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Sarah Horton is the youngest daughter of Mickey and Maggie and the sister of Melissa Horton! Susan Ward of “Sunset Beach” and movie fame brought Sarah to life on the blog.

Sarah recently came to town because she landed a job at the Salem Spectator as the paper’s #1 trashy reporter! She immediately butted heads with Jack Devereaux who hated to see the paper go from a respected journal to a dirty gossip rag. She also clashed with Greta, whom she blamed for her sister's unhappiness. Sarah was very eager to make sure Melissa ended up happy no matter what the cost, but it was unknown at the time why Sarah was so determined to do this.

Maggie and Alice were slightly taken aback by the new Sarah, who was sexy and vamping it up around Salem. They were shocked to see Sarah would do anything to land her story. Sarah teamed up with Andrew Donovan to find out the identity of the Fury. Sarah almost found herself to the victim of her own mother’s murder spree for her peskiness!

Sarah recently ran into trouble when her ex-brother-in-law, Miguel Marco, came to town. It was revealed Sarah had slept with Miguel while he was married to her sister! Miguel began blackmailing Sarah with this secret and is demanding she help him win back Melissa! Sarah’s guilt in ruining her marriage to Miguel is what has been motivating her to make sure Melissa is so happy in Salem now.

To this end, Sarah’s reporter skills kicked in when she saw Eric and Greta kissing in the park in the rain. Determined to make sure Frankie reunites with Melissa, she took pictures of them having an affair. She mailed them to Frankie. She was simultaneously making it seem like she was helping Miguel win Melissa back, however. Frankie has just recently gotten Sarah’s little package. Only time will tell if Sarah has made the right decision to double cross Miguel!

BLOG BONUS: On Thursday, May 24th, Sarah learns that her mother, Maggie, is the Fury who has been terrorizing Salem through a series of serial killings.


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