work on her not this time! Lizzie says that they had a chance to be a real family again and Phillip blew it to hell! She goes to leave and assures Phillip she will never forgive him for this, NEVER!

:Fade to Black:


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