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The Guiding Light: Episode 078
IN the LIGHT: Affairs at the Spaulding Mansion
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble

This episode features the music of Martina McBride. The song used goes hand in hand with the episode and will make your reading pleasure a little more enjoyable. The link to the song is provided below.


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Lillian Raines held in her hand a brush that she had just used hours earlier to comb Lizzie’s hair. “I can’t believe that your daughter is at her senior prom right now,” Lillian smiled. “Are you about ready to get in bed?” She turned the covers down and fluffed a pillow. “Ed gave you some sleeping pills you should take one. I know I said you should rest but sleep will be better.”

Beth stood in the walk-in closet and rub her stomach it ached somewhat but nothing drastic. “Are you sure that you won’t reconsider?”

“What staying the night?” Lillian questioned as she sat the bottle of pills next to an unopened letter on Beth’s dresser. “No, but thank you for the offer,” she picked up the envelope and looked it over. “Honey what is this letter?”

Appearing from the closet and ignoring the question, “Phillip said that he wanted to talk to me about something tonight and I just think that he may have found us a new house is all.” She waved her hand at Lillian, “This might be your last opportunity to stay in the Spaulding mansion for awhile.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Lilian mumbled as she studied the envelope. “This is from Cedars honey. It was just sitting here on your dresser.”

“Is there a name on it?” Beth finally asked.

“Just Spaulding is all.” She replied, “Should I open it? Do you care Beth?”

“No, not at all,” Beth replied as Lilian slid her finger under the flap and unfolded the letter inside. She quickly read it and recognized what it was and her breath muttered, “Oh Beth.”

“What was it? More notes from Ed? Let me guess, plenty of rest, fluids and no driving for what a week, two weeks?” Beth laughed, “Momma?”

“This wasn’t for you. Silly us, you’re not the only Spaulding in this house, it was for, um…Olivia.”

“Olivia, really? You’re lying Momma and I know when you’re lying, just like you know when I am, give me the paper.”

“I’m not lying Beth it wasn’t for you,” Lillian said sternly.

Beth snatched the paper from Lillian’s tight grip and read the information for herself. Her lips trembled as she read the words. “Is this legitimate?” She finally questioned. “Momma you would know is this a fake or is it real?”

“It looks authentic yes, but that doesn’t mean it is Beth. There could be a mistake or something, errors do happen.”

“And I understand that, but Phillip requested this paternity test not Olivia, not Alan, Phillip. My husband has reason to believe that he’s the father of her baby and…” the realization hit her suddenly, “go home Momma.”


“Don’t patronize me, don’t you dare.” With tears in her eyes, she looked at Lillian, “Go home and leave that to my husband.”

“Leave what to me?” Phillip questioned from the doorway. “What’s going on?”

“Funny I was just about to ask you the same damn thing?” Beth announced!

“Okay.” Phillip responded, “Lillian how are you tonight?”


From the day we met
You made me forget
All my fears
You knew just what to say
And you kissed away
All my tears
I knew this time I had finally found
Someone to build my life around
Be a lover and a friend
After all my heart had put me through
I knew that it was safe with you
What we had would never end...
Wrong Again.


Lillian’s eyes crossed to Beth who was still standing in shock, “Up until about two minutes ago I was one of the happiest women in the world, certainly the happiest woman in Springfield. Beth I’m going downstairs…”

With her back to them both, she spoke calmly, in a reserved and respected manner. “Do you know how many times I have thought to myself, ‘Beth you are so lucky, Phillip is such a good man. Trustworthy and depenable…faithful and honest’ I remind myself every morning, every night how blessed I am to have found you again, how lucky I am to be loved by such a man,” she spun around with the recognizable letter in hand. "But right now, right here it seems like I was wrong."

“Lillian will you excuse us please.” Phillip opened the door, “Beth and I have some things to discuss.”

Lillian looked at Beth who nodded, “I’ll be fine.”

As Phillip turned back to face Beth he met the palm of her hand against the side of his face, “You son-of-a-bitch!” She screamed out in anger. “How long, how long have you known that she was having your baby?”

“Beth…” Phillip spoke in a condescending voice.

“Stop right there, not another word,” she laughed, “I told Momma that you would do that. Speak to me like you talk to Lizzie or the staff around this…place.” The words left a bitter taste in her mouth and she choked back her tears. “It’s amazing…”


“What?” Phillip questioned.

“Take your pick. It’s amazing how you’ve learned to lie with such ease and show no remorse for it. It’s amazing, how much you are like Alan in so many ways yet you think you're so much better than he is. It is amazing that we, that you and I are here again, we’ve only just begun and we’re already finished.”

“I didn’t know that Hannah was mine until the night she was born,” Phillip explained.

“And do you think that makes this better? I don’t give a damn about when you found out, I could care less. What I do care about is what you told me when we got married in Las Vegas,” she shot him a cold look. “You lied to me and then not a hour later you took vows, you made me promises that you could never keep. I asked you Phillip to tell me everything, we were supposed to begin this marriage without any baggage, no secrets. I opened my heart up to you again and this, this is how you repay me? This is how you show your love?” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “So you see I don’t care when you found out about Hannah, because you knew all along. You knew that you and Olivia had slept together, you’re not an idiot so let’s not pretend that you are.” Beth paused and looked up at him. “You love her don’t you?” She asked the question he had been avoiding for months, “We both know the answer to that question so don’t even bother dignifying it with an answer.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Phillip told her. “I wish I could say something that would make sense but I can’t.”

“Why did you marry me again?” Beth questioned directly. “You could have…” she stumbled over her own words and finally managed, “why?”

“Honestly?” Phillip knew he was about to break her heart, “I thought I had lost Olivia for good. I thought that she and Alan were going to make a life together with the baby and that she would forget about what we shared. When you said marry me I thought to myself if I can’t Olivia then…”

“Then what? You would settle for poor, fragile Beth!” She reached up and slapped him across the face for a second time, “I am a lot of things Phillip Granville, but second best to Olivia Spencer-Spaulding is not one of them, not now and not ever again!”

“That is not what I meant,” he attempted to backtrack. “I love you.”


“You love rescuing me? You love the fact that I have spent my entire adult life loving you in some form or another. No matter where I was or who I was with, Edmund or Jim or Bill you knew just like I knew that there was only one man for me, there was only one Phillip.” She shook her head and sighed, “I’ve made so many mistakes, but I think this has to be the biggest one of my life. And the ironic thing about it is that I never saw it coming, I never imagined this of all things would happen. You know how much I hate that woman, how much Alexandra despises her and your father…” she stopped.

“What about my father?” Phillip asked. “Beth…”

“Has no idea, does he? Alan is down there in that study at this very moment playing house with a child he thinks is his own. When were you going to tell him?”

“Olivia is going to tell him in her own time. Beth please don’t do this, I’m asking you…”

“And for some reason you think you are in a position to ask for favors? You’re keeping this from Alan because you love Olivia. He has a right to know the truth. I won’t play this game, I’m going to tell your father the truth.” Beth declared as she stormed down the hallway of the Spaulding mansion!


Everybody swore
They'd seen this before
We'd be fine
And you'd come to see
That you still love me
In good time
And they said there's nothing you can do
It's something that he's going through
It happens to a lot of men
And I told myself that they were right
That you'd wake up and see the light
And I just had to wait till then
Wrong again...


Alan sat on the sofa in the study of the mansion, “I still wish you would have considered Penelope.”

“And I told you long ago there was no way I was naming my child Penelope.” Olivia replied as she folded Hannah’s blanket, “Is she sleeping?”

Alan smiled warmly and kissed her forehead, “Like an angel.” Olivia walked across the room and took the baby in her arms and Alan quickly stole a kiss from her, “I’m glad that you’re home, the both of you.”

“Well, the both of us are glad to be home.” Olivia replied, “Alan there was something that I was going to talk to you about, right after I put Hannah to bed…”

“No time like the present!” Beth burst through the doors with the DNA tests in hand. “Good the both of you are here!”

“Beth what is all this about?” Alan got up from the sofa to check on the baby in Olivia’s arms, “Hannah just went to sleep you don’t want to wake her up do you?”

“Of course not.” Beth looked over her shoulder at Lillian who had followed her down the stairs, “Momma would you take Hannah and put her in her crib upstairs.”

“Thank you, but that won’t be necessary Lillian.” Olivia stopped her, “Beth I don’t know what you’re rambling on about so loudly but I’ll put me baby to bed. Excuse me.”

Beth stepped in front of Olivia stopping her in her tracks. “Give her to my mother right now.” She said in a hushed whisper, “I know everything your two-timing, gold digging bitch.” Olivia glanced to Phillip and then handed the baby to Lillian.


“Is anyone going to tell me what the hell is going on here?” Alan roared, “Beth is there a problem between you and Olivia?”

“Something like that,” Beth flashes Olivia the envelope. “Something has happened Alan, something that I think you have a right to know about.”

“What are you doing?” Olivia questioned. “Why are you doing this, you have no idea what you are about to do Beth…”

“Olivia, I swear to God in heaven if you don’t shut up I will backhand clear across this room. And if you don’t believe me ask Phillip.” Beth warned!

“Phillip?” Alan raised his eyebrows. “Does this have to do with the book that Olivia had published because I thought we resolved that issue awhile ago.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with the book, but it’s nothing I can’t control.” Phillip attempted to get a grip on the situation.

“I’m not backing down from this.” Beth announced, “Do you think I won’t tell him what I know? Why I ever thought that marrying you again was in my best interests I will never know, yet another life alternating mistake. “

“You’ve made plenty.” Olivia smirked. “Send me across the room and see what happens.” She warned.

Beth shook her head, “I’m so done.”

“What is it you’re done with Beth?” Alan questioned.

“This…” she gestured around the room, “I’m through playing games with this damn family.”

Alan flashed her a scornful glare, “Tread lightly Beth. This damn family has provided for you very well if I recall and still is.”

She laughed aloud and thought for a moment, “You…you’re going to lecture me? Don’t even try Alan because Phillip has already tried and failed miserably. I think it’s time that you saw what I did tonight.” She handed him the envelope and announced, “That little girl you were kissing tonight, she’s not your daughter Alan, she doesn’t even have a drop of Spaulding blood in her. Congratulations, you have another granddaughter!”

Alan read the paper closely, “It’s a fake, someone is trying to extort money or something from us. I cannot believe you take that for the truth Beth!”

“It is.” Phillip softly spoke from the back of the room, “She’s my daughter, not yours.”

The room fell silent as Alan rose from the sofa and walked across to the mantle. “He’s known since she was born.” Beth declared, “But it doesn’t end there…”

“Will you shut up?” Olivia seethed with anger. “I think you’ve done enough as it is.”

“I’ve done enough? This is not even remotely my fault, you married Alan, you fell in love with Phillip, you kept the truth from all of us. This is your fault, this is his fault.” She pointed at Phillip.

“ENOUGH!” Alan roared as he slung a picture of him and Phillip from years gone by across the room. “Betrayed by my own son and my wife!” He braced himself against the mantle as Lillian reentered the room.

“Alan, Alan…you need to calm down.” Lillian lectured, “If you’re not careful you’ll have another heart attack.”


“Please he doesn’t have a heart.” Olivia replied. “The only reason we’re here is because Alan replaced my birth control pills with placebos. He tricked us all…”

“That still doesn’t change the facts.” Phillip told her, “I love her and I have for a very long time.” The words stung Beth and Alan bolted across the room but Olivia stepped between him and Phillip.

“You’re going to fight his damn battles now?”

“He’s still your son and you’re parading around her acting like an innocent bystander.”

Alan shook his head, “Get out of my house.” He told Phillip. “You get the hell out of my house and don’t bother coming into Spaulding in the morning you no longer work there.” He looked at Olivia, “As for you…”

“What?” She fired back, “Going to kick me out too? Like a big man, the great and powerful Alan Spaulding…” she laughed and declared, “I’m not going anywhere!”

“Oh the hell you’re not.” Alan grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards the door.

“Get your damn hands off of her!” Phillip yelled, as Olivia broke free from Alan’s grip.

“Both of you get out!” Alan ordered as he headed towards the door.

“Apparently you weren’t listening Alan, darling!” Olivia stopped him. “I’m serious, I’m not going anywhere. Not tonight, not in the morning, not until I get what I want.”

“We have a prenuptial agreement.” Alan explained, “Or where you to busy screwing my son that you forgot.”

“I didn’t forget. But at the end of the day honey there’s only one Mrs. Alan Spaulding and that’s me and if you think she’s going quietly in the night, then you have forgotten who you’re dealing with.”

“You have lost everything Olivia!” Alan told her, “You agreed to those conditions when we got married, now get out!”

“And apparently you’ve forgotten how to read Alan or well at least your lawyer’s. Did you not think I would read that pre-nup, front wards, backwards, inside and out? There’s a loophole and I found it honey.”

“Impossible.” Alan retorted, “That’s the standard pre-nup I’ve used for years.”

“Well apparently all the former Mrs. Spaulding’s didn’t take the time to read the fine print, I did. Both said parties must be in agreement that dissolution of their marriage is in their best interests.” She quoted, “And that’s word-per-word! I just don’t think that is in our best interests Alan, I think we can work it out.”

“You’re crazy.”

“And you’re a fool so that makes us even.” Olivia told him, “So like I said I’m not going. Not until I get exactly what I want from you.” She headed out of the study and met Phillip. He agreed to take her suite at the Beacon and she instructed one of the servants to move everything out of the master suite she shared with Alan.

In the study where two broken souls, “Come on Beth let’s go home.” Lillian spoke, “Alan you’ll work through this you always manage to land on your feet.”

“You can stay Beth.” Alan told her, “There’s no reason for you to leave.”

“I meant what I said about being done with this family. I have no place in this house, in this family. I’m just one in a very long list of former Mrs. Spaulding’s and I’m fine with that.” She kissed his cheek, “Take care Alan.”


And it seemed to me the pain would last
My chance for happiness had passed
Nothing waited 'round the bend
I was sure I'd never find someone
To heal the damage you had done
My poor heart would never mend
Wrong again
Wrong again


Lillian took Beth’s arm, “I need to get my things, clothes, jewelry stuff like that.” Beth explained as she and Lillian met Phillip on the staircase. “Momma why don’t you go and pack James and Lizzie some clothes, I’ll be right up.”

“Is this what you wanted?”

“That’s rich coming from you because by your own admission Olivia is what you wanted, I just simply helped you get her.” Beth grabbed his arm. “I don’t think you will ever comprehend the hurt you have caused me tonight. You will never understand the depth to which I have loved you my entire life Phillip. I never imagined my love for you would ever end, but it has, our love, our life…” a single tear finally fell, “is over. As I walk away from you tonight know that you will regret the day you ever decided I was second best, I promise you you’ll regret ever crossing me.”

Wrong again

:Fade to Black:


Next on 'The Guiding Light...'
- The Class of 2007 Graduation!


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Excellent stuff. Beth and Phillip's confrontation was gripping. Good stuff all around in this episode.

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