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June 28, 2007




James: You.......disgusting bastard.

That is all James can say upon learning that the MCF was the one who murdered his entire family in a night of unholy terror. Tears stream down his face in anger and sorrow as it sinks in. James stares at the MCF and says to this person...

James: After everything I have done for you......you repay that by killing the people that I love?

MCF (via voice changer): I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Your family was nothing to me. Why would I kill them?

James: Because you are one sick !@#$%^&*], that’s why. You have been playing God with these people’s lives for the past year, all with my help. And then you do this.

MCF: Get off your moralistic high horse, my friend. You did what a good soldier does. Period.

James: A good soldier?! Putting these people through hell?! I need to have my head examined for ever listening to you. All the pain I have went through.....you caused.

MCF: I did not kill your family.

James: Oh, give that crap to someone who hasn’t seen you operate for the past year. All that crap you did with Marlena Evans.......

Marlena stands just off to the side, smiling from ear to ear....

James: And now I’m supposed to believe you. Bullshit!

MCF: Look here. (Walking towards James) You are getting way out of line. You better remember who I am before you join the others in their fate.

James: Save that horseshit! You can keep the threats. (Pulling a Gun) Oh, I see I now have your attention.

MCF: Put......that gun down, sir.

James: Oh, now I’m ‘Sir’. Amazing what a firearm can do to change the tone of a discussion.

MCF: Yes. It certainly can.

James holds the gun up and points it directly at the MCF, demanding that....

James: You either tell me the truth about what happened to my family that night or I’m going postal in this place.

MCF: As crude as ever. No wonder I had to kill those people you called family.

James is shocked and beyond angry. His hand is shaking as he holds the gun at the MCF.

James: I knew something.....but not this. I ought to kill you right here and now.

Roman: No, James. Don’t become the scum that he is.

James: Roman, your family is still here. I have nightmares about what I saw that night. And you just want me to let him walk away from that?

Roman: Yes, James. I do. I know what it’s like to feel so much pain and hatred from the death of a loved one that it will drive you crazy. But.....you have to be bigger than the pain, James.

Marlena: (Stepping out from the back) Well, well, well. I thought I was the doc in this relationship.

Marlena points a gun at Roman as Doug, Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Belle, Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Will, Kate, Eric, Jack, Billie, Frankie, Greta, Max, Shane, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Stefano, Cassie, Victor, Philip, Tony, Anna, Kayla, Abby, Chelsea, and Forest all look on with Nicole watching from the back of the ballroom. Steve, Alan, James, and Ernesto are still onstage. All of them look on in amazement.

Julie tries to call out to Marlena but she is told to shut up. Marlena also says that her name is Samantha and if anyone else calls her by that horrible name again.....it will be the last thing they ever do. Cal and Katherine look over at Marlena as they tend to Ernesto. Sami also tries to take a step toward her mother but Marlena points the gun at her as well and tells her that she is the last person who should try and get through to her. She still does remember all the times that Sami called her a whore and a slut. Nothing will ever make her forget that.

Sami tells her that it is all in the past. Marlena tells her “Like hell it is.” She reminds Sami of everything she’s been through after that crap on the island over a year ago. So, she tells Sami, no need to play the daughter act with her. That is dead and gone. Doug pulls Julie to the side while this exchange is going on and tells Julie that he can’t believe the woman that he fell in love with and married would do what she did. Julie is crying now, telling Doug that she thought it was the best thing for everyone at the time. She reaches out her hand to Doug, who jerks his arm back and tells Julie that he doesn’t know if he can ever look at her with anything but contempt from now on. Doug then walks back over to the group, leaving Julie to cry her eyes out at what she has done....

And what it has cost her.

As everyone watches on, Ernesto reaches up and grabs Cal’s shirt, telling him......

Ernesto: You have....to get your bride and yourself out of here.

Cal: We’ll split when we can get you to a doctor, ok?

Ernesto: Even........after all.....these years, still the cop, aye?

Cal: Well, I guess so. (Pausing) Why did you get involved with this nutcase anyway?

Ernesto: All in due time. And now, just do what I say, and leave here......now.

Cal: No. No matter what crimes you have done, even you don’t deserve this. (Looking at Katherine) Right?

Katherine: Right, as always.

Katherine smiles at Cal as he asks her to help him take Ernesto to a huge table in the ballroom. As Eric rushes over to help Cal carry Ernesto, Roman and Bo, along with the rest of the guests, try to get through to Marlena......

Roman: You can’t do this, lady.

Marlena: Call me Samantha. I know you always had the hots for my sister. Now you have the best of both worlds. (Turning to the MCF) You know, that was my favorite Star Trek: TNG episode.

MCF: You know, you really are nuts.

Marlena: Thanks for the compliment, boss.

Bo: Boss? You mean that you have been working for this !@#$%^&*] all this time?!

Marlena: Bo, Bo. Don’t be so nasty. This person washed my back.....so to speak, and I washed theirs. Just a simple business transaction.

Roman: Then you must know how dangerous this person is, Doc.


Roman: Ok, ok. Samantha. I so sorry.

Marlena: The only true words you’ve said today.

James, still holding the gun, steps over towards the group and stands next to Bo, Roman and Steve. James tells the MCF.....

James: You know, I’m sick of this crap. This has went on long enough. After what you did to my family, I think the least that can happen......is for these people to finally find out who you really are.

MCF: You wouldn’t do that. You’re a loyal soldier.

James: I haven’t been loyal to anyone since I got back from Vietnam. My family......my precious family, were the only ones who I ever cared about......and loved. And they accepted me for who I was. And you (Crying) destroyed all of that. So now (Pointing the gun at the MCF) since you stripped me of everything.........it’s time for me.......to return the favor!

James calmly walks over and reaches up to the MCF’s hood. The MCF has no choice but to stand there and watch James slowly reach for the hood and prepare to yank it of.......

As everyone in the ballroom looks on in terrified shock. As James says.......

James: Well, time to reveal.....the puppet master........

The scene goes to quick shots of everyone in the room and then stops on the MCF............

As the scene suddenly goes black.




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Please. Isnt it possible to at least summarize this whole MCF story from the beginning in chronological order, and post it here at the blog?

It doesnt have to be very detailed, just sum up the story in short.

I am very excited about the Big Reveal tomorrow. I have a few suspects, but it will be nice to finally see who it really is!

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Please. Isnt it possible to at least summarize this whole MCF story from the beginning in chronological order, and post it here at the blog?

It doesnt have to be very detailed, just sum up the story in short.

I am very excited about the Big Reveal tomorrow. I have a few suspects, but it will be nice to finally see who it really is!

I am working on summaries for all the stories.

This past week recapped the whole story in detail and who was involved so if you want recaps ASAP check those out. That is why the episodes were a bit longer this week. I am doing my best to get the summaries done as fast as possible :)

You will be very pleased with tomorrow I hope.

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I appreciate the work that you and Roman do.

This is a Huge and Wide story involving lots of characters.

I really have enjoyed the build up to this Big Reveal. This is the kind of nail biting suspense that I miss on the real DAYS. I definately look forward to tomorrow!

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Will you let us know if either Daysfan or myself were correct in our guesses?

A post will be late tonight that will formally announce the winner and give out the details in regards to prizes and so on. I will also let you both know what you got right and wrong via PM :)

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