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Skye Realizes Edward Was Right About Lorenzo - PCE Episode: 31-33

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Endgame- Episodes 31-33
Monday, May 14, 2007

Back at Sonny’s office, Max and Milo arrived with a full report for Sonny. As the two reported what had happened, Sonny received a phone call from one of his sources at the PCPD. He was told to lay low for a while, the Commissioner would be all over this case and he could expect to be seeing her real soon. He had also received a call from a source at the airport who kept tabs for him every once in a while. He knew soon enough that Lorenzo had fled the country and back to South America. It was enough for Sonny to re-organize and he’d be ready for Lorenzo when he’d step back on US soil.

Sonny wasn’t letting Lorenzo get away this easily, he was living on borrowed time, and with Lorenzo on the run, Sonny knew Lorenzo could feel the time would be soon.

“What’s next Mr. C?” Max asked awaiting instructions.

“Max, I want you to go locate Jason and bring him to me. Tell him it’s business and this is not a request but an order!”

“Yes sir.” Max complied while Milo stood guard outside Sonny’s office door. Sonny poured himself another drink and took a seat behind his mahogany desk and waited for Max to return with Jason.
Edward is working on some paperwork for a recent acquisition by the company when a knock on the door disturbs him.

"Who is it? And what do you want," the cranky tycoon shouted.

"It's Skye grandfather. I need to speak with you. It's important."

After some hesitation, Edward gets up and opens the door. He instructs Skye to make it quick because he has work to do. Skye paces back and forth, trying to make the words come to the surface but she's afraid. Edward looks at Skye and sees that she's quite upset and/or scared, so he decides to give her his full attention.

"You know you can tell me anything Skye. I may not approve of the company you keep, but you will always be my granddaughter."

"Thank you grandfather," Skye says as a tear falls down her cheek. "I think I'm in over my head. Lorenzo is a suspect in the murder of Courtney Corinthos, he's obsessed with this neverending war with Sonny and now? He's freakin left the country! He left me! I just…..I don't know if I can live my life like this anymore. You were right."

Edward reaches for Skye's hand. He then lifts her chin up and says to her, "I warned you about getting involved with that man Skye. I told you that he would do nothing but ruin your life, but you were adamant on doing what you felt was right for you. I can't blame you. You're a grown woman. Look at your life now to where it was when you first met Alcazar. Look at the changes that have affected your life. Has he made your life any better or worse?"

"My association with him his cost me my relationship with my family. He's cost me my job. But I thought that our love would pull me through. I guess I was wrong." Skye gets up and walks over near Edward's window. "I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with this man grandfather…..but I don't see how I can do that. I can't live life wondering if Lorenzo is going to die when he's away on business, or if someone in my family will get hurt or die like Courtney just because I'm associated with him."

Edward gives Skye a hug and allows her to let her pain out. "No matter what Tracy says to you," Edward reassures Skye, "You are a Quartermaine through and through. And though we may have our issues, we stand by each other. If and when you're ready to come back to this family and free yourself from that degenerate, you will be welcomed back with open arms my dear."
Carly is shocked when Jason explains to her what happened when he told Alexis the truth about Sam. She does everything but offer to go over and give Lucky a piece of her mind, knowing if she did she would run into Nikolas and she can't stand the sight of him right now. Max knocks on the door asking to deliver a message to Jason. Jason refuses to go see Sonny, telling Max that what's going on in his life is more important than some damn territory.
Robin gets worried when Patrick doesn't show up on time for his shift. Why should she though? He's the one being an ass to her. Across the hall, Sarah sees that Robin has been checking the sign in sheet wondering if Patrick would be in. She calls over a friend of hers from med school (who works at the hospital now) and tells the girl her plan.

A few minutes later, the two walk over "conversing" about the "amazing" night Sarah had the night before with a hot guy, someone who, from by Sarah's description, sounds a hell of a lot like Patrick Drake! Once the girls are out of range, Robin takes out her cell and stomps her way to the elevator. "Oh hell no," she tells herself. "Patrick is not going to get away with this."

As the elevator doors close, Sarah smiles, knowing that she just pissed off Robin.
On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Edward wants back in with the day to day operations of ELQ…will Tracy agree?
-Mac lets Lucas know he can finally have a funeral for Brandon
-Bobbie is surely worried she'll go to jail
-Carly confirms something she already suspected
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