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As James places his hand on the MCF’s cloak, someone in the room points a gun at his head, saying cryptically....

Marlena: I wouldn’t do that if I were you, partner.

James, without even looking at Marlena, slowly removes his hand from the MCF and lowers his gun as well. He then takes a few steps back and wipes his face, looking at Marlena with contempt. Everyone else looks at Marlena as well, with Stefano remarking....

Stefano: My, my, my, Roman, she is even a better Pawn for this person than you were for me.

Roman: (Turning to face Stefano) Old man........you better keep that smart crap to yourself. The face is different but the hatred remains the same.

Stefano: More lowly threats from a lowly man. Acting the high and mighty cop, while your WIFE is holding a gun on all of us!!

Roman: My wife is my problem, old man! Remember that!

Stefano: How can I or any of us forget it?! This.......psychotic woman is holding us at gunpoint with a man who loves walking around wearing a smelly CLOAK, for God’s Sakes!!

The MCF speaks up, saying........

MCF (via voice changer): ENOUGH!!! I’m sick of all of you, quite frankly. And, I’m sick of these games. Walking around like this bores me.

The MCF, having manipulated the circumstances in his/her favor, walks away from the group, pausing briefly to look over at Cal, Katherine and Ernesto. Cal looks at the MCF with hatred then looks back down at Ernesto, who tugs at his shirt and quietly says to him.....

Ernesto: I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Really.....I didn’t.

Cal: Well, I would think you would have learned something from what you did last year.

Ernesto: Apparently not, Cal. (Coughing) Didn’t learn a damn thing I guess.

Victor walks over to the three people and bends down next to Ernesto. In a surprising but very touching gesture, he takes Ernesto’s hand. He then tells him..........

Victor: Well, my old friend. Didn’t turn out like you wanted, did it?

Ernesto: No. I guess not.

Both men chuckle at the thought of where everyone is and how this entire situation turned out. The MCF looks on as Ernesto grips Victor’s hand and tells him.......

Ernesto: Thank you. For being a father........to Isabella.......before she died.

Victor: (Pausing) The greatest time of my life, my friend. Amazing, isn’t it? We all were......young men together. You, me, Stefano.......we achieved wealth and power but why do we always learn the most important lessons when it’s too late?

Ernesto: (Having trouble breathing) I don’t know, Victor. I have not one clue.

Stefano walks over and looks down at Ernesto, smiling slightly. Both Katherine and Cal look at Stefano as he then leans over.....and gently kisses Ernesto on his forehead, before taking his other hand and shaking it gently. He then pats Ernesto on his chest and walks back over to the group. Victor then tells Ernesto........

Victor: Well, if this is it, and you see Isabella.......tell her......that I said hello.

Ernesto: I will.......old friend.

Victor then looks at Cal and Katherine and then silently stands up, looks at Ernesto once more, and walks back over to the group. The MCF then responds, saying.......

MCF: How touching.

The guests stand and look at the MCF, who then says that one of his or her guests are missing. When everyone looks around, Lucas says that he doesn’t see Will. Sami and everyone else look around the ballroom but there is no sign of him or Alan, for that matter, as Eric says. Doug, Julie and everyone else look at the MCF and Bo pipes in, demanding to know what has happened to Will. The MCF tells him that Alan has taken Will to another secure location. What is about to happen is not for a young man that age.

But, the MCF assures, he is safe. Sami takes a step towards the MCF and the MCF holds her at bay, telling her.....

MCF: The mother lioness trying to protect her damaged cub. Sickening if you ask me.

Lucas: Who asked you, you psychotic bastard?!

MCF: Watch your mouth, boy!! Don’t ever think that you are man enough to deal with me, ok?

Victor: Then, if he isn’t, maybe I and my men are.

Just then, Nico bursts into the ballroom along with several armed men. Stefano smiles at his old friend as Victor turns to look at Stefano and then turns back to look at the MCF. One of the men walks over to the MCF and yanks his helmet off, revealing the face....

Of Steven Johnson, who tells the MCF......

Steve: Whose got the drop this time, !@#$%^&*]?

Steve then turns and walks towards Victor, shaking his hand and thanking him for including him in this thing. Victor, having been joined by Stefano, Roman and Bo, tells Steve that it was his duty to see that not one other person was harmed by this person. He knows that he kept his word.....and that his dear Isabella just might be proud of him right now. Bo seems to think so, slapping Victor on his back while flashing a huge smile on his face. Roman walks over to the MCF and demands that the person release everyone on the ship, to which the MCF replies.....

MCF: Dear, dear Roman. Do you honestly think it would be that easy? OF COURSE NOT!!!!!

The MCF slowly reaches into their inside jacket and pulls out a device. A timing device. The MCF then tells the guests that.....

MCF: Now, did you honestly think that any of you would get off this ship alive?! How could you sell a person short who got a cruise ship into the middle of Illinois?!

The group reflect on that for a moment before Frankie maneuvers his way past some of the guests, trying to get closer to Marlena. The MCF’s attention is on the men standing in front of him or her as Billie and Eric see what Frankie is doing and slowly walk in front of him, shielding him from the MCF while he gets closer and closer to Marlena, who is still holding her gun towards Roman. Forrest looks on in silence, thinking to himself that maybe it would have been best to stay where he was at instead of getting mixed up with the MCF.

At that very moment, Frankie springs up and grabs for the gun that Marlena is holding. Tony launches himself at the MCF but is grabbed by a man from behind. The guests then realize that other than Steve and Nico, the other men that he came in with work for one person...........the MCF! Frankie was successful in getting the gun away from Marlena and a huge fight now ensues with Cal jumping off of the stage onto a guard while Bo takes two huge steps and tackles another guard.

Roman elbows the guard standing behind him in the gut while Eric takes a swing at another guard. Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Hope, Belle, Carrie, Sami, Kate, Greta, Lexie, Celeste, Cassie, Anna, Abby, Chelsea, and Kayla all back into a corner and watch this free for all as Roman, Bo, Austin, Lucas, Jack, Max, Shane, Abe, Philip, Steve, Eric, Frankie, Victor, James, Lucas, Tony, Stefano and Nico do hand-to-hand battle with the MCF’s henchmen. One of the guards is knocked towards the group of women standing in the corner and Doug gets ready to join in the fight but both Hope and Julie grab him and stop him. Doug looks at Julie and yanks his arm away from her, while Hope stares hatred at Julie for what she did. They then turn their attention back towards the brawl taking place.......

As Kayla sees Stefano reach inside his jacket pocket, the fight continues as Roman kicks one guard in the gut while swinging a roundhouse right cross at another, connecting with his jaw and sending him flying. Bo slams another guard into the wall and then looks over to see Roman in trouble. He runs over and tackles another guard who was just about to hit Roman over the back of his head. Roman turns and faces the guard as Bo stands up. Now the brothers are instinctively standing side by side as Bo grabs the guard and holds him while Roman knocks him clean out with another right hook. As the guard falls to the ballroom floor, the brothers look at each other and then turn to rejoin the battle.

Lucas punches a guard out while Eric and Steve fight with two other guards. Victor smashes a vase over a guard’s head as Stefano punches another guard and pulls the device out of his jacket. He screams into it........

Stefano: NOW!!!!

And at that very moment, men on the second floor above them reach over the balcony and point guns at everyone in the room. Shots ring out overhead as the fight dramatically stops and everyone in the huge ballroom look upward to see men in black battle gear and helmets holding everyone at bay. Victor catches his breath and walks over to Stefano and then they both shake hands. That is when everyone realizes that this latest turn of events was secretly planned by Victor and Stefano, who look at the group with huge smiles on their faces.

But the MCF, who was not involved in the massive brawl, then pipes in once again. The person steps forward and tells the group with contempt.....

MCF: You two old men really think that you have fooled me, right?! This is MY ship.....this is MY game.....and I call the SHOTS here, GOT IT?!?!

The MCF then looks skyward and orders the men to take off their helmets. When they do...Stefano, Victor, Roman, Bo, Steve and the rest see that these are NOT Victor and Stefano’s men. The mood then turns grave when they all realize that the MCF has pulled his/her last greatest trick and now there is nowhere for any of them to escape to. The MCF steps forward and tells the guests.....

MCF: All of the men that you hired are in the cargo hold right now, having been made unconscious by the sleeping gas that I released down there. (Looking at Victor and Stefano) I run this, got that?! (Looking at Roman) And now, that all of this BS is now out of the way, I think it’s time to show you all who has manipulated your petty lives for the last year.

The MCF walks forward and stands near Roman. The MCF then removes his or her gloves. Bo, Hope, Kayla and the rest of the group are shocked by what is happening. The MCF speaks, saying.....

MCF: I hope your medical insurance is paid up because, my dear old friend, you’re going to need it in a few moments.

The MCF throws his or her gloves on the ballroom floor and then reaches up, grabs the front of the cloak, and rips it open. The MCF then takes one more step towards Roman and looks at him face to face. The MCF then reaches up, takes the hood of their cloak and slowly pulls it down, finally revealing who has been tormenting, blackmailing, and murdering the people of Salem for the past year.

MCF: Well, Roman THE IDENTITY OF THE MCF REVEALED!!!........aren’t you going to welcome back.......


Roman, Bo, Steve, Kayla, Hope, and the rest of the guests are stunned by who the MCF is as Marlena laughs wickedly. Victor and Stefano look on in absolute shock, Steve stares hatred at this person, Cal looks down at a now unconscious Ernesto and back at the MCF as the scene goes from one shocked face to another and stops on the face of the MCF, who stares hatred at Roman........

And then the screen slowly fades to black.




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I must say.......great tie in of DAYS history. This is quite possibly one of your best episodes. From the beginning to the end I was hooked. Kudos to you both for writing a very good story with a surprising reveal.


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Who is it? lol. Is this the orignial Cal Winters?

I will PM the name to you Amello.

I don't want to post it and spoil the episode ;)

Oh, and thanks Ryan for your kind words. Roman and I really worked hard on this. We are so happy to hear good reviews and can assure you that the best is truly yet to come.

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Wow! Just wow! I love that you guys remembered the history regarding Days - a great connection! Love this episode and I wouldn't of changed a thing! :)

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Wow! Just wow! I love that you guys remembered the history regarding Days - a great connection! Love this episode and I wouldn't of changed a thing! :)

Thanks Jen. That means alot and we appreciate it :)

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